How to FLIRT? (Beginner’s Guide with EXAMPLES!)

Flirting is important in the lives of men, women, girls, and guys. Whether they are married or in a relationship, if they know how to flirt with their partner, they actually know how to keep the spark alive. 

If one is not committed, they can carry on with the coquetry of flirting to be attractive.

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What Is Flirt?

Flirting is a playful behavior that attracts the opposite gender. It is neither serious nor nonserious. It is fun, not somber. It is not blunt but rather subtle. 1

It involves all three communications: written, body language, and spoken. Spoken with effective body language makes the flirting perfect. 

Flirting can be used to make a new relationship. It can also be used in existing relationships to tell the partner about the intensity of your interest in them. 

In marriage, flirting keeps the spark alive and strengthens the relationship by avoiding boredom. The main purpose of flirting is amusement. 

In short, to show your partner with playful intentions that you are having sensuality for them is flirting. It is the cheerful act of creating amusement that conveys the message of intimation with hidden meanings.

Why Flirting Is Important?

Being single if you are not flirting, there is no problem. Life is yours, rules are yours. 

But being married or in a committed relationship, if you are not flirting with your partner, you are not blowing the spark to keep the love hearth alive. 

Flirting always brings novelty. Flirting is always a source of spiritual entertainment. Flirting is the laughter in the dismay of routine life. Flirting gives a new touch to the old rusted dormant feelings. 

In short, flirting is the soul and heart of marriages and relationships. 

Being an expert in flirting makes you the most valued and charming partner for your significant other. If one is single but knows the art of flirting, they are guaranteed to lead a hassle-free life with anyone. 

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People like such people. People love such people. People admire such people. Flirting makes you the apple of the eyes of anyone.

Why Men Fail While Flirting?

Guys who plunge into the company of girls without flirting end up being just friends. What they suffer from is called friend-zoned. 

Being in the company of girls or a particular girl without seducing them can make you their best friend, but not the boyfriend. Also, there are those who flirt (according to them) but still, they fail to win their crush. 

The following are the two main reasons for their failure.

Being Too Obvious.

Being too obvious kills the nature and motive of the flirting. A pun is the flesh and blood of effective flirting. 

The more one is hidden in his phrase, the more it will create curiosity in the opposite gender. Keeping the mystery of interaction alive is the first step of flirting. 

Flirting is fun. Flirting is curiosity that compels others to be intrigued.

Being Too Direct.

Being too direct in flirting also spoils the actual fun of flirting. 

Complimenting on women’s physique is an old-fashioned and petty sort of technique of flirting which has become disgusting in today’s modern world. 

When you compliment a woman’s beautiful eyes, juicy lips, and well-shaped physique, what she assumes is that you lack enthusiasm and have never experienced a beautiful woman. Thus, you fail in your first impression by being too direct.

What you need is to create a fantasy to rationalize her. She should be uncertain about what’s going to happen next. She should remain intrigued to know which layer you will unfold in the next session.

For example, if you tell her that you are having a stunning pool at your home with luxurious articles. Besides that, if you invite her to have an experience of it, she will remain curious about what’s going to happen there. 

Maybe she will have a clue about having intimacy with you there, but she is not sure about it. It’s the main objective of flirting that your significant other gets it hard to assess you with ease.

Being Too Friendly.

Bantering is for friends and chums while flirting is for girls and women. You can’t mix bantering with flirting. If you, what you will meet is a failure.

Being too friendly with the opposite gender destined you to be friend-zoned. And you can’t bear this unfair treatment. 

So while you intend to flirt with girls and women, don’t try to be their friend to secure good grades.

Many of the guys adopt non-alluring bantering while they attempt to flirt. 

In bantering with friends, you can give them high five with laughter, but when it comes to girls and women holding hands with a seductive tone is flirting. Know the difference and avoid being their friend to keep the charm of seduction alive.

How to FLIRT & Be an Expert in Flirting

How to Flirt & Become an Expert in Flirting?

You can be a master at flirting by boosting your confidence and polishing your sense of humor. The mellowness of mystery will avoid your target from getting bored, so always be assisted by it. 

Have emotional maturity to be handled with ease. Decisiveness and passion will make you more confident to seduce your target. 

