WHY is Communication Important in a Relationship? 8 Reasons.

Connection is the body, while communication is the soul of a relationship. Communication, being two-way traffic, keep the course of life adorned and fascinating. 

Communication is important in a relationship as it helps to strengthen the relationship. By communication, not only many of the relationship problems are indicated but they are also tackled in soft tones and polite inquiries.

Communication is of two kinds.

1. Verbal
2. Nonverbal

Verbal communication includes dialogue. Through verbal communication, couples create a pleasant scenario and discuss the issues by telling each other their point of view by the tongue. The tone of the dialogue is also part of verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication includes gestures and emotions. Without speaking, when a message is conveyed by body language and gestures, it is called nonverbal communication.

Verbal and nonverbal communication can commence simultaneously. Usually, in relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication are closely associated with each other.

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Let’s have an example to understand the importance of communication in a relationship.

Mr. John came back from work toasted and all tension. His wife gave him water and helped him get change. During this, she politely inquired about his dullness. He told her that his boss is burdening him every other day. 

Even if he works hard, his boss is not satisfied. His wife calmed him down. They sat and discussed the issue. They concluded that Mr. John should leave the job as mental health is more important. They planned for new work. Later, they ate dinner and headed to sleep calmly.

Mr. Harry came from work all heated and in tension. Her wife gave him drinkable. He changed and put the shirt and tie on the bed.

Seeing from the kitchen, his wife shouted, “What the hell is with you? Can’t you put your stuff in the cupboard?”

He yelled back, “I am getting toasted at work. I am not in my senses. Can’t you understand?”

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“I can’t foresee your problems. You did not talk about it,” She attacked again.

Mr. Harry, with silence, changed the place. There was no communication till bedtime. What happened next, they went to different bedrooms to sleep without having their dinner.

The problem was the same, but it was faced and handled in different ways. The big difference was communication. We saw how communication brought more trust and love to the relationship between Mr. John and his lady and how lack of communication spoiled the relationship between Mr. Harry and his lady.

Which areas of relationship life are adorned by communication and to what extent it is important, we shall discuss its every nook and corner, but first, let’s have a random glance at related inquiries that can peep through your mind.

What is communication in a relationship?

In a relationship, communication is a way by which couples come close to each other, share their thoughts and concerns, come to know each other’s point of view, enhance their love and trust and find solutions with peace whenever there arouse disputes.

Communication is the secret friend of the couples that helps them to strengthen their relationship and adjust it when there come problems.

Is communication the most important thing in a relationship?

In relationships, communication is most important when both the partners are newly familiar with each other. As it is communication that helps to recognize each other beneath the surface. As they have spent significant time in a relationship, little gaps in communication will not affect the health of the healthy relationship.

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship when it is in the early stage. Once it gets going, it will not mind little spaces.

WHY is Communication Important in a Relationship - guide by relationcounseling.org

Why is communication important in a relationship?

Communication is important in a relationship because it develops mutual understanding among couples, helps to indicate the problems, provides the room to address those problems, develops intimacy and harmony, enhances the trust level and love and care, helps to share feelings, expectations, and opinions effectively and gives a sense of support.

#1 Develops mutual understanding.

Mutual understanding is the point where two different minds start to recognize each other even when they are not communicating. But first, it demands lots of communication to reach this point. 

It is communication that paves the path to mutual understanding. It provides room to understand each other from a better perspective and leads a hassle-free committed life. 

#2 Helps to indicate the relationship problems.

The course of relationships never runs smoothly. It has its own trials. Even ones who claim and vow not to be disputed in the relationship find it difficult to stand their vows. And it is natural. “Yes Man, Yes Mam” attitude can’t be consistent. 

Communication helps to indicate the relationship problems
Communication helps to indicate the relationship problems

There come occasions when one of the partners can lose his temper. There can be controversial issues among couples. But the relationship has to go on with its momentum. And this momentum is disrupted by lack of communication and can be healed with good sittings of communication.

These sittings of communication help to indicate the problems as in start we have learned how Mr. John shared the problem with his wife.

#3 Provides room to tackle the issues.

Good sittings of communication also provide room to tackle the issues and solve the problems . It is communication by which problems are indicated and, again; it is communication by which solutions to these problems are offered.

Communication provides room to tackle the issues
Communication provides room to tackle the issues

As Mr. John and her lady sat and dissuaded the issues. This discussion provided them with a good solution to the problem at work.

Communication to listen and understand is the best-hidden partner for the couples to cope with the riddles of life.

#4 Develops intimacy and harmony.

