How a Wife Should Treat Her Husband? Guide+14 Ways+Quotes

A wife should treat her husband by loving him passionately and taking good care.

She should be an expert in romance by maintaining her physical attractiveness. She should be honest and loyal to her husband.

While treating her husband, a good wife always prefers influence instead of dominance. She is an active listener and less talkative. She never hesitates to apologize when she is wrong.

She knows her husband’s likings and dislikings and treats him according to them. She becomes an asset to her husband. She stands by her husband in thick and thin and never becomes close-fisted when it comes to complimenting her husband.

She never compares her husband with others and leads her life happily.

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How a wife should treat her husband?

So, you got a basic idea of how to treat your husband. To better understand how a wife should treat her husband to become his true better half, let’s get deep into it.

1. Basic Myth.

It is the basic myth of marital relations that husbands want respect while wives crave love. Though both love and respect are equally demanding yet, as a matter of fact, respect without love and love without respect is equally meaningless.

So while treating your husband in the best possible manner, love him but never forget to respect him too. 

It happens that when married life has passed a considerable time, being too much close to each other and having intimacy, the element of respect starts missing. Being unconscious, wives become rude and they call it mutual understanding and display of vulnerability, but actually, it’s the start from where the marital relationship starts getting rusting.

Wise is the wife who never mixes harmony with disrespectfulness and keeps treating her husband with love by giving a touch of respect.

Physical attractiveness is a must when you ask how should i treat my husband

2. Physical Attractiveness.

While treating your husband, never overlook having a constant look at yourself. Even if you become a typical submissive wife, the charm of physical attractiveness will always be in its original place. 

Being a man your husband wants and deserves your physical beauty.

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Whatever you do for your husband, that’s fine. But if you do that by being physically attractive to him, you multiply your marks in his good books. 

So before treating your husband, treat yourself to give your body a nice shape and then have some sweetness under your tongue while addressing your husband every time. You will be amazed by his counter love and care for you.

3. Romance Expertise.

While treating your husband, the importance of romance can’t be neglected. Half of married life is romance. 1

It is the romance that leads to physical intimacy and juxtaposes the husband and wife to lead a pleasant marital life. Several studies have revealed that wives who are romance experts find fewer conflicts with their husbands. 2

Romance expertise is a must when it comes to treating your husband well.
Romance expertise is a must when it comes to treating your husband well.

So always be an active partner of your husband when it comes to physical intimacy. The more you fume his sensual senses, the more you will be the apple of your husband’s eyes.

4. To Be Honest And Loyal.

Honesty and loyalty are the souls of the relationship between husband and wife. Among many pillars of married life, honesty and loyalty find extreme significance. 

To be honest, a wife knows what her dutiesare to her husband, while her loyalty keeps her motivated to serve her husband with love. 

In marriages, honesty and loyalty are not adopted, they are developed as they are already in us. What we need is to activate these attributes for our partners. 

Honesty is to be fair and clear in all your actions while treating your husband. Loyalty is to stick with the vows that you made during your relationship. 

It is loyalty that strengthens the bond of marriage, irrespective of the crushing pressure of social, economic, and domestic conditions.

5. Less Dominance More Influence.

Sometimes showing over concern for their husband’s wives becomes dominant. They do it unconsciously, but for husbands, this behavior of their wives is disgusting and undesirable. 

According to marriage counseling experts, an ideal wife should be less dominant and more influential. 3 

So, while treating your husband, don’t be dominated by imposing your unnecessary suggestions on him. Try to be influential so that he may himself seek your cooperation and support to tackle different issues of life. 

Less dominance and more influence are other keys to treating your husband well.
Less dominance and more influence are other keys to treating your husband well.

You can be influential by being experienced. Experience can be gained by proper counseling and reading good books. 

Also, develop a critical approach to things. The more you will ponder about things, the more you will know about them. As such a cognizant wife, you will be proved a blessing to your husband.

6. Apologizing And Killing Ego.

Humans are not machines. They have feelings that change from time to time according to the circumstances that they face. 

Husbands and wives can’t have the same mood over time. There come ups and downs in their relationship that disrupt the normal structure of life. 

Sometimes they may fall prey to misunderstanding or find themselves guilty of misbehaving with their spouse. In such a situation, one should put their ego aside and apologize for their behavior. 4

If there is much mutual understanding, an apology will be welcomed and the issue will be resolved. If you find yourself in such fixes, never feed your ego rather being an ideal wife, be there to apologize to your husband. He will forget everything and will love you more than ever.

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7. Treating Him With His Tastes.

A good wife knows the tastes of her husband. These tastes include his culinary and aesthetic senses. Knowing his culinary sense, cook his favorite dish twice a week. 5

The more the dish will be tasty, the more he will be hasty to render his love to you. 

By knowing his aesthetic sense, you can decorate your home, especially the bedroom of you people. You can buy him his favorite outfits or perfumes. It will give him pleasant surprises. 

For it, you must have a deep connection with your husband. Developing a considerable love bond with your husband will allow you to peep through his hurt and mind. What you find there, make it special for your husband and become his special wife.