Don’t be needy even if you are, don’t reveal it. Take good care of your physical health and be a good communicator to allure your object. Above all, to be a real master at flirting, always keep your playfulness alive.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, the following steps will help you to be more expert in flirting. Considering these measures will polish your abilities to flirt and will make you a dream fellow. 23


Why do men or women fail while flirting? We discussed it in our early discussion. To remind you again, it is because of being too direct. To be subtle in your approach is the solution. Make an effective attempt and make your conversations indirect. 4

For instance, look at the flirting examples:

Girl: I love sports shorts.
Guy: I can make it written for you, you will look pretty in those.

“Guy did attempt to flirt but his approach was direct.”

How can it be indirect? See:

Girl: I love sports shorts.
Guy: Really? Let me tell you, I love girls who love sports shorts.

In both the examples, the guy told the girl that he loved her but in the first example, the approach was direct.

In the second one, the guy conveyed his message by being indirect. He told the girl that he likes her, but at the same time, he kept the mystery alive for the girl. He applied for the attraction without revealing all the cards.

Being indirect makes you a fellow who has standards. It conveys the message to the opposite gender that you don’t chase but rather are capable enough to be chased by others.

Agree And Amplify.

Agree and amplify means to handle difficult situations while flirting. Sometimes it happens that you are interacting with some difficult lady or come across a difficult question. Here your flirting ability is assessed.

For example:

Girl: How many girls have you slept with so far?
Guy: If you are talking about today, their number is not large.

He agreed and amplified. It is the best way to handle difficult questions without being retreated.

By such a response, you assure the opposite gender that their question is irrelevant and absurd. Thus, being ashamed of themselves they acknowledge that you are not easy prey to be avoided.

Prove, You Are The Prize.

Women with hotness and a well-shaped physique consider themselves a prize. They come across dozens of guys daily who crave their company. Such women are difficult to handle, but not impossible. 

Here you have to reverse their magic on them by showing yourself innocent and a prize.

What you need is to convey the message that you are innocent and it is that hot lady who is seducing you. You frame the conversation in such a style that makes her pursuer and you become an innocent guy. You playfully twist the conversation and put the ball in her court to use you as her prize.

For example:

Lady: I love sports shorts.
You: You can’t compel me to imagine you in sports shorts.
You: I live nearby. I can offer you a drink there if you promise not to do anything else.
Lady: I know an awesome massage.
You: You can’t seduce me by proposing to me for a free massage.
Lady: Are you sure?
You: Humm. Because it will not work.

So presenting you as a prize enhances the chances that your flirting will bore fruit even when you are trying to seduce high-standard women.

Pun Of Pushing And Pulling.

Pun of pushing, pulling in flirting means to push your target away apparently but actually compel them to move towards you. 5

For Example:

Guy: You are too beautiful to handle.
Girl: Really? (With sparkling eyes and naughty laughter?)

You noticed that the boy accepted that he may be unable to have that girl, but at the same time, he also delivered his message vigilantly.

He pushed her and compelled her to be pulled back with an effective phrase. This pun of flirting is an art that can assist you while you are flirting with nymphs.

This push-and-pull method of flirting makes it more exciting and intriguing. The target wants to invest itself in the interaction and, thus dialogue starts.

The push and pull method also indicates to the target that you are a high-ranked fellow. As a matter of fact, the more your target will be difficult to handle, the more you will get excited about them.

Character Adopting.

Character adopting or role-playing flirting is usually among those who are familiar with each other and are already in a considerable relation or relationship. It is also great fun between husband and wife.

By creating great tension for physical intimation, role-playing becomes an innovative and dynamic source of amusement.

For example, you can take the role of a school headmaster and she can be a naughty girl who will have to attend an extra class as compensation for her mischievousness. You can be her boss or policeman, who will be bribed by her physical intimacy to escape her from the fine.

Such role-playing flirting is effective to get rid of the boredom of daily routine. It creates excrement and brings novelty between two people. For a considerable time, they become brand new dates to each other, which is an addition to the enthusiasm of the relationship.

A Girl Flirting By Gestures GIF

Flirting By Gestures.

Without mastering the art of nonverbals or gestures, you can’t be an expert at flirting. You know how to speak with words, that’s good. You know how to use your gestures to make your words more effective. That’s great.

You can’t be serious while flirting. Also, you can’t be a joker by flirting. What you need is to have some good acting skills according to the created situation.

