12 AUTHENTIC Signs He Wants You BADLY Sexually!

If he brings over mellowness in his every walk and talks towards you, it means he wants you badly sexually. You will find more sweetness in the way he interacts with you. He will try to make you smile. He would try to be interesting to you. By putting on good dresses, he would try to impress you. There would be puns in his eyes and words. He would try to insert some sensual words while talking to you.

If you notice deeply, he would not lose the single opportunity to touch you.

Signs He Wants You BADLY Sexually Quotes

Men have different tactics to attract women sexually. If a man is unmarried, he would try to appeal to women with his jolly and helping nature. While married men usually try to persuade women and get their sympathies by telling them about their tragic married life.

Here we are to discuss body language signs he wants you badly sexually.

12 Authentic Signs He Wants You BADLY Sexually

1. Best impressions to impress.

These are gestures and impressions that are utilized to impress others. The more these are charming and appealing the more these enhance the chances of success.

As he wants you badly sexually, he would adorn himself with the best impressions to impress you. And as a matter of fact, man can do everything for two things. First, to alleviate his hunger, second, to quench his lusty thirst.

man can do everything for sex
man can do everything for sex

People are attracted to those who have something special in them. At least something. 

So even if he lacks good looks, he would try to adorn himself to look presentable. As you notice, he is working on his impressions or even if he sets his hair again and again; it means he wants you. And wants you sexually.

2. Display of Impressions.

As he wants you badly sexually, he would try to impress you by displaying his best impressions. Until you don’t respond, all his efforts are futile. He would try to win your response and for it, first of all, he would utilize his good impressions. 

Good impressions mean he would appeal to your aesthetic sense and will also try to be in your good books as early as possible.

Body language is considered the first language when we are to convey our message. He can be a bit nervous, but there will only be one goal behind all his efforts and it is to impress you at every cost.

3. Sweet mellowness in walks and talks.

While he wants you sexually, he would not ask you directly. He would convey his message through his walks and talks. 

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As he finds a chance, he would desperately walk to you to have your close glimpse. He would bring all the sweetness under his tongue while discussing with you.

Sweet mellowness in walks and talks is the sign he wants you sexually
Sweet mellowness in walks and talks is the sign he wants you sexually

His over-politeness and extra courtesy can be noted when he talks to you. Even unconsciously, he can go to the point of flattering.

4. Gaze and Glances.

At first, he would just try to pretend that he sees you as casually. There is nothing special. 

It means he would try to conceal his feelings, but as the time passes, you would notice that he is gazing at you and as he gets eye contact with you, he abruptly starts to look elsewhere. 

But it would not last long. Soon he would start gazing at you openly. Not only your face but also your feminine physique would attract him more and you would notice that most of the time he is having his eyes “there”.

5. His priority is your company.

To have your company will be his priority. 

You will notice that whenever he is with you, he is happy and pleasant. The more he stays with you, the more he will crave to spend time with you. 

His priority is your company as he wants you sexually
His priority is your company as he wants you sexually

In your company again, he would target your feminine beauty. He would find something more charming in you that would make him helpless and he would unconsciously gaze at that again and again. 

In the early days, he can be puzzled, but gradually he will be jolly and frank in all his actions.

6. Generosity in Dealings. 

He will try to be generous in his dealings with you both monetarily and morally. He would be willing to spend money on you. On the other hand, you would notice his helping hand whenever you need it. He will lose no chance to interact and touch you and for it, he will always be indulged to find a chance.

Even if he is not generous, to you he will be. For you, he will show that you are more important than your wealth.

7. Encouraging Compliments.

Even if you don’t deserve it, he would be there with encouraging compliments for you. He would tell you that you are looking sexy whenever you dress up nicely. He would admire your smile. Even he would be ready to lay down his life on the way you walk.

He would tell you that your laugh can light up the room. He will also find suitable words to admire your nature.

You will get Encouraging Compliments
You will get Encouraging Compliments

Humans like admiration irrespective of gender and he will surely use this tool to impress you as without impressing you he can’t access your person.

Encouraging compliments are the best tools to pursue people. If he wants to talk with you, he would admire your voice and also your way of talking.

So if he wants you badly sexually, be ready. He would come with many encouraging compliments.

8. Jealousy and Envy.

Men can’t stand sharing their favorite things and persons. It is a sure sign that whenever you will be there among different people, especially men, he will be jealous and he will also have envy for those men.

For him, you are not only in the concrete world; you are also there in his imaginative world. You are also there in his dreams and his dreams, there is no one who is a rival or 3rd person. 

Same he wants with naked eyes. You and just you. For him and only for him. 

Even if some other fellow glances at you with lust, he will not be able to conceal his jealousy and envy.

9. Pretend to be Sober and Decent.

Even if he is not cool-tempered, he would pretend to be sober and decent. He would pretend that whatever situation comes, he can handle it sensibly.

He would try to display self-control. Besides pretending soberness, he will also come with a decent personality. 

Pretend to be Sober and Decent
Pretend to be Sober and Decent

For it, he will try to put up decent dresses and cool combinations. He will also try to make his voice sexy while talking to you. You can clearly judge that it’s not the original one, rather he is acting. 

He would not be hasty while he is with you. He would show and display the calmness in his person, as he knows most of the women like sober and decent fellows instead of flamboyant nature.

10. Comic and Jolly.

There can also be another side of this picture. 

Men pursue women with their comic and jolly dealings. And as a matter of fact, everybody wants to laugh and smile. The man who makes a woman smile and laughs gets closer to her and finds a core place in her heart. 

Comic and Jolly is another sign
Comic and Jolly is another sign

Somehow, you would notice that he is also applying this trick to you. With his talks and walks, he would try to ensure that he had a good sense of humor.

Usually, single men use this tool to access their favorite women. As he comes with it, his pleasant personality would occupy your heart and that’s what he wants.

As he wants you badly sexually, he would find a way through your heart.

11. Priority in texts and calls and flirting.

The way of communication has changed to a large extent in the modern-day world. Those who are in priority stay connected to social media while text messages and voice calls are always at hand. You and that particular “He” are no exception to this change in a social scenario.

As you have become his priority, as he wants you badly sexually, he will try to stay connected with you. He would reply to your text messages immediately. If he calls you, he would try to make the conversation long. During the call, he will try to flirt with you. He will use some sensual tone and words. 

Here, he will admire your feminine physique and traits. He will try to indulge you in sexy conversation.

12. Gifts and Presents.

He would certainly not come with an open mouth to ask that he badly wants to have sex with you. He will convey his words through his feelings. And his feelings would be described by his gestures. 

Gifts and presents can be a sign he disparately wants you sexually
Gifts and presents can be a sign he disparately wants you sexually

And then his gestures would become friendly to be more close to you. As he gets close to you, he will give you some gifts and presents. Through his gifts and presents, he will convey his message about sex. 

Maybe you would be surprised to know that most of the gifts would be expensive. It will be his way of telling you that he doesn’t care to spend money on you.

What’s next if he wants you badly sexually?

We have covered almost all the possibilities that can be the signs that he wants you badly sexually.

One more thing, love isn’t just spiritual. Sex can also be the start of love. Love is in touch. If someone gets addicted to your touch, he just can’t live without you. 

So one’s deep desire to have sex is not a bad thing in itself. Just the element of selfishness should not be there. If you find him a good guy, you can start your love journey with him.

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