8. Never Ignore Him.

The fact remains in its original place that a woman can’t love anyone more than her offspring. It happens that when there are two kinds of a woman; she gets engaged herself with them and unconsciously starts avoiding her husband. 

She is avoiding her husband. She doesn’t even know about it and will never acknowledge it, too. 

It is the time when a husband may fall prey to infidelity, as he doesn’t find his romantic wife at home, but rather the typical mom of his children. 

What to note is, never ignore your husband. Don’t even for your kids. 

Do what you should do for your kids but don’t decrease the love time with your husband. He should be your priority even if you are having multiple kids.

9. Be Neat And Clean.

Being neat and clean is not just for your person, it is also for how you arrange the household articles. 

Working on your neatness and cleanliness will enhance the interest of your husband in your person. It will bring you comfort while having physical intimacy with your husband. 

On the other hand, by making the house neat, you will make the living scenario more comfortable. Your husband will get soothness while he is at home. Being neat and clean will also save you from many physical disorders. 

how a wife should treat her husband daily

Having good standards of cleanliness is mandatory for a wife to treat her husband in an ideal way.

10. Avoid Comparison.

Living standards are different from family to family. Wives are usually concerned with their husbands’ income. 

Consciously or unconsciously, they start comparing them with the husbands of their neighbors, friends, or family members. Some are those who compare their husbands even by looks. 

Such a mindset can’t bring harmony to married life. While treating your husband, neither compare his income with others nor his person and personality. 

What he is, he is. 

Rather, if you are more concerned about the above-mentioned two traits, stand by him, and support him to increase his income. You can also encourage and assist him in hitting the gym and putting on decent outfits to look gorgeous.

11. Respect His Family And Friends.

Being a wife, your dealings are not limited to your husband. 

Accomplishing social conditions, you have to come across the family and friends of your husband. Your husband will have a close eye on you in this regard. 

On the other hand, he will also get compliments from his friends and family about his person and dealings with them. If you treat them with respect, your husband will get positive compliments about you from them. 

If you want to treat your husband well, treat his friends and family better.
If you want to treat your husband well, treat his friends and family better.

It will make him happy and he will be proud of you. You will gain more respect and prestige from your husband.

12. Be Asset Not Liability.

It means, be soothness, mental peace, and physical comfort to your husband. 

Being an asset, you are the whole property of your husband. Be such a valuable one that he won’t have to be worried to meet your needs. You should be realistic in your demands as a wife. 

If your husband earns more, you can demand more. If he has limited means of earning, your thrifty nature will become a blessing for your husband. A good wife never asks for golden articles in exchange for physical intimacy. She enjoys the intimacy to make her husband blow to the next level.

13. Compliment Him.

Getting positive compliments makes us happy, and our mood gets fresh. We become more concentrated on the objects on which we have received compliments. 

An ideal wife knows to complement his husband whenever he puts something unique or looks gorgeous. She open ups with sweet and admiring words by kissing the forehead of her husband. 

What she gets in return is the love, care, and loyalty of her husband. If her husband performs or achieves something special, she is always there to encourage him by putting her hands together. 

So don’t just live with your husband but be his real companion by giving him new inspirations and motivating him to achieve his goals. The more you will back your husband the more you people will be happy and successful as a family.

14. Be His Rainy Days’ Savings.

While treating your husband as an ideal wife, make sure, for him, when there is none, you should be the one. Psychology says that the real test of a wife is when the husband is in poor economic conditions. 

Your companionship in such a situation should be ideal as time passes away, but who stood by you are always remembered. 

So being the real companion of your husband gives you a touch of a submissive wife. Your submission to your husband will make you the happiest and most satisfied wife.

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all points in one picture.

How a wife should treat her husband with examples:

Abigail, my next-door neighbor, and his husband Joe are having an exemplary married life. Multiples times, when we gather at a tea party, Joe told me that what he is having best in his life, is his wife. 

The way she treats her husband is exemplary. 

On asking about it, Abigail herself told that secret is nothing. I just try to be straightforward and put my ego aside to serve my husband wholeheartedly. 

What I get in return is his love, care, and devotion for me.

She told that to treat her husband nicely:

  • She cooks his favorite dishes from time to time.
  • She never ignores him.
  • While communicating with him, she avoids using her cell phone. 
  • Listens to him to understand instead to plunge into the sudden reply. 
  • Keeps the intimacy alive, both physical and spiritual. 
  • She even dates his husband by considering him her boyfriend. It keeps the spark of married life alive.
  • She dresses herself to allure her husband according to his aesthetic sense.
  • She approves of her husband for his services to his family. 
  • Whenever she finds it appropriate, she conveys her gratitude to her husband for his devotion and care. 
  • She tells her she loves him not only by words but also by her actions. 

And all this has given her the title of an ideal wife.

How a wife should treat her husband according to the Bible?

A Christian wife should be submissive to her husband, as we all are submissive to the Lord. 6

She should acknowledge as Lord is the head of the church, so her husband is the Lord of the house. He should be given the authority to make decisions without interference. 