Smile, don’t smirk. Laugh, don’t be a blue stock. Your sense of humor should match your body language. That’s the key point when you intend to flirt. 6

Half of the flirt is nonverbal. The second half becomes valuable only when you assist that with body language.

Proper eye contact, mischievous face, and sweet gestures make your coquetries more charming. Avoid goofy smiles and over seriousness. Enjoy your fascinating phrases, but let them be enjoyed by your target first. 

If the scenario is pleasant, touching the forearm or shoulder of your target will also give an idea that you are playful and they will get it as a signal. 

Take Charge.

Taking charge of the interaction and leading rather than following should be your priorities while flirting. Usually, girls don’t take the first step to flirting. 

These are the guys who start the interaction. 

Being a guy, you will have to take steps to make things happen. Own accord move of a woman or girl is hardly observed unless they are ultra bold in their approach. 

Take charge, approach your target, and have a good first impression. If not best, start a conversation and play your master stroke in the first dialogue with her. 

For all this cultivated mindset is important to be successful in your interaction. If you succeed in making something happen in your first move, hold on for a while to enjoy that.

For girls, it is unveiled that guys love the girls who take the first move confidently. The more you will be confident, the more you will appeal to your target.

Do And Detain It There.

Flirting has its charm for a short period. You can’t carry it on with the same intensity for long. The more you are concise, the more you are appealing and fascinating to your target. Also, humans don’t get appealed in the long run moves. 

Flirt and let it be flirting to stay happy. 

If you are in a committed relationship, even then you can’t apply the same moves to your partner multiple times. Every time you will have to bring novelty to your coquetries to amuse your partner, which is almost impossible to utilize on a daily basis.

So the lesson to learn is, if you are flirting for the sake of amusement, do it and detain it there after it’s done. If you are flirting with your partner, don’t flirt like the daily functioning of life. Do it as something special to make your partner surprised. And special things are rare. You know them better.


Confidence is half of perfection. 

Those who are confident steal the show and get admiration. While you intend to be a master at flirting, placing your high value will be key to success. 

Don’t be impressed by other competitors. It will decrease your confidence. What your target thinks about you, just forget about that. Always come with your best performance. Don’t care about the opinions of others.

Girlfriend is laughing and hitting his boyfriend GIF

Touch Of Humor.

The best dose that you give to your target is to compel them to laugh. Having a sense of humor makes you dominant. If you were born with a sense of humor, I mean if you are native in sense of humor, that’s good. 

If you don’t have, you can develop it by practice. By watching comedies, reading comic books, or having the company of humorous fellows, you can be handy in this art. 

To be a master in flirting, listening, and watching adult comedians can help you more than anything to develop humor.

Pleasant Mystery.

The span of attraction is short. You can’t keep anyone attracted to you for a long time. Even to make others attracted for a short time demands not to be open up fully.

Telling everything about you in one sitting, even though that may sound interesting, is not a good idea, as it creates boredom for the listener.

So to be a master at flirting, always keep the suspense alive. By this, you force your target to guess about you. It creates a pleasant mystery that further makes you attractive.

Emotional And Mental Maturity.

It may sound undesirable to you, but the fact is that emotional and mental maturity is gained by being rejected and disapproved for multiple times. If you are already mature enough, that’s great. If you are not, don’t be disheartened. 

Keep on flirting even if you fail in your initial attempts. These failures will improve your skills and will make you more mature not only emotionally but also mentally.

And the fact is, you want to be a master at flirting if by now you are not.

Staunch Decisiveness.

Those who are determined and passionate about their task get success in the end, even if they face hurdles at the start. They are liked. They are appreciated. They are selected. They are embraced. Procrastinating or putting off your phrases becomes disgusting to your target.

It is your determination that makes them assure your validity. So, while flirting, be self-motivated and be determined to achieve your goal. It will be proved a key trait of yours.

Playfulness And Adventure.

Flirting is more about playfulness. Sometimes being childish amuses your target. They start enjoying your company and this is what you want. Being playful, you invite your object around you.

On the other hand, your adventurous nature will give your object an impression of a daring fellow. They will pounce upon the opportunity to catch you for their good days.

Creation Of Needs.

Create such a scenario in which your target becomes the neediness of your person. Though it is you who needs them, they should neither be shown nor be revealed about it. 

