What is respect in a relationship? WHY it is important?!!

Respect in relationships is the due regard for the wishes, feelings, and rights of the partner. These are feelings of deep admiration for the partner’s abilities and qualities. These positive feelings are shown when one acknowledges the due regard for their partner. 1

Respect is shown in relationships when one behaves politely by displaying courtesy, even when their partner disagrees with their point of view.

Respect breeds well-being and trust in a relationship. It teaches us how to admire and treat our partners. By getting respect, they are well prepared to express their ideas. They become bold in reflecting their love and feel secure in relationships.

Love without respect is like a flower without fragrance. The strongest expression of love is in respecting your partner. The more you show respect for them, the more you earn their love and devotion for yourself.

Respect and love are correlated to each other in relationships. If he reacts without respect, she will not deal with love. If she reacts without love, he will not deal with respect. In relationships, respecting our partners is the smooth way to enhance love and feelings of security.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, in his book, “love and respect” has concluded that a man can’t survive in a relationship without respect while a woman craves love all the ways. Symbolically, he is of the view that in relationships, love is in respect and respect is in love. They can’t be separated. In relationships, love can’t be described without respect and respect can’t be shown without love.

Of the many advantages of “respect,” the advantage of cooperation is above all. Respecting each other in a relationship develops the spirit of cooperation. Couples come enthusiastically with a helping hand for each other when it is needed. This willingness and boldness of theirs owe to the great respect that they have for each other.

Moreover, respect makes the relationship scenario more pleasant and compatible. Partners feel secure and enjoy the freedom as well. Concerns find no place to breed and harmony is developed. Even if there arises a dispute, respect helps the minds to be cool and settle it with a good sitting of communication.

Respectful relations have their own dignity and durability. Human beings want to be treated with respect, as it soothes their esteem. No one likes humility and disrespect. Treating each other with respect gives value to their point of view and they are better prepared to demonstrate their polite manners.

Being respectful to partners promotes honesty and avoids being rude to them. Being disrespectful and rude devastates the relationship. There are times when in anger, one loses his temper and becomes disrespectful. In such a case, instead of being stubborn, apologizing will promote the spirit of mutual respect. As to err is human same to apologize is also human. There is nothing like disrespect in it.

Respect for others is as important as their respect for us. Always respecting each other with good intent to listen is a kind of demonstrating respect. Even if one does not agree with their partner’s point of view, even the need for respect is always there. If they disagree even, then they are worthy of respect.

For respect, to be kind and avoiding rude behavior is enough to practice a good sense of respect. To have little respect sometimes saves from big conflicts in relationships. Respect in the workplace is important, but not more than in relationships.

Einstein, in his wisdom quotes, once said,

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“Love is optional in life, but respect is mandatory.”

In short, respect in a relationship is the guarantee that a relationship will have its love course till the seventh sky.

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