How to Make Your Wife Laugh Daily? 12-Steps-Guide

If you want to make your wife laugh first, you will have to create a scenario for the laughter. Everything revolves around its orbit. Domestic orbit is responsible for tragedy and comedy. 

Being the leader of the home, if you adorn the domestic orbit with love, care, affection, courtesy, intimacy, and sweetness of tongue, it means you have created all the possible reasons for echoing the laughter in the home. 

Though there are certain methods to make your wife laugh, those all are temporary. If you create a room for happiness, you will not have to think daily about how to make her laugh. Even by getting your glimpse, she would start smiling and a little intimacy and romantic coquetry from you would make her laugh.

how to make her laugh
how to make her laugh

Anyway, here we are going to discuss how you can build up humor and what ways and means can be utilized to make your wife laugh. You would know how and where to find humorous nature and what are ways to blend it with your original personality so that you may be able to incorporate it into your style.

Here are some basics to make your wife laugh.

Pick up lines:

Pickup sentences are the particular lines that are used to create humor. Mashup up these lines with the current situation can produce lots of fun. You know the nature of your life. You know what articles and situations are comic to her. 

Select these pick-up lines and then work on them. 

These pickup lines are the actual words that you use to make others laugh. They are important only to the degree that they are related to and can enhance the delivery.

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Importance of humor:

There are bad days in our lives that impact us negatively. We have to get rid of those bad experiences that are derived from bad days. You can have a rough day at your job while your wife can have a poor day at home. Experiences are different, but everyone has to get through these.

You come back home and notice that your wife is having a bad mood; you ask her the reason, but she averts by saying that nothing has happened. If you insist too much, she tells that during cleaning, she broke the antique showpiece that her grandmother had gifted her. 

Importance of humor to make your wife laugh
Importance of humor to make your wife laugh

To her, it is a great loss. Now, what would you do to make her happy and laugh? You will have to create some humor. You try, but it does not work. You hold her hand and suggest her to have a walk. 

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As you step out, you notice your neighbor and his dog. The dog is refusing to walk. And the dog is being dragged through the grass by his annoyed master. As the owner is annoyed, the dog is not happy too. Both are fed up with each other. 

Their expressions are quite funny for the viewers. You can’t help but laugh at the absurdity. Your wife too gives a smile, though she does not laugh. At least she has a smile. It’s the power of humor. It can open the shut doors of happiness. 

The more you create and find humor, the more you become happy.

What if you can create humor.

If you can create humor, you have an advantage over handsome and wealthy husbands. Having a pleasing sense of humor, you are a step forward than the rest of the people. 

People are bored by the daily routines of running life. They want something to chill about and laugh. Your wife is no exception. People recognize and love the fellow who can make them laugh (especially women). 

What if you can create humor
What if you can create humor

Anyway, it demands insight, creative thinking, and uncommon patterns. According to research studies by Jeffrey Hall and Nicolas Gueguen, guys having a better sense of humor are considered more sexually by women. 

What makes this study more excited and interesting is that the perception of sexual intimation desire has no concern about how wealthy or handsome the man is. 

It is the good sense of humor that can cut through normal expectations and make you a million-dollar guy. So if you can make your wife laugh, most of her expectations are fulfilled and she would start considering herself a lucky woman, to have a husband like you.

Humour is one of the best emotions or feelings and thus be prepared to create it.

How to make your wife laugh daily - Guide By RelationCounseling.Org

Work on your body language, accent, and gesture. 

Though it matters what you say to make your wife laugh yet, it matters more how you say that. Your body language , your accent, and your gestures make an influential role in producing humor. You know, some people don’t utter a single word, yet people go crazy by laughing at that humor.

Usually, there is a little difference in what you say to make the scenario pleasant.

What makes it more funny and interesting is how you say that. Many studies have shown that most communications consist of nonverbal actions. In other words, most human communication is performed by body language, accent, and gestures. That is why it is said words matter but less; accent matters the most.

Know your emotions.

You need to be fair and clear about the emotions that you want to evoke to make your wife laugh. If you don’t have the emotions to evoke, then you would not be able to put on an impact and all your talk and walk would be futile. 