The more you become indifferent after attracting them, the more they will feel that they need you. 

So instead of latching upon them, be a prize in your personality. It will make you more demanding.

Communication Skills.

Good communication skills are considered a top trait when you are flirting. You start with your communication, whether it is verbal or nonverbal. You deal with difficult situations with your communication skills. 

You succeed through your communication skills. And if you fail, you may lack good communication skills.

Such is the importance of communication skills. Always try to polish this skill of yours to attract your target. Read more books. Observe more people. Listen to understand. And always search for new words to express yourself effectively. It will all be helpful to your intention of flirting.

how to flirt - Infographics
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How to flirt over text GIF

How To Flirt Over Text (With Examples)

Flirting over text messages is common in today’s world of social media. There is hardly a fellow who doesn’t use texts to impress and press their special one. 

But the fact is, not everyone is the master at flirting over text. But everyone can be by using some basic techniques and working on their flirting style.

Develop Curiosity:

Send half of the text to make them curious about your intention. The more you make them curious about the text, the quicker they will reply.

Wrong Example:

I have been thinking about you. I had a good time with you at the last gathering. Hope you too enjoyed that.

Right Example:

I have been thinking of unveiling something for you.

The second one will breed curiosity in them about what’s special that you want to share with them. Being curious, they will be quick in reply. To keep the mystery still alive, don’t unveil yourself completely. Rather text them snippets instead of descriptions of your feelings.

Arouse Their Feelings:

Humans are more concerned about their feelings. When you talk about their feelings, they are more attentive. Men and women both are equally attracted to this phenomenon.

While flirting with text, always utilize phrases or words that are rich in physical sensation. Sending the texts in small phrases and showing the physical comforts and tension at the same time will seduce your object to a large extent.

These feelings can comprise the craze of cuddling, hugging, or kissing. To make it further, mentioning massaging will boost the arousal of the physical craving. Starting with a sequence like a touch, hug, kiss, suck, and cyber-physical intimacy will make your job done.


  • If I were with you, I would hug you. Do you know how?
  • I can’t help living without kissing you. Do you know where?
  • You are a ripe mango to me. If you are ready, I will suck. But wait. Do you know where and how this suck of mine will be started?

Anticipate The Situations.

Here, two types of anticipation are mentioned. The first is about taking and giving time during your flirting texts. The second is to visualize the scenes that are actually in written form.

First, the timing of the text flirting is vital. 

Responding too soon or responding too late, both are equally toxic to the development of tension, which is the main characteristic of text flirting. Keep your thumb calm if you are to wait for a while. 

Use this time to anticipate what your next move should be to blow your object with amazement. It will also convey the message that it is not you who is needy, but rather they are craving.

Second, to control the situation and prevail over their senses, keep them anticipating the physical intimacy. It will be arousal to their feelings and seduction will be at its peak. Make them visualize the dreams that may take them to the seventh sky of sensuality.


  • This time I think I should be with you to….
  • Having your hand in my hand I have often thought…
  • In my heart, I am seeing both of us there, where there is nobody but we…

Be an Expert In Text Language.

To be a master at flirting, first, be an expert in the text language. It has its own abbreviated forms. One who gives time to social media knows it well. 

The one who prefers communication via text messages becomes an expert in it. If you already know that’s good, if you don’t, it can be mastered in a week.

To have a good hand in text language is necessary because if your object sends you text in abbreviated form and you text back what that means, it sounds disgusting.

How To Create Fun While Flirting?

While flirting, starting on the right foot is half of the success. The first impression that your target gets will decide the remainder of the interaction. It will be an indication of how things will keep pace in the future.

To keep the mystery in incessant growth and fun at its peak, you need to follow some basic rules in the beginning. These rules will assist you in building romance. 7

How To Create Fun While Flirting

Rule# 01

Don’t open up at the very first stage. To create mystery, don’t unveil your interest. Your target certainly doesn’t want you to disclose yourself before them as early as possible. 

If you unveil your interest at an early stage, it will become boring. 

So don’t walk to tell them you are interested, rather tease them. Create bumble by connecting and disconnecting eyes with them. It will create a fascinating scenario for further romance. 8

Rule# 02

To continue with your flirting vibes, use humor. Give a touch of playfulness. Create a “push and pull” scenario to confuse them whether you are interested or they are having just a thought coming. 

