Now, Your Husband Will Not Make You Feel Bad About You!

Why my husband makes me feel bad about myself??
Why my husband makes me feel inferior??
Why my partner behaves in an angry mood??

These are the often asked questions by females. The answer is simple: he is doing so because he is going through a superiority complex. Emotionally, he feels no guilt and blames you for everything.

Having no compassion and empathy from him, what you possess is just sadness and loneliness. His blaming and abusive behavior hurts you and your emotional pain becomes intensive.

He is of the view that he is way better than you, so he deserves better. In search of perfection, he finds fault in everything that you do. His negative feelings for you kill the emotional and physical intimacy.

This stressful scenario breeds domestic violence and makes the relationship unhealthy, which further leads to complete destruction. You are usually experiencing rude and indifferent behavior that kills your emotions. 

Your days and nights are teemed with sorrow. What’s going on with you is not good enough, rather terrible and can’t be justified in any sense of the world.

But wait!

Life is a blessing. It is not to be ruined by sorrows and hurting yourself. Being a living being to have happiness, self-worth and mental soothness is our basic right. 

If we are not having it, the game is not over. We have to have it by reasonable means. Instead of being ruled by the emotional state, we should look for the means to overcome the miserable stuff of our lives.

Nothing is impossible in this world. With determination and constant struggle, we can win the race. While, first of all, it is hope that we have to stay alive. Hope is the starting point of the race to solve every riddle in the world. 

Understanding Human Psychology 

So is the case with humans. They are not less than a riddle.

A human being in its biological, as well as psychological form, is a complex phenomenon. With its likings and dislikings, it differs from its companions. Aspirations, ambitions, and priorities create more distance among human beings.

First, we need to accept that we are different in our approach and aptitude. Our approach and aptitude become our nature and nature is a thing that becomes the axis of our actions and activities. Even feelings and sentiments are dependent on our nature.

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First, understand human psychology to see why your husband makes you feel bad about yourself
First, understand human psychology to see why your husband makes you feel bad about yourself

By nature, there are a few who are normal beings, the rest are suffering from a complex, either it is superior or inferior. These complexes lead to failure and downfall makes the relationships toxic. 

If not adjusted, these can create complete destruction by making the relationship abusive. In relationships or household affairs, these poisons give birth to slow death.

If a partner is suffering from a superiority complex, suppose its husband definitely he is going to make his wife feel bad for herself or create the circumstances that will compel her to feel inferior. 

It is obviously a vulnerable condition in a relationship. If timely cure and counseling are not possible, break up, or divorce will soon happen.

To tackle the bad-tempered and complex-natured people, we have to admit that nobody is perfect. Definitely, there are flaws and drawbacks in everyone. Some are socially manipulative while others prefer isolation when they face disappointment. 

Man is a hard iron in its nature and hard iron can’t be molded without putting it in the kiln. So is the case with human nature. We can’t mold it without the heat of love and care. 

If we shall try to mold him forcefully, definitely, we are going to harm it. Hence, the importance of love and care can’t be neglected.

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What to do if my husband makes me feel bad about myself?

Certain steps and points can be helpful in this regard.

Be diplomatic in approach

First, you need to be a bit diplomatic. Believe me; your little diplomacy can change the whole scenario for you. And one more thing, if you want to make your life easy, happy, comfortable, and full of love with your husband be diplomatic by putting your ego aside and be fascinated by the miracle. So if you mold yourself a little bit, it’s not going to be a bad option. 1

Descending one step down from your present position to jump for your happiness and satisfaction is not a big price to pay.

Be diplomatic in your approach so that your husband does not make you feel bad about yourself
Be diplomatic in your approach so that your husband does not make you feel bad about yourself

You need to be important and vital for your desired person. Make his life easy with your love and care. Soon, he is going to be habitual of your politeness. 

When he becomes habitual, let me assert he can’t survive without you. And it’s the triumph for which you paid nothing but took aside a little part of your ego.

Actually, it comes naturally to men that they consider themselves superior and exceptional. They can be destroyed but can’t be defeated. They hate controlling relationships and controlling spouses. Family members are no exception too.

But love is the only thing that can make him a candle, and then this candle produces the glow of more love and care for his partner.

If you wish to be loved and overlooked, then give these two to your partner. Though it will take time yet ultimately, you are going to have your desired results.

Watch Your Behaviour

Another suggestion is, don’t act in such a mood in which you don’t want to be treated. If you face critical reactions to your good actions and deeds, even then, holding for some more days will not be a bad option. 

But hold doesn’t mean just hold it means acquiring new diplomatic things to trap his attention. You have to consider new options if the existing ones are not paying back.

Go against your nature for a while

Above mentioned steps are not easy to take. To put one’s self-esteem aside is not an effortless task to accomplish. Then, being the primary cause for your failure, your ego is also there to detain the way of your pleasures and happiness.

We should agree that we are different. Our activities and reactions are different. We are different in love and loathe. 

Go against your nature for a while
Go against your nature for a while

Above all, we are different in our behaviors. And here is the point from where tension starts. We want to be treated in the way we like instead of considering the position of the person who behaves. 

When it happens, we get hurt. 

And matter does not stay still. We create a ghost of misunderstanding in our minds that is fed by our overthinking, speculation, and negativity. 

As it becomes a giant, we move towards the ultimate failure. It is the point where we have to control. 

Otherwise, we are suffering from major emotional chaos, and then there will definitely be no one who will take care of us. We have to admit, that nature smiles with happy people. It never shed tears with the sorrowful ones.

One should hold the bravery to deal with the difficulties as well as to tackle the bad times.

If your man is doing wrong and you abruptly bounce back, “What the hell? You are wrong!” It’s not going to fix the relationship issues. 

Rather it will make him rude and stubborn in his statement. The right way is to take some time instead of an instant reaction. 

Let the time adjust it

The listener considers the way and tune by which we express ourselves. If the tune is harsh and body language is rude, no one will access our words to the auditory system rather; he will stamp our action in his mind. 

So in response to rude behavior, we need to show courtesy. Though it seems difficult to perform yet, it can be fruitful in results.

Let the time cure it & your husband will stop making you feel bad about yourself
Let the time cure it & your husband will stop making you feel bad about yourself

If you can’t practice the above, then wait before showing any response. Wait just for ninety seconds. These ninety seconds can be very handy in controlling yourself. 

Time is the best adjustment to many of the issues between husband and wife. Holding for ninety seconds, you have almost done your job. Now you are out of that sudden burst and can deal in a better way.

Burying the anger gives birth to love

These are some keys to unlocking the door of your beloved’s heart and taking the best from it. These little strategies and little politics are going to be very vital in making your love life smooth and happy.

And above all, one more thing. Relations are not machines to replace. 

Relations are emotions. We should repair our relations to keep the vehicle of life going instead of changing the vehicle on every minor fault because the vehicle that moves needs repairing from time to time.

Domestic Help. ⚠️

If the relationship has become vulnerable and you are facing incessant verbal and physical abuse, it will be appropriate to seek domestic violence support. Visit this page for the national domestic violence hotline to tackle abusive behavior.


Husband and wife are two tires of relation vehicle. If they are operating together, the vehicle is running fine but if one is causing some problem, the vehicle may lose balance and fall down.

Out of many problems that can affect the relationship, is a superiority complex. This can ruin the relationship forever. 

But don’t worry, if your husband makes you feel bad about yourself, follow the above steps and feel the changes.

If you hold any confusion, reach out to us by commenting on your query or follow up at [email protected]

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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