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Calym Nush is co-founder at RelationCounseling.org.

Here, I suggest the couples how to adjust their relationship disputes.

My message is love, I am a close companion with dove.

Psychology is my passion and keenly observing relationships fascinates me. Sigmund Freud to Albert Bandura and William James to Jean Piaget has been my priorities since I am there at university.

I was brought up in a thickly populated family where I observed many relationship issues. The remaining was accomplished by my critical observing nature. I am obsessed with seeing the relationships beneath the surface. When it comes to relationships, nothing can pass through my eyes without noticing.

I am passionate about keenly observing the behaviors and dealings of couples with each other. I study the psychology of relations not only through books but also through the faces, nature, and behaviors of the couples from different communities.

Whenever I see a couple with a relationship problem, “Why, How, and What to do” take starts there around the axis of my mind. I study, I ponder, I indulge myself in that particular situation in which a couple is, feel their aches and come out with authentic solutions that sound true and can be practiced.

Big thanks to my wife Tina, who stands with me and assists in holding surveys to collect data about the relationship problems and then makes me able to come up with multiple authentic solutions.

And humble gratitude to the comrades and era of English Literature studies from 2008 to 2010 who helped me to convert my thoughts into words.

I am a kind of fellow who has learned that if ego is withdrawn from the relations, what remains behind, is pure love and care.

My message is love, I am a close companion with dove. I get soothness helping those who are suffering from different relationship issues. As I am able to untie the fixes between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, I start counting myself among those who are true servants of love birds.

I am glad that I am blessed with the idea to share my learnings, and research with the love birds with suitable suggestions to overcome their disputes and enjoy each and every moment of their lives.

How & why do I render guides?

I have been minutely studying the behaviors of relations, whether they are between parents and children, teachers and students, or between love birds. The course of relations doesn’t run smoothly. We are disrupted by sudden unforeseen happenings and miss the momentum which creates restlessness and the relations start rusting.

It is the point where we need the one with massive study, profound observation, critical analysis, and expert opinion to solve the riddles.

For several years, I have been insisting on the point that these are parents who need to learn, not the children. Children, whether they are at home at school, imitate. If a teacher wants to see his students well-mannered and successful, he needs to develop an ideal classroom scenario. Similarly, being parents adorning ourselves with the best parently traits nourishes our children positively.

The learning of parents and teachers is the learning of children and students.
To observe and analyze the behaviors and then for better counseling, I have been wandering from Montessori campuses to high schools and from high schools to residential colonies.

To observe the nature of different relationships, visiting colleges and university campuses and being among the haunts of humans has been my priority to collect data in order to render authentic and certified counseling guides.

I believe, good behaviors develop us as a whole and as a whole, we become civilized human communities.

With my wife Tina, I have a passion to study human behaviors and come with authentic and practical counseling not only for the spouses but also for GFs and BFs. Visiting parents and teachers of different communities helps me to understand the actual nature of the issues. I judge the fixes beneath the surface and offer the solutions.

My psychology study helps me delve into relations’ issues while my philosophical and critical thinking renders me multiple solutions that I blissfully share among spouses, parents, and teachers.

I can’t help stop observing, thinking, and coming up with an optimistic approach to life regarding the department of relations.


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