You will be considered a master blaster of flirting if you compel them to come closer to you to raise sensuality. You can do it by creating tension between “to be or not to be.” Arousal is something literally very special that leads to physical intimacy. 

So create friction and enjoy its fruit in some dusky love bubble.

Rule# 03

I always believe that when you intend to be successful, the best thing to wear is your confidence. 

Be confident to look elegant in the presence of your target. Having a healthy wallet or muscular physique may assist you in grabbing the attention of your target, but nothing can match the lofty level of confidence. 

Having proper eye contact with an appealing posture is the part and parcel of your confidence. Never forget to call your target by their name. Even pronounce their full name twice during the conversation. 

In your person and personality, don’t forget to adorn them with an enthusiastic and sensual tone. Your bored sound will make them think that you are actually as you sound.

Rule# 04

What is mentioned above, make that a normal part of your person? Be original but with the above-mentioned characteristics. If you lack any of them, you can practice and adopt them. These characteristics should be as fluent as your smile.

Be a genuine, confident fellow by putting on your best version. Don’t bother whether she is attracted or not. Continue with the mindset that your every new interaction will be productive. Caring less will render you the best results. 

Have a perspective that you demand nothing from them and that what you are doing it’s for fun and self-entertainment. It will breed confidence on another level. 

This indirect flirting approach is loved and admired even by high-class individuals. Now, in the end, it’s up to you to what extent you want to go with your target.

How To Build Attraction While Flirting?

The Law of attraction differs from man to woman. 

Men love the bold ladies. They welcome those who put the first step in intimation. On the other hand, women don’t crave that man who is easily available. 

Those who intend to have a direct approach are also fancied less by high-class women because it kills the potential of quality romance and mystery.

To build attraction, avoid being meek. What you need to unveil is the light touch of “bad fellow” to create a magnetic attraction for your target. 

According to psychology, women are rarely attracted to nice and good fellows. On the other hand, psychology keeps its mouth shut while discussing men. 9

Women will put their heads on the shoulder of a nice guy while unveiling their craving for a nice guy but, to be honest, these are their actions that speak louder than their words. The fact is women can’t help stopping themselves from being attracted to those who give illumination to bad vibes.

Magnetic attraction is above the good vibes of nice guys. The women who claim to have a nice guy as their partner can’t resist the magnetic attraction of bad guys.

You can improve your attraction while dating or flirting by following the below-mentioned rules.

Avoid Being Needy.

If you want to attract them, don’t try to attract them. The less you show the need for attraction, the more they will be attracted. 

Avoid being needy and develop a scenario to be a high catch for your target. Be elevated so that they have to work on themselves to attract you. 

Don’t be easily available. Don’t answer every query. Don’t respond to their every call. Be selective. There is no need to agree with them on every occasion. 

Disagreeing with their unreasoning will make them realize that you are mature and sensible, which is another addition to the characteristics of attraction. 

It is also a good technique to pass their test of whether you are an idiot or ideal. Never access them to assess that you are weak, submissive, or boring. 

Getting out of the “please, please” culture will make you more attractive than ever.

Develop Mystery And Be Mysterious.

Attraction is created when you compel your target to keep on wondering about you. You can do it by veiling more and unveiling less. Always leave some things undisclosed. Always speak less than you actually know. 

To leave your target amazed, reveal things as the beautiful symmetry of a flower. This kind of strategy will make you attractive by creating curiosity in them. It will make the attraction more solid, more meaningful, and more fascinating.

Be An Asset By Being Precious.

You can show them that you are an asset and precious in your person by unveiling your high social value. To do this, have friends of the opposite gender with good relations. Always show your target that you have other options to consider. 

This kind of attitude will make you precious and attractive. They will leave no stone unturned to make you feel happy and comfortable. It will be a clear message if they are not catching you up, there are many who are craving you in the market.

Those who claim you will get it as a threat and will love you, in fact. It will also create jealousy, which will enhance your attraction to them to the next level.

Pickup Lines For Flirting:

Pickup lines give a nice touch to flirting. It keeps the momentum and makes smile the next person, which leads to talking more with you. 10

Dear Facebook, don’t ask me what’s there in my mind. It’s always this girl (pointing towards) there.

