15 Clever tips to give her space but still, show you care!

It would be appropriate to define “space” before coming to your question, “How to give her space still showing that you care?”

Space in a relationship means “to give priorities to your personal and private issues without involving your partner.

When the relationship becomes a race that makes you out of breath, at that time, it’s space that assists you in catching the breath.”

It helps you reinvigorate yourself and move forward with more zeal and zest.

Space is the break in the relationship. It’s not the breakup.

As the break from work refreshes, the same is the case with space in the relationship. It helps one to be with oneself all in all. Space in a relationship assists in spending time according to one’s own will.

The daily routine of work from day to day makes us weary and stale. We want a break so that we may get refreshed physically and mentally.

Furthermore, it helps us resume the work with more energy, interest, and enthusiasm.

Humans, especially men, tend to have change. The normal functioning of the partnership and domestic life creates boredom for them.

This boredom further leads to a bad temper that makes the relationship vulnerable, and it reaches the edges of chaos.

We need to understand feelings, especially in a relationship, are not permanent. They change from time to time according to our mood.

feelings change from time to time according to our mood
feelings change from time to time according to our mood

All days can not be jubilant. All nights are not mourning.

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The passion you have for the eternity of the relationship has no guarantee of destination. And the boredom in the relationship that you are having now will not last forever too.

Regarding feelings, nothing is permanent.

The behaviors of our folks and dear and near ones create our feelings toward them. As their behaviors change, our sentiments also move to abrupt changes.

So, the point is that if you prefer to give her space with pretending love and care, we appreciate your approach.

It will help if you do not do it in a “burn the boats” manner. Pass the jam sensibly. It would also give you time to reconsider your decisions and priorities.

If you literally desire to take a side, then a diplomatic approach would be a better option.

How to give her space but still show you care? 14 Clever Tips by relationcounseling.org

We recommend you the following points to realize that you still want her, but actually, you are in favor of space.

Prepare yourself mentally.

You want to give her space, but at the same time, you want to show her that you care. For it, you need to be prepared mentally that you have to use your acting skills. 

If you are already good enough in it, that’s good, but if you lack, then try to be prepared for homework that you have to do to be one accord with your verbal and body language. We mean rehearsal would be better as it makes the man perfect in his doings. 

Read all the text and don’t miss even a single point for the best results.

Be diplomatic or tactful.

The first thing that is mother to all other points is the adoption of diplomacy.

Here diplomacy means “to handle her with your mind, not with the heart. Be materialistic instead of the apostle of love.”

Diplomacy is the basic necessity if you wish to pretend things.

And here, you are assigned to present the things as they were before but actually be away from being emotional.

Don’t change the behavior.

Your behavior with her should not be changed. Prior, if, it was bad, make it a little bit good now.

Remember, we said just a little bit. It is because she may not be suspicious about the sudden change.

Behavior change is the notable feature that is detected first when someone wants to check you out. So, carefully watch your changing behavior. A clear notice in behavior might disturb your relationship with her.

Don’t change the behavior! She will notice you are giving her space
Don’t change the behavior! She will notice you are giving her space

Don’t disrupt normal functioning.

Here, normal functioning means that your routine should not be changed. Be there at the time, along with things and gestures with which you were ever before.

Your walk and talk, your breakfast, your lunch, dinner even your in and out should be the same at first when you intend to give her space with showing that you still care.

Produce communication gap gradually.

Where communication is the key to the union, there communication gap leads to separation.

You need to be tactful while producing the communication gap. It should not be abrupt in nature rather, create it step by step. Gradually make a communication gap and sooner it will become routine.

To minimize the talk, try to decrease your dialogues.

When you have enough practice of it, you can postpone the discussion to tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, further, can be replaced by “some other occasion.” But remember, it will take its time to be effective. Time can last from some days to a few weeks.

Start with the same walk and talk.

As only you understand that you want to give her space so she mustn’t get off your intentions even a least.

Your walk and talk should not be changed in the early days of your procession.

Start with the same walk and talk to give her space
Start with the same walk and talk to give her space

After some days, bring a little bit of change regarding your walk and talk. For example, gradually you can start to be unresponsive to your behavior. It will give her time to look for other means of engagement.

Engage her with her friends and dear and near ones.

You should create room so that she may have more possibilities to spend her time with her friends, chums, near and dear ones, and even with family.

This particular tactic of yours would give her chances to spend more time with those guys and she will not be in a position to complain to you rather she will have an apologetic tone.

Be courageous in her new daily affairs.

While she is busy with new activities, it’s up to you to show her to assure her that you don’t have any problem with her new to-do schedule.

You should be helping hand to her with every task in which there are chances that she is going away from you. 

Be courageous in her new daily affairs and give her space with time
Be courageous in her new daily affairs and give her space with time

You can buy her and her friends the movie tickets if you afford, book a place for her in one of her favorite restaurants.

You can also persuade her to exchange gifts with her friends.

It would help her to find more space and occupy more importance among her friends.

Pretend to be busy in a polite manner.

If she complains that you are not giving her time, pretend to be busy. But be sure your helping hand should be with her but without you. Help her in such a way that you don’t have to accompany her.

This diplomatic tactic will make her feel that even if you are not with her, still you are loving and caring.

Stop initiating things.

Now it’s time to stop initiating things in every department of life.

As you intend to go away from her, starting new things would mean to her that you want a long-lasting relationship with her.

Bring variety in dealings.

The phenomenon of expectations is different from men to women.

Women want the initial and continuous passion in a relationship, while men don’t want repetition.

They always look for new and initiative things.

So now little change in your behavior would make her feel that she is comfortable with her friends and it is nice to have fun with friends.

Admire her friends and family.

Now it would be appropriate to make her feel that she is blessed with the best friends and family in the world. Here family means her parental near and dear ones.

During your admiring words, be a little bit flattery, but look realistic in your approach too. Don’t try to overact in their regard.

If it is possible, prepare yourself for the conversation that you intend to have with her.

Select a special one among her friends.

You should select a special one among her friends to describe his good manners and charms so that she may start feeling for him. It would demand some repetition, nevertheless.

Keep in mind that he should be good in the sense of manners and personality, if not best.

Select a special one among her friends to give her space and show your care
Select a special one among her friends to give her space and show your care

Try to admire him whenever you get a chance. You can even suggest her to give him a present. It will work. She would be attracted toward him and there are chances he may also consider her.

This is one of the handiest tactics to give her space but still show you care about her.

The point to remember.

What we have mentioned is a series of activities. You should not miss even a single. Even you should not disturb their sequence. Because doing against the expert’s approach may not bring you the desired results.

Though it will take time yet, it’s not the long bumpy ride. 

It is the best script, but as for as its performance is concerned, it is up to you how you utilize your acting skills.

Have faith in yourself and just start it. You would not be disappointed.

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Taking a step back from any relationship is not easy, especially when you still care about her. It can also vanish your relationship completely if you don’t do it in the right way.

But do not worry, follow the 15 above steps and trust the procedure. These steps will assist you in giving your girlfriend space while staying around to show care.

If you enjoyed reading the guide, you can check out our other guides to build up your relation psychology.

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