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We discovered that in today’s material world, one becomes more alone while facing the enmities and calamities of relations. The shoulder itself becomes a cause of pain that was meant to render comfort in distress.

It is a staunch fact that one can’t survive in the civic world if he is not happy in his relation and relationship.

One who leaves with the sweet heart’s kiss finds an energetic and jubilant day ahead, while those who are dissatisfied and discontented with their relations are exposed to sorrows and sufferings.

We accessed and engaged the top experts in relationship affairs and established the platform relationcounseling.org to awaken the dormant and sluggish joys inside you. We discovered a dire need to unveil that happiness is not found; they are created, issues in relationships are not cured, they are adjusted.

So in order to provide you with the best and worth of utilizing counseling, our experts minutely observe the relations and find out the apparent and hidden causes of discomfort.

We, being the team, look beneath the surface, observe the situation with an acute judgemental view and offer the most acceptable and realistic suggestions regarding the relationship issues.

We are different from the rest of the relationship counseling websites in our approach. We don’t heal the hearts with words. We just don’t get them hurt and give them the courage to face the calamities with a realistic approach.

By conducting the physical survey, we detect the related issues from the different communities of the world. We, by face, observe the pains of relationships and submerge ourselves until we go back to those with our realistic suggestions.

We minutely observe the outcome of our work. If we find our success ratio excellent, even then, we dare to publish them here.

As our work is based on ground realities so we come up with the most authentic and logical counseling.

We feel your pain; we make ourselves dressed with your feelings and then intend to find the ways to settle the twisted riddle of a relationship.

We believe one can be destroyed but just can’t be defeated. And life is not about defeat or victory. It’s about leading with joy and happiness.

So we work on the tactics by which the word “hurt” is replaced by “sweetheart”.

Our Mission

Relationships are the heavenly plants upon the earth. Couples are their flowers. If one is rose the other is jasmine.

We the relationcounseling.org are blessed with the mission to water love and sprinkle reconciliation whenever rose and jasmine are in aversion.

Looking over and beneath the relationship disputes, feeling couples’ aches in ourselves, we suggest solutions, we adjust contributions through our guides & live consultations.

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Our Medical Experts

M. Touseef

Dr Touseef Profile Picture


Mr. Touseef has completed his MBBS from NUMS University Islamabad. Now, he has been serving in CMH Lahore since 2020.

He is passionate about rendering his services to recover the multiple issues of the masses.

Physically, he has been attending the patients in various reputed hospitals in Lahore (Pakistan). Here, he checks and approves the medical suggestions.

RC Team

Usman Hussain

Usman Hussain Avatar

@ Founder & Author

Usman Hussain has 10+ years of a successful relationship and already living a happy marriage. Now, he knows how a relationship works, and the keys to happy relations.

To tackle the increasing marriage issues, he comes up with relationcounseling.org. He is passionate about helping more and more couples across the world. read more

Calym Nush

Calym Nush Profile Picture

@ Co-Founder & Author

Calym Nush is a passionate psychology learner. He advocates the message of love and hates the ego in every relationship. He utilizes his marriage experience, psychology learnings, and literature background to help couples here.

Calym & Usman joined hands to make relationcounseling.org accessible and beneficial for everyone. read more

Muzamal Aslam

Muzzamal Aslam Profile Picture

@ Graphics Designer

Muzamal is a tech guy having 3 years of experience in graphic designing. This skilled, hard-working, and result-oriented fellow loves to bring innovations in soft technology.

Here, his department is designing, and he loves to give readers mirth through fascinating visuals. He is also running his own blog .

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Whenever you get hurt or find yourself dishearted regarding your relations, you are blissfully welcome on the threshold of relationcounseling.org. We are all here to render you what you need at the moment.

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