How to GET him back after pushing him away? 6 Steps+Guide

What Is Pushing Away In a Relationship?

In a relationship, pushing him away can be to ignoring him on purpose, having cold dealings with him, or asking him to leave after some unpleasant argument with him. 

Overall, it means that consciously or unconsciously; you have compelled him to be away from you physically, but now you have realized that it should not have been so. 

Anyway, mistakes and their corrections go hand in hand in human life. But wise are those who learn enough from these mistakes and vow not to repeat them.

How to GET him back after pushing him away - guide

How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away?

You can get him back by having a good sitting of discussion with him. 1

But it will not be convenient as you yourself have pushed him away and possibly his ego will create a hindrance when you intend to discuss the matter with him. 

Anyhow, sooner or later, you would be able to convey your message to him. When you see him cooperating with you, develop physical intimacy instantly. 

It is up to you how far you can journey in your intimacy. Having that warm physical intimacy from you, he will be calmed a bit. 

Now confess your mistake and apologize for that. Give him some pleasant surprises according to his taste. To avoid relapse, keep loving him with your heart and soul.

It will help you in getting back together and have a serious relationship again. Let’s discuss it further.

Have a Discussion With Him.

Having a discussion is the solution to almost every problem in the relationship. Even if the discussion does not adjust the issue, it can be the gateway to solving the tingled riddles.

As you have pushed him away, now you can attract him towards you again only by starting a discussion with him.

It will not be an easy task to convince him to reconcile. Guys have their own egos and self-respect. These traits of his will be a great hindrance to reconciliation.

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If your request for discussion does not bear fruit, don’t be disheartened. If he gets rude, don’t take it to heart. Be steadfast in your approach. Keep trying to convince him to talk to you again. 

Once he agrees to the dialogue and gives an ear to you, you will be able to convey your actual message and the issue will almost be resolved. If you are failed to convince him, you can seek help from your mutual friends to ask him to listen to you.

Manage To Have His Company.

Once he agrees to the discussion, the next step is to have his company. In his company, you will have a good set to express yourself openly. 

What were the concerns, how the issue started, what were the misunderstandings, and how thought came paved their way—all can be discussed once you are able to manage a suitable scenario for conversation. 

But inquiries and defenses should all be in polite manners.

What was the reason behind your pushing him away should be discussed, but with less concern. Your main motive should be to make him forget about the time when you pushed him away.

People are pushed away by being cold to them. They can be brought close by being kind and warm-hearted to them. Your affectionate behavior will assist you to stick him back with you. 

What all these demands from you, is to have his company.

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Develop Instant Physical Intimacy.

According to psychology, the more you make a guy addicted to your person, especially by physical charm, the more he will crave your company. 2

If before pushing him away from you, you had fascinated him with your feminine traits, there are chances he will not be occupied by his ego and will find less hindrance in the way of reconciliation with you. 

But it is a fact that if you have spent considerable time in coldness, now the adjustment will take time.

Once he starts dating you again, develop instant physical intimacy. What were the limitations of your private relationship with him before you pushed him away? Consider them with minute details. 

Take some bold steps to make him realize your presence. If you were not intimated before or even do not prefer it now, still intimacy can be adopted. 3

You can develop this physical intimacy by giving him warm hugs, kissing him, cuddling him, and even merely holding his hand with a romantic touch. The purpose of this intimacy is to make him realize that you care for him, you love him.

Development in physical intimacy is the rapid adjustment to relationship issues. It will connect you people, deeply. Stress will be released and you will feel relaxed. Even your mind will forget to make you remember with intensity what had happened in the past.

Keep repeating these moments of intimacy with him. By giving him more dedication, you will be able to divert his attention from the past unpleasant event, “when you pushed him away.”

Confess And Apologise.

Confession is half of the catharsis. It will give you relief from the continual stress and will make your significant other realize that you are not stubborn but rather a sensible girl who knows how to deal with difficult situations. 4

Just to say, “I am sorry”, does not heal the unpleasant happenings. There is always a dire need to create such a scenario in which “sorry” is not just uttered as a word but also felt as a feeling. Such a scenario includes ashamed feelings and repented body language.

If saying “sorry” was enough, you would have said and he would have accepted or rejected it.

how to win a man back after pushing him away

The suggestion is, after succeeding in having his company, when you find him in a good mood, confess to him that you unconsciously had some mistakes in the past. 

You can also replace “mistakes” with “misunderstandings.” 

Tell him you feel sorry. Tell him you vow not to repeat them again. Tell him you love him. Being apologetic, tell him you pledge to make him happy and love him for the rest of your life. 

It will soothe his concerns. Most of the pain of you people will be alleviated. The only condition is to confess and apologize with the purity of the heart.

Give Him Pleasant Surprises.

By giving him pleasant surprises, you will divert his attention from the bad patch when you pushed him away.

Surprises in relationships avoid getting bored and bring innovation by killing routine functioning. These surprises can include little gifts, having a movie night, arranging a trip, or accompanying him to his favorite sport. 5

You will become interesting and unpredictable and he will find in you a multi-rounded girlfriend. This aspect of your person will fascinate him. 

He will not have any time to recollect the previous thoughts as he will be well indulged in the new version of your person and personality. So keep giving him pleasant surprises even by writing him to love quotes like,

Let me confess, let me say,
You are my night, my enlightened day.”

To Avoid Relapse, Keep Loving Him.

Humans get habitual of humans by spending time with them. The same humans forget humans when they are pushed away. 

You probably have listened to or read, “Out of Sight, out of mind.” Yes, it is true.

Don’t keep him out of sight if you want to have him for the rest of your life. As this undesirable incident has happened already, to avoid it in the future and even to avoid the dangers of relapse, keep loving, and keep expressing your care and affection for him. 

