When your husband ignores you, do 8 simple things!

When your husband ignores you, don’t be disheartened. Rather, start examining your verbal and body language and looks. Reconsider your duties as a wife. Put ego aside and start loving and caring for him more than ever.

You are sensible enough to understand that there come ups and downs in relations. One should not be disheartened or bad-tempered; rather, things should be examined sensibly to put the train of relation back on the track of normal functioning.

For this, first of all, be critical of yourself while answering the question, “If I have been changed in my inner and outer looks?” 

Ponder over the question, be realistic and critical of yourself, and give yourself an authentic logical answer.

If your answer is “yes” or is “so so”, then your own change can be the reason behind this issue. If your answer is no, as we are hoping, there can be other reasons too behind his ignoring attitude towards you.

Find out the if husband ignores me when I talk
Find out the if husband ignores me when I talk

To go for the solution, first, it would be appropriate to find out the reason for his ignoration.

For the wife, it becomes more painful when one’s long-married husband starts ignoring her.

At one point in life, she used to be an apple of her husband’s eyes and now he considers her an apple of discord at home.

Before going to causes, be sure, is he literally ignoring you? Which were the actions and activities, walks, and talks by which you got that he is ignoring you?

When your husband ignores you - 8 Things to Do

1) Be realistic in your judgment.

There come times in life when men are disturbed by the issues at the workplace or with other nondomestic affairs and to stay their families away from the tensions they don’t share the tough goings with them.

Though they try to hide their emotions, yet they are revealed unconsciously by their gestures.

In such cases, they are engaged in their own thoughts and the family members, especially wives, start thinking that they are ignoring them.

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It would be an excellent idea to be confirmed in this regard whether your husband is having such tough goings or not.

Be realistic in your judgment when your husband is ignoring you
Be realistic in your judgment when your husband is ignoring you

To confirm it, you can directly ask him, but be polite in your inquiry. If he hesitates, you can offer him help.

In this regard, a short sitting of good conversation would be enough to be crystal clear on the issue. If he acknowledges that he is not ignoring rather, he is disturbed or is not feeling comfortable by some tough going, that’s fine. 

The matter is resolved. The only to do is to judge it on the scale of truth. And then the problem is solved before it started.

If he creates a bumble or tries to escape from the situation, detect the point there is something wrong.

Though all are speculations yet these speculations would assist in finding the reason behind his ignoration.

2) Take a look at your ins and outs of yourself.

Well, he is ignoring you. Anyway, a question arises here. Are you responsible for this ignoration or not. Finding the answer is very important. And you can find it in being accountable to yourself. Be fair and sincere and face the questions to get rid of your husband’s ignorance.

Realistic answers to these questions would make you know whether he is justified in his behavior or not.

✍Did you hurt him last week, last fortnight, or the preceding month?
✍Was there an unpleasant event between you people which could not be concluded in a happy mood?
✍What kind of tone have you been using in the preceding month?
✍Did you discourage him from some new project or because of some shared matter?
✍Has there been any change that was unlike to normal functioning of life?
✍Have you been loving and caring for him as usual during the last month?

The list of questions can last longer but above mentioned are sufficient to alleviate your concern.

Ponder over the questions again and again and try to recollect, had there been something wrong with you?

If being a wife, you have not been able to justify your duties toward your husband, even then, we have to go for the solution.

We just can’t allow your husband to ignore a beautiful lady like you. You deserve dedication, and you should be given dedication. In your ins and outs, another vital thing is your appearance.

How many chances are there of ignoration of beauty? Even if there are, they are low in percentage.

Take a look at your ins and outs of yourself
Take a look at your ins and outs of yourself

Beauty gets notice of its own. And it becomes almost impossible to ignore beauty. Looks matter and matter on a large scale. If you are getting tension and have become out of the figure, just don’t do it to yourself.

First, take good care of yourself. It is you and the only you who will have to make things good.

Men are appealed by beauty. Your man is no exception.

Beauty does not mean having a beautiful face or wearing good layers of makeup. It means a beautiful and well-figured physique with coquetry in walks and talks. Though to some, it may sound strange, but as a matter of fact, maintaining a good physique helps in maintaining the relationship with the husband.

There is no doubt about the fact that things of beauty get attention on their own. They don’t have to ask for attention.

3) Develop intimacy and say “Yes”

Intimacy in marriage saves from dullness and boredom. In marriage, it develops acceptance, trust, and understanding. It is also the best way to associate with your husband emotionally.

From romance to emotional intimacy, all would make you more dedicated to your husband. Developing intimacy makes the spouses attractive to each other. It fades away the tragic faces and boredom of the daily work and paves the road to the valley of dedication and care.

Developing intimacy would win you your husband’s attention.

People who possess jolly nature and know the means to make others cheerful are more popular not only in social scenarios but also in their homes.

Develop intimacy and say “Yes”
Develop intimacy and say “Yes”

Besides intimacy, develop the habit of saying “yes” to your husband unless he asks for some immoral act. Your “yes” would make him habitual of your person. All his tasks would start revolving around you.

