07 100% Working Tips To Make Him Realize He Needs You!

By becoming the real half of his whole and then giving him space for a considerable time, you can make him realize that he needs you.

Making him habitual to your person would make him dependent on you. To accomplish his basic needs, he would be compelled to have you as a helping hand. When he becomes totally dependent on you, then give him short space.

He would immediately shout out, “My love, I can’t help living without you. I want to be with you. Without you, I can’t survive. I need you.”

The Basic Reality Of Relations And Relationships.

People, when become easy to access, lose their worth. Those who are hard to touch become valuable. It is the reality of relations and relationships.

Being in relation and maintaining one’s worth is an art.

You may be wondering that when people are in healthy relationships , how can they lose their worth for each other?

People, especially men, want changes. With a routine in daily married life, they start losing the charm and interest. They need some novelty to feel fresh. 

People need some novelty to feel fresh in a relationship
People need some novelty to feel fresh in a relationship

Usually, wives are not conscious of this change. They just complain that their husbands have changed. How and why they have changed, they remain clueless. When this situation lasts a bit longer, all the colors and charms of marriage get fade.

The wise are the wives who start understanding their husbands and keep them fascinated with some novelty. From time to time, by bringing some novelty, they keep the charms and beauties of married life alive and always remain the apple of their husband’s eyes.

In the opening paragraph of the article, we have put in a nutshell how you can make him realize he needs you. There we mentioned two points. First, be the real half of his whole and then give a space for a considerable time.

To make things super straightforward for you, it would be appropriate to discuss these points in detail.

how to make him realize he needs you - Guide by RelationCounseling.org

How to be real half of his whole?

The following points would assist you in becoming the real half of your partner. By considering these points, you can also come to know whether you are already his real second half or not.

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Developing mutual understanding.

The commendable trait of a happily married couple is mutual understanding. Mutual understanding is the antidote to many marriage conflicts. Let’s have an example to understand it better.

There is a husband who is overwhelmed by the workload there in his office. Because of workload, he could not call his wife, who was at home. But somewhere in his mind, he wants her to accomplish the household affairs before he reaches home. 

His tiredness vanishes when after reaching home he finds that all the work is done and he has nothing on the to-do list.

He had not asked his wife to do so, but by the routine, she understood the situation and came up with his expectations. It is because of mutual understanding. 

They know each other and their situations. 

There is nothing like disputes, allegations, and charges. Even if the wife has some concerns, she can ask her husband to tell her more as she would try her best to understand the situation.

Such a domestic scenario you need to acquire. As the more there is mutual understanding, the fewer the disputes are.

Acquire some of his habits.

Acquiring some of his habits would help you to be the real half of his whole. Being totally different from each other makes the relationship difficult to survive. Having some mutual habits develops a sense of understanding and further leads to mellow intimacy. 

Acquire some of his habits to make him realize he needs you
Acquire some of his habits to make him realize he needs you

So select some of his habits that you like and are easy to adopt. Then practice these for some days, and soon you both will find it fascinating when you both will be one accord in many walks of life.

Acquiring his habits would also make him proud and he will have more love and respect in his heart for you.

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Stand with his shoulder by shoulder.

Those who accompany you in fair weather can’t be as dear as those who stand with you shoulder by shoulder in every thick and thin.

To stand with him does not mean helping him. To stand with him means to be his real companion on the track of life. A real companion who is above the helping hand and conditions. The one who can lay down everything, including itself, on its partner.

Standing with his shoulder by shoulder will realize him he needs you a lot
Standing with his shoulder by shoulder will realize him he needs you a lot

When you will start standing by his shoulder then, he would find you not only as a martial partner but also as a real friend, a valuable guardian, a strong protector, and above all, he would consider you his real power.

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Make him depend on you.

To make him realize that he needs you, make him depend on you. When one starts depending on the other, he can’t survive without that particular person.

In the relationship, dependency on one another makes the relationship more strong and more long-term. It is also called relation addiction, but usually, we people name it love. Making him depend on you would make him understand the fact that now living a happy and meaningful life without you is almost impossible for him.

How you can make him depend on you, we are going to discuss it in the next point which is, avoid being a modern conventional wife.

Avoid being a modern, conventional wife.

As this world has advanced in the various fields of life, life has become less about feelings, patience, love, respect, and care.

Feminists openly emphasize that if the husband is not treating well, don’t be with him anymore. It has created chaos. Problems are part of life, not life. They can be managed.

For this, you need to have the tools of patience and hope with you. And a modern conventional wife is lacking both of these. In conflicts, one has to be on the backfoot to manage things.

Whenever you see yourself in conflict with your partner, use your best skills of diplomacy but with love, care and affection. You know that the credibility of good people is judged in bad times. As in fair weather, everybody is good and nice to others.

Avoid being a modern, conventional wife
Avoid being a modern, conventional wife

Sometimes to use your best skills, you have to be on the back foot so that you may utilize your best skills and find some time to ponder over the issues.

So here it is highly recommended, instead of being a modern conventional wife who considers it her right and courage to compete with her husband in every matter, have some humble traits of a conventional classic wife. It will make your character more valuable to your husband.

For this, don’t be rude and impatient. Rather be polite and courteous and have patience in your nature.

And every husband in the world needs and even craves such a wife.

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Give him a short space.

After making him habitual of your person, now it is the time to make him realize how much you are valuable and a blessing to him. For it, give him a short space. But keep in mind it should be short, not more than forty-eight hours, because humans, especially men, are complicated in their nature. 

As they build up the habit of dependence, they can also create the habit of independence. So the space should be short.

Giving him a short space will realize him, he cannot live without you
Giving him a short space will realize him, he cannot live without you

In these forty-eight hours, you can visit your friends, your parental family, or wherever you feel comfortable. While he should be there on routine work. Especially, he should spend his night at home. After all, we want to make him need you. And for it, home is the place.

He would start feeling that he needs you from going to bed to awakening in the morning. He would miss your touch and even when he would not find your visuals, he would be anxious. He would miss your walks and talks, your sweet coquetries, and even your breaths. But the condition is, first, to make him addicted to your person.

There are chances that when you would come back, he would hug you warmly and would say, 

You told me I am all above,
You loved me and too cared,
With you, even gone was love;
Believe me; I was too scared.


An easy way to make him realize he needs you is to become his second half. Once he starts depending on you, he will not go anywhere and never leave you. 

To achieve this, become his partner in everything; even if you dislike some of his activities, be humble and be friendly with him. He will start considering you his true partner. 1

When you feel he has been starting depending on you, giving him a short space will truly realize him he needs you only. 

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