Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is defined as a relationship in which both the partners are happy and satisfied with each other. It involves sound trust, deep respect, effective communication, and freedom. In a healthy relationship, power is shared and decisions are made without retaliation.

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Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Following are the characteristics of a healthy relationship . These characteristics are also signs of a healthy relationship. Considering these, you can judge whether you are enjoying a healthy relationship or not.

1) Sound Trust.

A good relationship runs on the fuel of trust. It is trust that assists the two bodies to become a whole. Deep trust in each other strengthens the bond of a relationship. In a perfect relationship, partners are above suspicions and doubts. They are open to each other and find the confidence to improve themselves individually. 1

Trust in a relationship means having deep faith in one’s partner’s loyalty and love. It is believed that they will not cheat and will always carry their words. In relationships, when it comes to trust, there is no difference between practice and receipt. “What is said, that is done. That is done, what was said” is the real example of belief in a relationship.

Deep trust is a sign of a healthy relationship
Deep trust is a sign of a healthy relationship

The main characteristic of a relationship is trust so it can’t work without it. Trust is the first condition to grow a relationship. When partners start relying on the accuracy of truthfulness, they actually start trusting each other and get the relationship going pleasantly.

Trust is important in a relationship, as it promotes the spirit of individual grooming. Having trust in partners means giving freedom to their persons. Being trusted means being a confident and independent individual. The more there is trust in a relationship, the more it will shine.

2) Deep Respect.

In a healthy relationship, each of the partners respects the other by giving value to their point of view and understanding the limitations. They treat each other in such a way in which they like to be treated. They honor the feelings of their partner and give prestige to their opinions by listening to them attentively. 2

Respect is important in a relationship as it makes the partners realize that they and their self-esteem are valued. Respecting in a marriage or relationship is giving priority and a sense of soothess to the inner nature of the partner. 

Respect is one of the primary characteristics of a healthy relationship
Respect is one of the primary characteristics of a healthy relationship

If we lay the very foundations of a relationship, the first two pillars are trust and respect. Respecting one another in a relationship enhances its durability and strengthens it above the doubts and suspicions.

You show respect in a relationship by valuing your partner. Treating the partner politely and never forsaking courtesy for them is respect. It means when one disagrees with their partner, even then coming with a cool mind and valuing their point of view is respecting them and it is the characteristic of a good relationship.

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3) Honesty and Devotion.

While in the relationship, being fair and clear in the practice and receipt is honesty. 

In a healthy relationship, partners display themselves as they are. Doubts, lying, and suspicions are far away from them. They have devotion for one another. They don’t assume things about each other. When the need emerges, they devote themselves to their partners by giving them a helping hand.

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4) Freedom.

Freedom in a relationship is a sense that allows you to think and act in a way as you are happy. It is the opposite of control.

Freedom in a relationship is one of the clear signs of a healthy relationship
Freedom in a relationship is one of the clear signs of a healthy relationship

In a healthy relationship, regarding freedom, partners can think of their own. They can act on their own. They are above the barriers of, “Do this and not that, do that and not this.”

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5) Equality.

Equality in a relationship means sharing the importance and value among partners. No one is dominant in power and decisions. Each of the partners has an equal opportunity to make their decisions and lives. The partners can have different interests and desires, equality is to respect and admire this particular individuality.

6) Sense of Responsibility.

Relationships are not just about physical intimacy. They are about sharing. In sharing “responsibility” is not irrespective.

In a healthy relationship, both partners have a sense of responsibility.

Sense of responsibility is another quality of a healthy relationship
A sense of responsibility is another quality of a healthy relationship

To lead a life, there are some necessities to be fulfilled. One partner can’t come up with all the duties. Both have to contribute to get the relationship going. 

Having a sense of these duties is a sense of responsibility. Having a sense of responsibility motivates you to accomplish the duties of life. When both the partners accomplish their shared responsibilities, the relationship becomes healthy.

7) Intimacy.

Intimacy is the beauty of a healthy relationship. It allows partners to come close emotionally and physically to share themselves openly. Intimacy is not granted; rather, it is achieved by being open, bold, polite, and courteous with the significant other in a relationship. 3

It can be developed as the relationship gets stronger and becomes the sound characteristic of a healthy relationship.

8) Inclusion.

Inclusion becomes the chief characteristic of a healthy relationship as it saves the partners from the repetition of the daily functioning of life which leads to boredom.

Inclusion paves the way for socialization. It allows the partners to enjoy themselves with their friends and family members voluntarily.

9) Mutual Understanding.

The backbone of a healthy relationship is mutual understanding. It makes the couples friendly and promotes an atmosphere of trust. As it lays down the strong foundations of an understanding of heart and mind, it is also an antidote to misunderstanding. 4

The backbone of a healthy relationship is mutual understanding
The backbone of a healthy relationship is a mutual understanding

Mutual understanding saves couples from conflicts and major concerns even when they are on different pages.

10) Effective Communication.

The course of relationships never runs smoothly, even for those that are considered healthy. There are misconceptions and concerns in relationships. The antidote to these misconceptions and concerns is effective communication.

Misunderstandings create cracks in the relationship. But those who are in a healthy relationship know how to remove these cracks with timely and effective communication.

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11) Encouragement and assistance.

Those who enjoy healthy relationships never forget to encourage their significant others. Spirit of encouragement helps to grow the relationship and individuality of the partners. Whenever a partner achieves something special or intends to achieve the other is shoulder by shoulder with their encouraging compliments.

Even if one of the partners needs a helping hand, the other is always willing for assistance. This supportive gesture of a healthy relationship gives the emotional assistance to get rid of work stress and paves the way to happiness.

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The characteristics of a healthy relationship revolve around the axis of happiness and satisfaction. Smiles on the faces of couples, their laughter, and their good gossip are evident in their sound and happy relationship.

Laying the very foundations of a healthy relationship on trust and love and running it with devotion, honesty, freedom, and intimacy makes it long-lasting. Mutual understanding and being helping hands to each other adds mirth to the functions of encouragement and assistance.

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