Intimacy and harmony are the ornaments of a relationship. Intimacy brings frankness to the relationship and harmony enhances this frankness to the level of soothness and solace.

Both of these traits can’t be adopted without enough communication. In intimacy, nonverbal communication has a big role. As the couples get harmony, body language and gestures speak louder than words.

#5 Enhances trust, love, and care.

Some people believe that physical intimacy is the most important thing in a relationship, but actually it’s not. These are trust, love, and care that fascinate the relationships. And these are dependent on healthy communication. The more healthy communication is, the more it strengthens the relationship.

Communication enhances trust, love, and care in a relationship
Communication enhances trust, love, and care in a relationship

Through communication, whether it is verbal or nonverbal, couples tell each other how important they are to each other. It is a medium to convey one’s feelings to the other. It enhances their trust in each other, which further leads to the special sentiments of love and care.

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#6 Helps to share feelings, expectations, and opinions.

Without telling each other, keep expecting is poison to the relationship. Sharing feelings and opinions to create convenience helps in understanding.

When one tells about his feelings and opinions to his partner, this attitude avoids the over expectations. Both of them become realistic and understand each other’s position.

#7 Provides a sense of support.

Mr. John wanted support from his wife. He got it through better communication. Mr. Harry was also seeking support, but he did not communicate accordingly. He failed to get the support of his wife.

Communication in a relationship provides a sense of support
Communication in a relationship provides a sense of support

It is through better communication by which one gets the support of his partner. Bad-tempered and egoist people expect others’ support without communication. This attitude is unrealistic. One has to be polite to get the support of his partner through communication. 

Healthy communication paves the route to developing a sense of support among partners.

#8 Nourishes the relationship.

If the relationship is healthy and strong enough, even then it needs timely nourishment to grow further.

Relationships get nourishment through proper communication. The rest of the traits and merits of a good relationship like love, care, affection, and intimacy come spontaneously when the relationship starts growing. All these traits and nourishment of the relationship depend on good communication.

Timely and proper sittings of communication keep nourishing the relationship and avoid the seeds of misunderstandings, suspicions, and over-expectations.

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All points in one picture by relationcounseling.org!

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Can lack of communication ruin a relationship?

Communication and connection go hand in hand in relationships. If the connection is healthy and strong among couples, a lack of communication will not ruin the relationship. If the bond of the relationship is not strong enough, or the relationship is already in a sensitive position, lack of communication will ruin it fully.

Can a relationship work without communication?

Can a relationship work without communication or not, it depends on the nature of the relationship, whether it has strong foundations of trust and understanding or is standing on the pillars of concerns and suspicions.

If it has strong foundations, even then a good connection is necessary to make it run smoothly. Totally indifference will not harm it with immediate effect, rather it will start eating its foundation gradually.

What do you do when your partner is not communicating?

If your partner is not communicating, make him indulge in the communication by discussing the topics that are favorable to him.

Usually, it happens that some people lack confidence. They are sure that they can’t express themselves properly. To them, it is appropriate to hold their mouth shut to avoid trouble.

What do you do when your partner is not communicating

There are also those who lack a sense of responsibility. To avoid the responsibilities, they avoid communication. As it is communication by which their sense of responsibility can be aroused.

To bring them on the track of communication, assigning them little household affairs or involving them in pieces of consultation will encourage them. Through this, they will get confidence and gradually develop a sense of responsibility.

Why do couples stop communicating?

Ego compels the couples to stop communication. “If she doesn’t care, why should I? If he is indifferent, why should I care?”

With such an attitude, relationships can’t work. Relationships demand selflessness, trustworthiness, and above all, ego-free attitudes.

Why do couples stop communicating - the importance of communication in a relationship

When there comes ego, the first thing to be disturbed is communication. As there come the gaps in communication, suspicions start breeding and developing. With their rise, we see the relationships’ demise.

What happens when you don’t communicate?

When you are in a relationship and you don’t communicate deliberately with each other, it means you are ready to endanger your relationship.

Big issues in relationships used to be small once. If we don’t nip those issues in the bud, by timely discussion, they can clean sweep the charms of the relationship.

If the relationship is a shady tree, the communication is air and water to it. If you bring big gaps in communication in the relationship, you are unknowingly breeding countless issues.


Communication is important in relationships. Communication to listen and understand is more important. Communication to detect and eradicate the relationship issues is the most important.

While communicating, the more you are soft in tone and polite in inquiries, the more you will get the results.

If you crave a healthful relationship, keep in contact with your lovely spouse or partner through effective communication.

If you still have questions about why communication is important in a relationship, you can ask me in the comment section.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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