I have a magic trick for you. Hold two roses in your hand and go in front of the mirror. You will see three.

Can I call you “Miss nothing” please because I have come to know “NOTHING” is perfect for me.

You are just like rain, and I am homeless. When it comes, I get wet.

It’s all sunny everywhere, can you get it? Still, I am wet.

Hot Flirt Quotes:

If you get hurt, go and flirt.
Calym Nush
Keeping flirting is the best precautionary measure to avoid a breakup.
Calym Nush
hot flirting quotes by
In flirt, if you are expert, thee, none can hurt.
Calym Nush
Don’t wanna die because of a heart attack? Keep on gazing at bosoms and buttocks.
Calym Nush
Those who flirt, what’s new is coming, they are alert.
Calym Nush
those who flirt - flirty quotes

Flirting Good Morning Texts:

Morning! Missed you so much that couldn’t sleep freefall.

Morning! Moon should soon be with me, as the sun has gone out.

Morning! Can you get me out of the recollections of your hangover with a kiss?

Morning! Would you like to get off my chest so that I may prepare to hug you?

Morning! I wanted to wake up with you. Still, I want. Hope tomorrow I will.

Is Flirting Cheating?

Flirting becomes cheating if you have to lie about it or you are compelled by your conscience to hide it from your partner. 

Flirting with multiple people on a daily basis may suit singles, but as far as married or committed individuals are concerned, technically and morally flirting is taboo for them. It can hurt their partners to a large extent and can jeopardize their relationship.

If one is not feeling wanted by their partner, they may be attracted by the flamboyant panorama of the opposite gender. On the other hand, singles can find their love and soulmates by flirting.

While those who are married or committed can be found flirting because of two reasons. 

First, they are not feeling wanted by their partners and feel dissatisfied and discontented. To get some compensation and to entertain themselves, they seek refuge in flirting. Second, there are those who are lustful and flirt just for the sake of physical intimacy.

In short, flirting in itself is not a bad thing. It is the intention and position of people that makes it good or bad. Among partners, it’s a blessing. Among singles, it assists to find suitable partners for them.

How Do You Flirt Like a Pro?

Being confident about your person and personality, aiming with smiling eyes at your target, bringing charm to your coquetries, and displaying the magic of your mellow words and sweet accent, you can flirt like a pro.

To be a pro in flirting does not demand to have diamond faces but rather appealing coquetries. With a beautiful face, you can have a good first impression, but with the fascinating art of conversation, both verbal and nonverbal, you can prevail over the senses of your target.

It does not mean to ignore your apparent personality completely. You should adorn yourself considering it your priority, as it’s the first stroke to start the new innings.

Being creepy is prohibited while flirting like a pro. You have to convey the message that you are a prize rather than chasing them. Though you have been impressed by them yet never unveil it to them. 

Don’t come with an extra smart attitude. Be simple and let them take time to enjoy your company. To enhance your impression more, being comic to some extent will assist you to have longer company without boring them.

To flirt like a pro, have confident eye contact, ask interesting questions, give delightful answers with the touch of comedy and pun, tease them with your verbal and nonverbal actions, and never forget to compliment them to make them feel special to you.

What Is Playful Flirting?

Playful flirting is to enjoy the moment and put it then and there without any further advancement like dating or intimation. So it does not lead to a serious relationship. Bantering and fun-making are the two main characteristics of playful flirting.

In playful flirting, usually both the partners are aware that they are doing it just for the sake of fun and there is nothing serious about it.

Some do it on purpose to spend some quality time in a cheerful mood. Some are philanderers who can’t help stopping themselves to latch on to beautiful faces. 

Anyway, whatever the motive they have while engaging themselves in playful flirting they never tend to hurt the feelings of their short-timed partner or permanent partner. They do it to amuse themselves. 

According to psychology, some of the playful flirts even get over their boredom through this act of theirs.

How To Flirt With A Guy?

To flirt with a guy, look at him asquint from to time. Your sideglances will give him the impression that you are interested in him. As he is assured in his assessment, he will proceed by smiling at your back. Now, it comes to your body language, your sweet coquetries that how you engage him in the following proceeding.

Start with a casual but warm attitude to make him feel special. Guys love to be considered special. While starting a conversation, your posture should be bold to catch and tease him with the very first stroke. 

Inhale to make your assets more visible. 

