How to make a GUY miss you? SEDUCTION Guide to Women.

There are two ways to make a man miss you.

First, if you are in a relationship, deal with him in such a commendable way that he becomes addicted to your person. Then give him a short space to make him realize how much importance you have for him.

During this space, he will start missing you like crazy.

Second, if you are not in a relationship with him, use the art of seduction to make him miss you. For this, adorn your person with the best feminine traits and tease him with your coquetries of manners and beauty. By this, to make him miss you is a small deal; he will be ready to lay down his life on you.

If you are having a relationship with him, even then, the art of seduction will be a good idea to make him miss you more than ever.

You probably have seen celebrities in the picture industry. Almost 99% of people admire them for their looks and coquetries.

These celebrities, regarding their looks, are not superhuman beings. They are like the rest of us. What makes them unique is how they show themselves before us.

They know the art of teasing and seduction, and by this art, they rule the hearts.

You can also rule the heart of a man if you will learn how to present yourself while teasing and seducing that man.

Making a Man Addicted to Your Person and then Giving Him a Space.

You can make a guy miss you by making him addicted to your person and then giving him space. To make anyone addicted to your person takes time, but not a long one.

A common thing in men regarding their tastes is “alluring beauty” and “fascinating manners”. All the men like and crave these two traits of women.

You are beautiful, but if you don’t know how to utilize it, it will never work for you. Beauty is not just in a beautiful face. Beauty is in those coquetries that you adopt to display your beauty.

We say, ” When she smiles, natural visuals fade away.” It means she knows how to smile. She knows how to use this smile. Who is the man in the world who ignores the charming smile? Definitely no one.

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Two things are there that make a man addicted to your person.

  1. Alluring Beauty
  2. Polite and Courteous Manners.

Alluring Beauty.

Alluring is how you attract. Alluring beauty is how you attract by utilizing your beauty.

I have mentioned in the early part of this article that beauty is not just about beautiful faces. Beauty is about a well-managed physique and charming facial expressions. We give them the name of coquetries.

how to make a man miss you with Alluring Beauty

To tempt a man and then make him miss you, alluring beauty traits are the best tools. And if you know, all those, who rule the hearts, have these two.

How to Adopt Alluring Beauty Traits?

Give utmost priority to your physical fitness. Make your physique as it should be. Charming and attractive. For this, hitting the gym or engaging yourself in working out at home are the options. You can choose what sounds favorable to you.

If you are already a good fitness model, that’s good. If not, then be the one and see the miracle of how the man misses you.

How to Adopt Alluring Beauty Traits to make a man miss you
How to Adopt Alluring Beauty Traits to make a man miss you

Regarding alluring beauty traits, the second thing is to adorn your face with charming expressions. Maybe you have noticed, there are too many beautiful faces around us but we hardly get impressed by them.

Do you know why it is so? It is because those faces are expressionless. Or even if they have expressions, they are not attractive to us. Such is the importance of charming facial impressions.

While you are at home, make short videos or photos of yourself. Then be a critic of yourself. While going through these videos and photos, be accountable to yourself whether you are looking attractive in your facial expressions or not. 

If you are, the job is done. If not, don’t be disheartened. Try to remove the flaws by practicing again and again. In a little time, you will feel a positive change. The condition is not to quit in dismay.

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Polite and Courteous Manners.

While dealing with others, you can choose politeness, courtesy, rudeness, or disrespectfulness. These are the qualities that make us loveable or hateable.

Choosing politeness and courtesy makes our person adorable.

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How to Adopt Polite and Courteous Manners?

One can acquire these traits by dealing with others amiably and with the sweetness of the tongue. These traits are called the beauty of character.

Try to practice these traits with your friends and family. It will build your character. And this character of yours will add charm to your alluring beauty traits.

Being steadfast with courtesy and politeness in tough situations is the real deal. Once you start practicing it, you will be close to the model of excellence.

Having these traits of personality and character, you have done the job that was assigned to you. Now, to whom you will meet, you will impress him. Now not just a single man will miss you, but many will be craving for you.

How to make a GUY miss you SEDUCTION Guide to Women.

How to make him miss you?

Now we shall discuss how to utilize your character and personality to seduce a man enough that he starts missing you like crazy. Creating this seduction will make you a celebrity to a man whom you intend to make miss you.

#1 Transmit Mixed Signals.

Sending mixed signals means not to make the man settled. It is about puzzling him about your intentions, whether you are liking him or not. The more puzzled he will be, the more he will think about you. The more he will think about you, the more he will miss you.

