My Wife is always irritated with me! (4 Ways to overcome)

Your wife gets irritated because she is not comfortable living with you. Unfortunately, living conditions and standards are not up to her mark.

She finds a hell of a difference between her imaginative, happy married life and the life she is having with you. As she could not find a proper way to flow her heartaches, now, her irritation has become semi-aggressive.

Living against her will for a considerable time and doing things against her nature have made her irritated. She tried to control her aggression, but somehow she failed. In return, you are observing a part of aggression in her irritation.

The situation is quite vulnerable. It is the relation disorder, not the disease, and the relations are managed but not cured. To get rid of her irritation first, you will have to eradicate the causes of the irritation. Once you root out the causes, half of the problem is solved.

find out why is my wife always irritated with me
find out why is my wife always irritated with me

It means that now this disorder will not grow further. Rooting the causes out means to stop the issue from growing. Once the growth is stopped, there comes the stage to work on rehabilitation. And in relationship problems, eradication of the causes is half of the rehabilitation.

Usually, rooting out the causes and rehabilitation go hand in hand.

As we have mentioned that in relations, just eradicate the causes of the problems and you are almost problem-free.

Consider the following points. These would help you in the better adjustment in the relationship with your wife.

Why is my wife always irritated with me - guide by

1) Reconsider your promises.

After spending considerable time with each other, married men want changes in their lives, while women still crave the vintage walks and talks that were before marriage or in the early days of marriage.

Though change feels good but as for as relations are concerned, wives can’t stand even a nail-like change in the dealings of their husbands, they want their husbands as they used to be (the best ones).

If you used to say to her, “love you, honey,” you will have to say it now too.

If you used to cuddle her, you have to do it from time to time. Everything that was between you people in the early days of your relationship, particularly those whom she loved and liked the most, you have to repeat them.

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You have to look for the things that you used to do to make her happy.

Reconsider your promises to make her happy
Reconsider your promises to make her happy

Change in itself is not a bad thing. It depends on the person for whom change is made, whether she/he likes it or not. 

Positive and desirable changes in behaviors create closeness for the spouses, while negative and undesirable changes take the spouses away from each other.

Relations never get disturbed abruptly. Little actions of carelessness and rudeness compile together and become the mountains of anger and irritation. Unfortunately, one totally forgets that it is not his spouse who has changed, but he himself is responsible for this change.

Same the case can be with you. You need to reconsider the promises you vowed before the marriage or in the early days of your marriage. You need to reconsider the dealings that you had before marriage or in the early days of the marriage. 

What she is missing is the scenario that you promised and provided her earlier, but with time, you forgot to carry it on with new romantic novelty.

2) Be accountable to yourself.

Be considering the points mentioned above, be accountable to yourself. Try to find out whether you are treating her in such ways and the means by which you used to treat her in the early days of the marriage. 

Are you providing her with the things you used to provide earlier when she was not irritated with you?
Are you spending quality time with her?
Are you giving priority to her liking and disliking?
Do you really think being a husband, you are justifying your duties toward your wife?

Though these questions seem burning in nature yet, being answerable to these would make you win your wife’s pleasant dealings again. Be realistic while answering these questions. If your answer is “yes,” then it becomes almost impossible to believe that she is getting irritated by you.

3) Double the dose of love and care.

What you can’t win with love and care? Nothing. 

You can win everything in relation if you are dealing with your spouse with love and care. Though sometimes it takes time to have ideal feedback from the spouse yet, it is never fruitless.

Double the dose of love and care if your wife is irritated with you
Double the dose of love and care if your wife is irritated with you

You, too, know that when we start thinking negatively, we can’t help stop ourselves from making the mountain of negativity. 

The same has been with your wife.

Once you started carelessness, she made up her mind that you can’t do anything good to her and she has gone ahead in her particular thinking. If you wish to bring her back, it is not an impossible deal.

What you need is to double the dose of love and care, and she would soon be ashamed of her behavior and irritation.

For love and care dose, try these:

✍Treat her politely.
✍ Try to understand her. 
Be romantic instead of being sexual.
✍ Cuddle her softly.
✍ Assist her in household affairs.
✍ Make her visit her favorite places.
✍ If you can afford, going with her for shopping would bring you amazing results.
✍ Even if she responds with the burned tone, hold on, don’t go for a counterattack.
✍ If you promise something, take that seriously.
✍ Spend quality time with her.
✍ Acquire some of her habits.
✍ Above all, blow her during sex. Because the more she is sexually satisfied, the more she would be pleasant by nature. A good sex ride can double the fuel to the vehicle of relation and now it can move to the seventh sky.
✍ If you know cooking, cook her favorite dish for her.
✍ Before you leave for work, never forget to kiss her on the forehead. And as you get back home, give her a smile with a sweet kiss.

It can be an endless list, but we can sum up it only by the words of love, care, politeness, and courtesy. Everything is in these.

Interesting Ones:

4) Give her a little bit of space.

Once you have worked on the above-mentioned points and made her delve into your love, give her a little bit of space.

Almost every relationship, whether it is between husband and wife or girl and boy, needs space from time to time. Space helps in maintaining individuality. 

It assists to ponder over emotions. And frankly, space is the phenomenal term in relationships that makes us understand the value of our relationship. 

By space, we come to know the value of the person with whom we have been living. To humans, easily accessed stuff can’t be as valuable as the one for which they have to toil.

Give her a little bit of space
Give her a little bit of space

Diamonds are valuable because they are rare. If it rains of diamonds, they would not remain diamonds in value. There should be a time in relations when one should miss the other to get realized the importance of the partner. So making each other know the value of the bond, a short space would not be a bad idea. By mutual conversation, both of you can choose space.

It will also help you understand whether your relationship can move further or not.

If you really love your wife, we would suggest you space, but after making her happy and satisfied with you. We mean after utilizing the above-mentioned recommendations for a considerable time. It would enhance your importance in her eyes in space-time. She would miss you more than ever.

And when she would come back, she would be more polite, loving, caring, and dedicated toward you. Remember, space should not be more than a week. As it lasts longer, it becomes vulnerable to the marriage bond.

It was all from our experts in We are hopeful you would soon visit us to leave the message that you are having a pleasant life with your wife.

All smiles.

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