If you are sitting, crossed legs position will capture you more of his attention. If you are standing, lean a bit. Touch your lips with your tongue to give him an extra teasing shock. 

Be confident in your words. Have an interesting conversation with him. Give a touch of sensuality to your accent. 

Thus, the process of flirting starts and you can take it to the next level by becoming courteous and nice to your target.

How To Flirt With A Girl?

You can flirt with a girl by viewing the optimistic side of your personality. Adorn yourself with the best version of your walk and talk. 

Be confident and access your target with a smile. Look at her with a side glance twice or thrice. 

Don’t gaze. Engage yourself in some different views for a while. It will convey to her that you have your standards and you don’t believe in latching up. 

After some time, as you find she has some attraction to you, give her a meaningful smile. If she smiles back, it means she is interested. 

To make it further, go near her. Start the conversation with a sweet accent. While exchanging words, be interesting. Look in her eyes instead of her assets. Compliment her but avoid giving the touch of flattering. 

Crack a good joke but avoid being a joker. To engage her more in your person narrate a funny incident. The more you will be interesting to her, the more she will stay with you and you will pave the way to the next level. Means, dating, or intimation. 

How To Flirt Over Text?

Flirting over text or cyber flirting is an art to make your target feel sensual just with words. It demands a high level of mastery of words and a hidden accent. You can flirt over text by being playful, witty, and displaying puns in your words.

First, send them courteous messages. Second, try to make them smile by giving a comic touch to your conversation. It will engage them in you and will avoid boredom. Then, according to their mood, talk about their interests and change the direction of your conversation towards sensuality. 

Tease them by talking about your masculine/feminine traits. The more you will be able to display yourself in words, the more they will craze you. Talk about how you will behave if you get a chance to have them in your private place. 

Here, in hidden words, blow their mind with your sensual vocabulary. For all this, you need to feel the process of intimation. But to remember is, in the excitement of your boldness, never use direct words. It will kill the motive of flirting.

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text?

Effective flirting with a guy over text does not start directly. For it, you need to have at least “by face hello hi” first. If you have, you can take his number and start flirting with him over text.

In your by-face meeting with him, you have already an impression of him in your mind. He is not irrespective of yours, too.

To flirt with a guy over text, start a conversation by talking about his interests. It will give him the impression that you are interested in him and want to know about him. Once he gets on the track, change the topic towards his liking and disliking of the girls. 

If he is interested in you, he will mention every aspect of the feminine beauty that you possess. To boast him up, you can have puns in your words to display your feminine beauty in hidden words. 

Tease him by telling him how you will treat her if you get a chance to have him in a private place. Also, ask him how he will behave if he gets a chance to touch you. 

Thus, teasing and sensuality will breed, and you people will forget that you are just in text. 

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text?

To flirt with a girl over text, start the conversation confidently with well-planned dialogues. Your words will depict your accent. Be energetic and classy in them. 

Show maturity and make her indulge in your person. To show your seriousness about her, respect her and tell her how you will treat her if you get a chance to have her in your company in the future. 

Compliment her, but don’t be flattering. It will make her suspicious about your intentions. Mentioning her by giving her sweet names will also be an amusement for her. Give your conversation a touch of comedy when the need arises. 

It will save her from getting bored. As you get forward in your conversation with her, talking boldly but in mysterious words will be an addition to make her crazy for you.

How To Flirt With Your Crush?

To flirt with your crush, first know their liking and disliking. It will help you understand what you should do and say and what not. 

Second, adopt some of their character traits to amaze them. Adorn your person and personality to look stunning as impressions have their own worth. 

While catching sight of them, give them meaningful smiles. Invite them for hanging out. Crack jokes and make them laugh. If possible, try to touch them by giving them five or putting your hand on their shoulder. 

Engage them in conversation by talking about their favorite topic. 

Compliment them for their good looks. But don’t forget to be fair and just. While having a dialogue with them, have eye contact. When you notice that they are also getting interested in you, talking about sensuality will help you to have their physical intimacy.


Flirt not only helps to build new relationships but also keeps the momentum up of the existing ones. It is why learning how to be an expert in flirting is so worth it.

To be an expert in flirting, work on your communication, represent yourself as a prize, adopt the character of the next one, give a touch of humor, and be confident.

I wish you all the best on your journey.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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