How to Tell Someone You LOVE Them Without Saying It? !!

There are two ways to tell someone you love them. First, say it verbally. Second, display your feelings of love to them.

As you are not willing to describe your love in words, there remain the body and love languages to tell them you love them without saying it.

“Love is about feelings and feelings are to tell, ” some are of the view and they are right in their opinion. “Love is an action, and action is to perform, “others state staunchly, and they are not wrong too.

As you don’t want to communicate your love through words, there remains the view of the second school of thought. And it is, you have to perform love through your actions and body language.

When you take and give love in the form of action, it becomes logical and sounds pleasant. Saying someone, “I love you” without loving gestures, is like having a photo of honey, considering it yummy.

To describe the love emotions to someone in words is good, but to show someone you love them by your actions and reactions is the best and most commendable gesture.

By considering the word” love” as an action and by performing this word through your actions and body language, you can tell someone you love them without saying it.

Just to say “I love you” without sweet gestures and body language can’t be fascinated. Little acts of love and care make a man feel special and those who know how to make others feel special become more awesome.

Love in action is better than love in intention.

Love is a will that, at first, is in intention. If it stays in intention for a long time, it will lose its enthusiasm and charm. To nurture itself, love demands a proper means of expression. The more it gets nourishment through actions, the more it becomes sweet and stronger.

Love isn’t just about intentions that are in our minds and heart, love is about actions that we perform in our daily life.

Love in intention is useless to love, as it makes you sluggish and cowardly. Real love is always visible and dominant in actions. To like someone is an intention. 

To love someone and express it with words is also an intention, as you are doing nothing to make the person realize that you love him. You only want to make him believe by words that you love him. It will work, but it is not durable. 

The truth of love is in loving actions. The more you become loving, helping, and caring, the more you will be able to make others believe that you love them.

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How to Tell Someone You LOVE Them Without Saying It - guide

How to express love without saying it?

Our actions, our words, and our tones reflect our emotions. Whether we are loving someone or are having to loathe for others, both are evident in our actions, words, and tones.

If you have concerns about telling someone you love them in polite words and sweet tones, you can choose to love actions. These loving and caring actions will work more than polite words and sweet tones.

Spending quality time with them, being there as a helping hand when the need arises, and through the display of loving and caring gestures, you can tell someone you love them without saying it.

We love the company of those whom we like the most. Giving time to such people becomes our priority. It is not just because we want to make them realize that we are giving them preference. It is also because in their company our restless concerns are alleviated.

The heart is there, where there is a crush. And one can’t stand without his heart that is actually his will. So being in the company of your crush is a natural phenomenon.

how to tell someone you like them without saying it - Guide

While in the company of your crush, spend quality time. Make yourself attractive and bring some charm to your personality. The way of talking should be appealing. Have lots of conversations with comic aspects so that your crush may not be bored.

Giving someone a helping hand continuously assures them that you take care of them. It makes them realize that you think about them and want them to be tension free. It is human character to remember those who assist them when they are in need. Once you earn a chapter in the good books of your crush, there will be chance they will start thinking about you. 

While thinking about you, they would come to know all your assistance while they were in need. It is something that will make them realize that you have been indulging yourself in doing something special for them. And everyone knows that those who do special things each and every time for a particular fellow have feelings for them.

We often read and hear that actions speak louder than words. So is the case with loving and caring gestures. You can tell someone you love them without saying it through your loving and caring gestures.

In daily life, one needs the other on many occasions. Being there while they are in need and offering them help more than one time will convey to them that there is something special in the loving and caring gestures of yours.

Asking them if they need something, inquiring if they have reached home safely, smiling and crying with them, showering them with timely appreciation, doing something special for them off and on, adopting some of their hobbies, giving them sweet and cute names, sending sweet messages, respecting their parents and family, giving them pleasant surprises and romantic presents and taking care of them when they are unwell are some loving and caring gestures by which you can tell someone you love them without saying it.

It is not weird to tell someone you love them without saying it through your loving and caring gestures. It is easier, as by it you don’t have to face the fear of rejection. You are loving and loving openly. There is not any embarrassment, there is not any chance to lose them and above all, you are making them addicted to your person in such a way that one day they themselves will tell you that you are special to them and they can’t help living without you.

To express your love without words, all you need is to carry it on through your actions. The more you are active in your loving actions and caring gestures, the more you will occupy their mind and heart. The only condition is not to get disappointed when something goes wrong, rather add more honey to your nonverbal love.

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