20 Signs She Wants You Sexually & wants to SLEEP with you!

Sexual desire is a pervasive sexual response that women have during their teenage and even throughout adulthood. It is the basic instinct and promotion of romantic attraction. 

Sexual attraction is considered an important component that leads to passionate love. It assists in developing and maintaining relationships. Sexual interests have great implications for the integrity of women’s satisfied life.

Sexual Desire, How to Assess?

“Sexual desire, sexual attraction, or lust is the motivational element of human sexuality. Humans (men and women) experience it as a drive to seek out sexual objects, or crave sexual contact”, Said Bancroft 1988. 1

While attracted by some particular fellow, one starts fantasizing about how pleasurable the experience might be having physical intimacy with them.

Sexual Desire A Woman Experiences

Among men and women, who possess the more sexual desire, many early theorists and clinicians have been indulged to untie the riddle. Though person to person, it varies yet all agree that overall, women typically report less sexual desire than men. 

According to an authentic survey, it is reported that men have 98.0 percent of sexual desire while women resist at 95.0 percent. 2

According to this survey, men experienced sexual desire 37 times in a week while women had just 7 times in a week.

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Signs She Wants You Sexually.

There are outsets to set the things. Things that catch up with their height once had their starting points. If you are at a college or work or even in an office, you come across the opposite gender. 

There can be sexual attraction among people. But nobody is clear about others’ feelings at the start. Especially when it comes to women, one has to admit they are complicated. 

You can’t assess and access them easily. 

If one is interested in you sexually and wants to sleep with you, you can’t say it with any certainty, as she will not come boldly to communicate her concerns with you.

She will display green flags to assess and access her. These will be signs and signals from her that she has feelings for you. Some of them these:

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1) Observe Her Behavior With You.

Observe her behavior with you, whether she is inclined toward you and has something more than affection. 3

She will be kind to you. She will not miss any opportunity to engage with you. She will even make lame excuses to have your company. 

If she is with you, she will try to make her conversations long and bold.

2) When She Laughs, Looks At You.

Usually, women smile. Their loud laughter is less evident. Even then, when they want to attract their favorite person, they have something between a smile and laughter. 4

As she smiles, she will look at you again and again. It will be her cherished desire to have your dedication. This smile of hers will possess meaning for you. 

If she looks at you while smiling, she might want to sleep with you
If she looks at you while smiling, she might want to sleep with you

Many people give us smiles in routine, but as far as that particular lady is concerned, she will smile at you with all her charms and dedication.

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3) Her Evident Proximity.

Proximity is closeness. Proximity and attraction are correlated. 

According to psychology, the more you spend time in each other’s company, the more you get attracted to each other. It further leads to addiction to the favorite person. 5

If she likes you sexually, her proximity to you will be evident. Even your friends and colleagues will notice it and tell you that she is having feelings for you.

4) Her Bold Gait.

Women enhance the seduction of their favorite guy with their bold gait. To dominate their figure, it is a special art of women to walk on the ” catwalk.” It allures the guys to the next level. 6

If she wants to sleep with you, she will use this tactic. Her erected neck while facing you and her catwalk, while turning against you, will give you a green signal that she wants you to follow her and she is ready with all her sensuality.

5) Touches Her Lips, Twists her Lock.

When women like someone, they are preoccupied with their thoughts. Even if their favorite guy is there in front of them, they can’t stop themselves from fantasizing about him. 7

Girls usually touch their lips when a favorite person comes in front
Girls usually touch their lips when a favorite person comes in front

In this preoccupation with their thoughts, they touch their lips repeatedly and twist their lock. A repressed smile is also visible from eyes to chin. Notice whether she touches her lips and twists her lock when she has enough time to gaze at you.

6) Gazes at Your Lips.

While gazing at you, her triggers will be your lips. When it comes to sexual attention, lips can’t be ignored, as they are the initial point to women. 

You will notice when she gazes at you, her different interests will be on your lips. While talking with you, looking at your lips, she will start fantasizing about you, a kind of daydreaming. 8

More of her concentration will be on your lips while she will be fewer ears to you.

7) Talks About You With Her Friends.

Women can’t handle secrets even on their own, psychology says, history is evident. What they feel, they share with their friends. If she is feeling you, she will talk about you with her friends. 

The more she will have an interest in you, the more you will be part of her discussions with her friends. 

There are chances some of her friends will give you a clue that she has laid down herself on you.

8) Touches You Accidentally.

Even though she is not an extroverted personality and does not usually hug her friends but when it comes to you, she touches you again and again and gives an impression that it was accidentally; it means she likes you, she likes you sexually. 

If she touch you, again and again, it means she wants you sexually badly.
If she touches you, again and again, it means she wants you sexually badly.

But if she apologizes about her touch and apologizes again and again, it means she doesn’t like you and that was literally accidentally when she touched you.

9) Shows Affection To You.

Even if she is kind and affectionate to everyone, there will be a clear difference when she will show her kindness and affection for you. You will be her priority. She will not let you hurt, even a least. 