If he asks for help in decision-making, be there to assist him. She should submit herself to her Christian husband without feeding her ego.

How Is A Wife Supposed To Treat Her Husband?

A wife is supposed to treat her in the way in which she wants to be treated by her husband. 

Respect is the first condition for every act and activity of the wife when she intends to treat her husband nicely. Love is the second one which is spontaneous. Next comes the politeness of tongue and courtesy in manners. 

These values make a wife ideal to her husband. She should hold pleasant sessions of communication to avoid the third unbidden partner named “misunderstandings.” 

If a conflict breeds, she does not get hyper but rather fixes it by utilizing her wide vision. She accepts her husband as he is and instead of changing him, aims to develop his manners and morality through love and care.

How Do I Treat My Husband?

Treat your husband by giving him undivided dedication. By showing profound interest, ask him about his day. 

Smile for him to soothe him after his day’s work. Listen to him without interrupting. Don’t speak until he has finished. And above all respect him not only at home but also among his friends and family. It will make him feel like a special one in the world.

For the rest of the world, he is just a number, it is you and your company where he should have prestige above all the conditions.

What Does A Husband Need From His Wife?

Trust, fidelity, honesty, respect, love, and compassion are considered the main attributes that a husband needs from his wife. But this is more crammed and bookish material which is being discussed and admired by every other street man. 

What a husband literally needs from his wife is to be understood not only by his person but also by his point of view. What he is at a particular moment and what he wants, should be given prestige, is all that a man craves from his wife. 

Being husband and wife, they already are having love and care for each other. We can’t calculate its amount though, it is there between them anyhow. 

Needs are aroused when the demanding stuff is unavailable. Being a wife, if you are there with your husband in every thick and thin, he does not need anything besides you. 

What Are A Wife’s Duties?

Husband and wife are the two wheels of the vehicle of married life. The wife must stand by her husband in every thick and thin to keep the vehicle going. 

Every wife performs her duties by serving her husband in the best possible ways, but the real test starts when the husband goes through a difficult phase of his life. 7

Here the actual duty begins. 

Be with your husband by being his real companion. Assure him that you are half of his whole. Express your love for him not only by words but also by your actions.

What Does A Good Wife Do?

A good wife is the amalgam of love and care for her husband. She leaves no stone unturned to serve her husband. She remains steadfast in her vows. 

For a good wife, her family is above everything. 

What Does A Good Wife Do

Avoiding the little conflicts and killing her ego, she is always there to show compassion for her husband. She is justified in her demands and never taunts her husband about his deficiencies. A good wife treats her husband like a king by making her home a little kingdom for her family.

How Can I Respect My Husband?

You can respect your husband by showing appreciation for his love, care, and service to you. 

You can display respect by acknowledging his precious partnership with you and showing gratitude for each and everything that you are having in your life just because of your husband. 

It is the due expression that he is worthy of being treated as a prestigious fellow in reward of his services to you. You can add to the respect for your husband by giving him more dedication and listening to him understand his point of view. 

Utmost of the respect is to give him the full authority to take decisions and accept them without having any doubt.

How Can I Be A Respectful Wife?

Respect is to obey. Respect is the acknowledgment that your husband is worthy of being treated above everyone. If you treat him to obey and bow before his decision-making about your family life, you are respecting your husband. 

To be a respectful wife, be an active listener and passive speaker. Don’t disrupt him while he is having a discussion. Have some good amount of politeness under your tongue and courtesy in your manners. 

The more you will be gracious to your husband, the more you will show respect for him.

How Can I Become An Ideal Wife?

You can be the ideal wife by determining your duties toward your husband and then performing them without any delay with love and compassion. 

To be ideal is to be according to the demands and needs. What your husband needs, what he fairly demands. If you get instant gratification from your husband, you are the ideal wife. 

To be an ideal wife does not mean you will have to do some exceptional duties for your husband. The title of an ideal wife can simply be received by coming up with the expectations of your husband. And the expectations of a husband are to be respected, loved, listened to, and understood.

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How a wife should treat her husband quotes:

A good wife makes a good husband.

Calym Nush
A good wife makes a good husband quote

A good wife and health is man’s best wealth.

Calym Nush
A good wife and health is man's best wealth quote

Of all the home remedies, a good wife is the best.

Calym Nush
Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best quote

The most happy is he to whom God has given a good wife.

Calym Nush
The most happy is he to whom God has given a good wife quote

For a man wins nothing better than a good wife, and then again nothing deadlier than a bad one.

Calym Nush
For a man wins nothing better than a good wife, and then again nothing deadlier than a bad one quote


Marriage is a pure mutual relationship. Both partners play an equal role to be happily married couples. But it is the wife who can entirely turn the direction of marriage.

If you treat your husband well, he will be ready to die for you.

Even if a married couple is living an unhappy marriage, the wife can change it into a healthy marriage with ease.

It is why I appreciate you are trying to learn how should you treat your husband.

I wish you a happy marriage and a wonderful life. ✨

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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