During this week, say yes as much as possible to your husband.
What he urges you to do for him if not unethical, illicit, or life-threatening, say “yes”. Give him a wholehearted, enthusiastic and eager “yes”!

Here’s the trick for you. Might be you have been saying “no” to him for so long, and now your husband is scared to ask anything of you anymore. He might be so revoked from your predictable “no” answers that now he does not even request an invitation.

And you consider it that he is ignoring you. If the case is so, you can offer “a yes.”

Here is an example, “Honey, listen, I remember how you wanted me over and over to visit deep-sea for fishing with you?

Well, I would like you to realize that if you suggest it once more, I would certainly come up with “yes.” And you know that, in fact, I possess the boat captain’s number and we are free on coming Saturday.

If you would like to go right away, I would be pleased and indebted to your love. Anyway, there’s no pressure. I preferred you to realize that I have been thinking for you.”

Then kiss him, slide the phone number into his front pocket of his pants, if your hand goes deep it would be more valuable, and then leave the place. If you flirt with him meanwhile, your “yes” will be more plausible and believable.

As you start saying yes, I can do it for you, he would start depending on you. And it is roughly impossible to neglect the person by whom; one’s necessities are being fulfilled.

4) Assist him without asking.

Men are different in nature. There are some who hardly ask for assistance, even in their own homes.

They consider it against their manly manners to ask for help. To them, being men, they are capable of doing everything and they don’t need any help. But as a matter of fact, it is not. Everybody needs a helping hand. And the helping hand that assists without asking becomes more valuable.

You know, though, voices are submerged in the same echo, yet those who call and help in different styles stay remembered.

You are the second half of the whole of your husband. Even if he doesn’t ask, he needs you off and on. Hunt for the occasions and be there to give him a helping hand. It would enhance your importance and he would not be able to ignore you.

5) Attention comes natural not by force.

We just can’t force anybody to give us attention. One just can’t beg that, for heaven’s sake, don’t ignore me. It is up to us to make ourself such a valuable person, which can’t be ignored. These are only we who can make us important. It seems quite absurd to ask the spouse to give attention.

Attention comes natural not by force
Attention comes natural not by force

Being a wife, you deserve attention, and you should be given too. Between spouses, if one is ignoring the other, it comes first to find out the reasons and eradicate them. In this regard, being accountable to oneself would be enough to find out the reasons. And working in this regard would alleviate the concern to a large extent.

Use your womanly traits and be strong in them. Your husband would not ignore you rather, he would start giving you attention.

6) First, give then take.

What we want from others same they want from us. If we wish to be valued and cared for, then we will have to give them respect and care. Similarly, if we don’t want to be ignored, we should not ignore them first.

Try to give as much priority to your husband as possible. Put him first. Everything that you want your husband to do for you, start doing it for him. It will take a little bit of time, but he will surely be attracted to you. Little actions of love and care render big rewards.

First, give then take when your husband ignores you
First, give then take when your husband ignores you

As he comes from work, be there to welcome him back. Offer him something to drink. Ask him to take a rest. Make your tongue sweet while asking him about his day. If he is worried or disturbed, encourage him.

Be his true companion. Instead of becoming his responsibility, be his assistant. At least at home having you, he should be tension free. You should be such a blessing for him without whom he would not imagine his life.

Men become habitual instantly. If you make him your habitual, it would be all fruit for you.

7) Work on his recharge box.

Some certain activities make us recharged. Man to man they vary. These activities help us in regaining our energies and strengths.

You need to take this point more seriously. Returning from whole days’ work and toil makes us weary and stale. We can’t be the same energetic after working hours as we are after taking a rest.

When your husband comes back home, he is tired. He needs some rest. He needs his energy box to be recharged.

Find out your husband’s special easy box he uses for recharging. Here are
some directions to find out this important information:

✍ If he is given thirty minutes of dead time, what would he like to do?
✍ If he were provided a full day off, where would he like to go?
✍ What does he like to do when he is stressed?
✍ What does he like to watch on TV when he is relaxing? (Sports? Adventures? Movies?

Note all these points assist him in his recharge box.

You have to get attention from your husband. For this, you will have to make him attentive.

Removing all his concerns make him easy and smile so that he may start counting you matter and matter on a large scale.

8) One last thing.

After working on all the above-mentioned points to make him more attentive whenever he is recharged and in a fresh mood, sit beside him and say, “Your attention is everything to me. What I want from you is attention. Your minor acts of love and care, your encouragement for me, and even your smile for me matter a lot to me.”

your smile for me matter a lot to me
your smile for me matters a lot to me

Say it and then go back to your room or work. Repeat it once or twice a week. Meanwhile, love and care, politeness, and courtesy should always be with you as your tools to get the attention of your husband.

In short, be special to him by bringing and doing special things for your husband. Special people never get ignored, rather; they are those who get more attention.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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