The more you will spend time with him and make him addicted to your person, the more he will be able to forget about the negligence that he had faced from your side.

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I Pushed Him Away And Now I Miss Him!

In the heat of some sudden emotional stroke, by some misunderstanding or because of an unconscious arrogant act, you have pushed him away, but the overall relationship was pleasant, and you love him. 

That’s why you miss him. 

His dealings with you were nice and polite. In his person, what you miss is his behavior with you. If you miss him, you should reunite with him. 

Putting all the ego away, visit him and tell him whatsoever was there should not have been. The truth is, you love him. You want him back and you want him to be with you. 

If he behaves rudely, don’t quit. Try once or twice more. As he is yours, he will reconcile soon.

Text messages to send him after pushing him away. 

“I had a movie night with friends. All was fine. But as you were not with me, l lost the charm of gathering.”

“Everything is good and fine. The sun is there, moon, also with all its charms, looks beautiful. But as you are, you are not with me. What can I behold? What can I see?

“Thousands of flaws I can have. Hundreds of mistakes I can make. But, heart connection with you, I just can’t break.”

“I have studied many things. I know a lot of things. I can do many things. But l could not learn how to live without you.”

Curious Questions And Answers.

To make your concern alleviated about pushing him away, these questions and their answers can also be helpful for you.

What if you pushed him emotionally?

Our physical activities are dependent on our emotions. What we want to do, the intention is there in our minds. First, we feel those emotions and then apply them.

If you have pushed him emotionally away, it means you are helpless to feel about him. On the other hand, he is probably unconscious of this truth.

It looks appropriate to spend time with him to get him back emotionally. Being in each other’s company, you will be accustomed to each other’s person. Being in such a company, you will start adopting each other and emotions will develop. 

Though it will take a bit of time yet, you will be able to reunite with him emotionally.

What To Do When You Push Him Away?

If you have pushed him away, provide yourself an opportunity to talk to him. 

If possible, do it by face. If not, use social media video call apps so that he may have a glance at your face to know what you want from him. 

It is because sometimes words can’t describe the intensity of emotions. Being straightforward and honest, tell him something went wrong and you are ashamed of that. 

What To Do When You Push Him Away

Be fair and clear in your words. Don’t pretend to be brave in front of him when you can’t help living without him. He will understand it and he will pull you in his arms.

I scared Him Away Now What?

As you yourself have scared him away, now don’t panic to have him immediately in your life. Sustain your self-respect and gradually start with facial courtesy. 

A repressed smile or uplifting eyebrow is enough to re-initiate. As you observe that he is getting attention, smile and say, “Hello, Hi.” He will exchange words. 

That’s enough to make him unscared with the early stroke. Don’t try to convey the message that you are involved with some other guy. Rather, be original and show him that you have your own standards. 

Don’t overreact. Don’t overreact. Stay simple and cool. He is coming to follow you.

I Scared Him Away, Will He Come Back?

You scared him away, there can be two possible results whether he will come back or not. If the guy is an egoist and puts his self-esteem first, he will not come back unless you give him a green signal with all your courteous manners. 

On the other hand, if he is a simple guy and the severity of scarcity was not high, just your pleasant smile and exchanging “Hello Hi” would be enough to bring him back on track.

How To Apologise For Pushing Him Away?

You should not apologize to him directly for pushing him away as it will hurt your self-esteem soon or later. The ideal seems to create such a scenario in which you may be able to justify your act of pushing him away. 

It will not only stay your self-esteem unhurt but also give him a strong message that you are a logical lady. 

To create such a scenario, start with asking about his well-being, and then, as he gets a bit close to you, justify to him why you had pushed him away. 

If justification is not enough, you can also come up with an apology by assuring him that you love him and it’s everything that you have to say.

How Do I Fix Pushing Him Away?

Being tactful and energetic in your approach, you can fix pushing him away. What you need first is to make him agree to a good sitting of communication, as it is the gateway to get him back. 

If he agrees, that’s fine. If he doesn’t seek assistance from your common friends. As you succeed in having a dialogue with him, convince him to spend time with you. It will not be convenient, but it is not impossible either. 

After having triumphed in this part, the next stage is to apologize to him for pushing him away. Be logical while being accountable for it. 

If he behaves rudely, don’t quit. Be steadfast in your efforts. By your politeness keep compelling him to spend time with you. He will start being healed. 

As things seem on track again, confess that some dealings from your side were not good enough and you are ashamed of them. Tell him you love him. You want him with you to the seventh sky. 

He will gradually start giving you attention.

How to get him back after pushing him away quotes:

To whom you have pushed away, in his thoughts, you always lay.

Calym Nush
To whom you have pushed away, in his thoughts, you always lay. quote

To thy lover, if you neglect, keep in view. It is fact. They will stay in your mind. You will not be able to forget.

Calym Nush
To thy lover if you neglect, keep in view. It is fact. They will stay in you mind. You will not be able to forget. quote

Pushing away someone may give you relief, but getting them back will exhaust you.

Calym Nush
Pushing away someone may give you relief but getting them back will exhaust you.

My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving.

My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving. quote

My problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving.

It's just sad that when I push people away they just go and don't even try to stay.


We all do mistakes but the better is the one who takes mistakes seriously and tries to correct them. Get up, it is time to get your boyfriend back.

To get back your BF, try to reach out to him and work on the above-mentioned points. If you have no contact with him now, you can meet him in person or ask for help from another guy.

If he starts considering you over again, spend more time with him, find the right moment and ask him to forgive you.

All this will lead you towards a healthy relationship again.

I wish you all the best, and I hope you will get your love back soon.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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