Transmit Mixed Signals to make him miss you and commit
Transmit Mixed Signals to make him miss you and commit

Don’t gaze at him, just have a cursory glance gradually. In-between kinds of scenarios will create suspense and suspense is something that keeps the game more interesting.

#2 Approach Indirectly.

Don’t start as a lover. Approach him indirectly. If in the initial stage you are fully direct, you will lose the charm of your personality and he will not miss you. The seductive aspect of your person should be indirect so that the man could become aware of you on his own.

Once he starts taking an interest, approach him via a third party. In the initial stage, try to cultivate a neutral relationship. Moving from friendship to relationship will be a good idea.

#3 Create a Need.

A perfectly satisfied person doesn’t miss anybody. Aspects of disharmony and dissatisfaction should be installed there in the mind of the guy. Stir in him the feelings of discomfort and unhappiness, and then present yourself as an antidote to his discomfort and restlessness. 

Create a Need and he will miss you when you will not be around
Create a Need and he will miss you when you will not be around

The feelings of inadequacy that you will create in him will give you room to prevail over his senses as the adjustment to all his concerns. You will become the answer to his worries and problems. This creation of need will make the guy miss you more than everything.

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#4 Be a Temptation.

Attract the guy deep into your seduction. Your sight should be a glimpse of pleasure to him. Awakening of desire in your man is necessary. It was the temptation and awakening of keen desire that compelled Adam to move toward the forbidden tree.

Finding weaknesses and creating fantasy will make your job easy. Stimulation of curiosity is the force behind restlessness that will construct the building in which the man will start missing you.

#5 Maintain the Suspense Alive.

Your spell of temptation is broken when people start knowing what to expect from you. You should not be easy to understand. With many pleasant and fascinating layers, your person should be a collection of fantasy.

Maintain the Suspense Alive
Maintain the Suspense Alive

Giving calculated surprises to the man will keep the suspense alive. He will remain curious about you that what to expect next.

With a sudden change of direction, you can make the scene more unpredictable. Being one step ahead in control will make him think about you continuously. 

#6 Utilize Demonic Power of Words.

Usually, people are consumed in their own thoughts. They hardly listen to others. A trick to make people listen to you is to speak what they want to listen to. The first sentence should be appealing enough that they eagerly wait for the second one without interruption. 

Gestures of sweet words and specially tailored gifts will make you more special in a man’s mind and heart. These things will bring back your person to the man and he will start missing you.

#7 Poeticize Yourself.

Poetry is sweet. Poetry promotes idealization. In the form of sweet poetry, you become the reason to capture someone’s mind. Overexposure and familiarity in the initial stages of the relationship should be avoided as it fades away the charm of curiosity.

how to make him miss me Poeticize Yourself

Poetry is the name of showing perfection from the first move to the second. The more you are charming and mysterious the more you are poetic. The more you are poetic, the more you will be in the mind of a man.

#8 Bring in Confusion in Desire and Reality. 

People get the support of daydreaming to satisfy for the difficulties of their lives.

They seek refuge in the lap of sweet imaginations. They imagine a future that is full of romance, success, and adventure.

Give the man such a sense. He will start imagining you in his happy life. He will drop the world behind and will enter a new one with you. By your moves, encourage the guy that a beautiful future is waiting for him and only you are only the one with whom he can win it.

#9 Create Regression Effect.

Men want a repetition of particular experiences that have fascinated them in the past. Deep-rooted and most pleasurable memories are usually associated with childhood. In these memories, the parental figure has great importance. Adding parental affection brings charm to the relationship and strengthens the craving of men.

Create Regression Effect to make a guy miss you
Create Regression Effect to make a guy miss you

They are more inclined toward those women who give a touch of motherly care. This aspect of a wan develops the regression effect. Thus a man starts missing the woman who has given the touch of regression effect.

#10 Give Space.

As a man becomes addicted to your person, he forgets to use his own energy. He starts relying on you. At this point in time, take a step back. It will make the man feel weak and incomplete without you. 

He will meet restlessness without your company and start following you everywhere. It will be the peak time to make him miss you. He will admit that he can’t help living without you. He would be ready to lay down himself on you.

How to make a man miss you - infographic by
All points in one picture by

Learn how to give him space


Adorn yourself with charming traits of body and facial expressions. It will develop you into a thing of beauty and you will prevail over the senses of a man. Then use the art of seduction and make a man follow you like crazy.

Being such a woman is the guarantee that your man will never forsake thee. He will be helpless in living without you. He will miss you every moment whenever you will be out of his sight. The man can be so crazy for you that he will even want you more when you will be within his approach.

If you are still confused about how to make a man miss you, comment your question down, and I will be right back to you.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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