In a veiled manner, she will try to render all affection to you. Now it is up to you how you guess and respond to her affection.

10) Sends You Bold Pictures.

If she has contact with you, she will send you her bold pictures. While sending you selfies, she will try to expose her feminine beauty, as her cleavage will be dominant in those pictures.

She will give you an impression that all pictures are to show you and what is there in pictures, is for you.

By sending you pictures, she will confirm whether you are interested in her or not. Your response will help her whether she should advance with her boldness or not. 

11) Makes Excuses To Talk To You.

Desire to talk with you is a sign she wants you sexually - GIF

It is exciting to talk to those to whom the heart is attracted. Some of the emotions get purged with talk. As you are there in her head all the time, she will have no chance of going unattended without talking to you. 

She will even make lame excuses to talk to you. You will find that the things she is discussing with you are not worthy enough discussing. It is because she wants to spend time with you. 

She seeks your company. She doesn’t care about how she gets a chance to exchange words with you.

12) Reinitiates Conversation.

While talking to you she will never run short of ideas. If she does, she will restart the conversation by finding some point that was not discussed with keen interest. 

During her discussion, she will try to touch you and will expose her feminine beauty. Use of bold vocabulary and puns will also be part of her discussion with you.

Some girls also get nervous during this session of discussion. If she is one of them she will start rubbing her palms and giving twists to her fingers.

13) Uncrossed Legs And Arms.

The most important and authentic sign that she wants to sleep with you is her uncrossed legs and arms. As she is open to you so her legs and arms will be for you. 

By this gesture of hers, she gives you a clear sign that she has sexual feelings for you and wants to sleep with you. Never forget, it is her most bold body gesture to invite you for physical intimation. 

By her open arms she will make her feminine beauty visible while with uncrossed legs, she will seduce you.

14) Makes Bold Eye Contact.

Spending enough time seducing you, she will start making bold eye contact. Although she was already gazing at you in her initial procession yet that lacked boldness. 9

Bold eye contact is another sign she wants you to sleep with you
Bold eye contact is another sign she wants you to sleep with you

But now she may not care where, and in which place you are. Her only motive will be to convey her message of intimation. If she is brave enough, she will not hesitate to wink at you.

15) Leans In While Speaking To You.

You are close enough to her or at a distance from where she can display her visuals, she will lean to make you glimpse her feminine charms. If she is speaking to you, she will try to lean on you so that you may have vivid visuals of her. 

It is a way of seduction. 

Even if you have not been interested so far, you can be drenched in her hotness now. It is yet another bold sign of her sexual desire for you.

16) Plays With Objects, Hair, Nails.

Sometimes compelled by her emotions, and finding herself in a dilemmatic situation about what to do and what not, she will play with different objects, like pencils, copies, cards, her hair, and nails. 10

In this state, she will be at the peak of her emotions. In her nervousness, she can even leave the place in anger if you don’t get her point. Even on asking, there are maximum chances, that she will not utter by her tongue that she wants you badly sexually.

17) Talks About Being Single.

While having conversations with you about different objects, she will talk about being single. She will tell you about her loneliness.

In such a situation in her boldness, she can even talk about how she spends her nights. When and where she can be available. She will give you different hints about availability for you.

The picture of this scene can be sorrowful, as in her emotions, she can be sad. By an abrupt assault of emotions, she can be seen as a tragic lady who is begging for love.

18) Reveals Personal Information.

She will reveal her personal information to you. She will tell you where she lives, and who the people are there in her family. What she was doing before. 

When a girl wants you sexually, she reveals Personal Information.
When a girl wants you sexually, she reveals Personal Information.

She will tell you about her relationship status, whether she had someone in her life or not. There are chances she will even share her financial status with you to impress you if she belongs to a wealthy family.

19) Teases You.

As in the early part of the discussion, it was mentioned that women are complicated in their nature. They hardly come vividly and when it comes to physical intimacy, they become more complicated to assess.

To make you indulge in herself, she will not come straight rather, she will tease. It is she, who desperately wants to sleep with you, but she will try to make you confess that you want to sleep with her. 

For it, utilizing all her feminine charms and beauties, she will tease you.

20) Gives You Sweet Nick Name.

She will give you a sweet nickname. She will call you again and again and will enjoy herself with laughter. She will even tell you why she gave that nickname and how much it suits you. 

By pinching you on the cheeks, she will say, “You are such a dumb” or any striking sentence to show her attention to you.

how to tell if she wants you sexually - signs she wants you badly sexually - infographics by relationcounseling.org
all points in one image.

In short.

The above-mentioned are the most authentic signs that she wants you badly sexually, but it does not mean you will notice all these and then guess she wants to sleep with you. Even if you find one-third of these, it will be enough to be assured that she is sexually attracted to you.

The Last Point to Remember.

Signs are to guess by body language and gestures. You will have to be all minds in her body language to assess inside her mind. Have open eyes and close observation regarding her gestures. 

You will find enough clues to reach the point of whether she is just teasing you or literally wants to have physical intimacy with you.

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