Know your emotions before making your wife laugh
Know your emotions before making your wife laugh

Without evoking an emotion, it is like you are telling a funny story and she is thinking, “Oh, you have done with it? It was the story?” Knowing about your primary emotions is necessary because it focuses on your story or joke.

The emotion you have to get is “Oh it’s funny.” It doesn’t matter whether it was positive or negative. 

Deadpan, Smirk, or Grin.

Deadpan means serious face and tone, yet there is something comic in it. 

If you find something hilarious and want to convey it, you can go with a grin as “it is unbelievable that today we are matching from top to toe” and then finally if you find something amusing and also want to convey that with its absurdness, you can go with a smirk.

In such cases usually, sentences with double meanings are included. 

Don’t backtrack.

Backtrack means when you go back to describe the details of the story that you were saying in a comic tone. When you try to correct yourself while going back, again and again, it loses its comic color and there remains nothing like fun in it.

Never Laugh First.

While treating with comic scenes or describing them, never laugh first. Laughing first means you are imposing your will on the other person and compelling him to enjoy the fun, which is itself an absurd thing to do. You need to do all acting and try to be serious at first while you start something comic. 

Never laugh first in order to make your wife laugh
Never laugh first in order to make your wife laugh

Your face acting like a smirk or grin would assist you to add more charm to your comic action and talks.

After having the general myth of comic values, now we shall discuss the traits that should be worked on to make your wife laugh.

Consider the mindset.

At home, you are not an actor; you are in your original role, and in your original role, try to develop some intimacy and mellow harmony with your wife. At least there should be enough frankness between spouses. Definitely, you don’t intend to make your wife laugh only for one time or for a particular time, or even for a specific date.

You want to make her happy, it’s your basic intention. For this, you can’t smile all the time; even you can not laugh all the time—access to all the things, harms. And when we start getting things, even happiness in abundance, they lose their charm.

Consider the mindset or humor
Consider the mindset or humor

For all this, you need to have a mindset. You should be jolly enough to be able to make your sweetheart laugh whenever you find that she is depressed or sorrowful. For this, you should develop a sense of humor. For this, you can read comic books; you can search for YouTube videos. 

They all will help you in developing yourself into a jolly and holly fellow. It is all about mindset. Even if you are not happy, you will have to pretend you are happy enough to have a desire for a laughing wife. 

So the first condition to make your wife laugh is to create a scenario for laughter, and you should have some naughty and jolly feelings inside you.

Discussing vs. playing.

It can also be called amusing vs conversing. To make your wife smile and laugh, you don’t need rehearsal for hours. You don’t need to set a stage to perform there. What you need is to be witty enough to convert the conversation into amusement.

daily conversation is an interesting source to bring a smile
daily conversation is an interesting source to bring a smile

For example, if she asks about whether it does not mean that you go with a straightforward answer. You can create fun while answering. It is called playing.

So, creating fun in daily conversation is an interesting source to bring a smile to your wife’s face. 

As you get better at creating fun, chances will enhance that echo of laughter would go out of your house.

Create punch lines and delay.

You know that whole statement cannot be a joke. There is a special line around which all the story or event revolves. Try to create new punch lines. These lines can have fun too in them. 

Like if she asks, “Hey honey are you coming?” You can reply, “how can I “cum” without you?”

to make your wife laugh create punch lines and delay
to make your wife laugh create punch lines and delay

As she gets to the point, there will be loud laughter. These short punch lines at a particular time can work in a way that can amaze you. But one thing to remember is to create the room for the punch line and then hold. Never try to rush toward it abruptly.

Relate the events.

You can make your wife laugh by relating funny incidents. There is a lot in daily life that is funny in its nature. But people seldom notice it. 

Absorb the past events, have a close glimpse of your surroundings and you would find many things to cheer about. These will make you feel fresh. 

Now, use all your acting skills. The only thing that you need is freshness and keenness and you would be amazed by the results.

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You can make your wife laugh by studying her sense of humor, that what kind of things are amazing to her, by telling her real-life comic stories, by cracking witty jokes, and even by the pun.

For all this, be yourself and create a comic scenario to get immediate and juicy results.

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