How to make a guy want you!? (16 Clever & Easy Tips!)

The attraction of opposite gender is the beauty of nature. It is the phenomenon that keeps the world gets going.

It is the physical or moral attraction that compels us too long for the people.

But everything is not in our hands. For instance, if we are having love feelings for someone, it is not always that he also possesses the same feelings for us.

Everybody is different in his liking and disliking. So we have to consider the things and ways to find our “particulars” love.

Following are the steps that we recommend you in order to be loved by the person to whom you have certainly started liking.

How to make a guy want you!? (16 Clever & Easy Tips!)

1) Consider the philosophy of why we start liking someone.

The world and all its ingredients are the imitations of the imagination that we possess in our minds. We have images of liking and not liking in our minds. And relating to those likings and disliking, all the things exist in the world. 

There are lines of our disliking childhood. With the passage of time, those lines become images. 

When we come across a thing or person who literally matches the images of our minds, we start loving or loathing him.

Consider why we start liking someone before making a guy want you
Consider why we start liking someone before making a guy want you

It clearly means that your crush has been there in your mind for a long but you were unconscious about the fact. 

Now you got the point why you suddenly start loving or liking someone . It’s simple, “because he matches with those love images that you have in your mind.”

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2) Respect him.

Often people forget that respect is the fundamental element of getting someone’s love. If you love someone and become too chummed and frank to gain his attention, believe us, it’s not going to work for you anymore.

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First, you should give him respect. 

Treating him with respect not only occupy you room in his mind but also in his heart. Then, he will start considering you that at least you are among those to whom he is respectable.

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3) Politeness and courtesy.

The sweetness of tongue and gentleness in behavior makes your personality loveable. These two characteristics are key to find your love in no time.

Where the sweetness of your tongue will make an appeal the wires of heart, there gentleness of behavior will assure him that you are the love who deserves all his attention.

4) Have a sense of humor. 

Mostly, guys love to have a fellow with them who has witty and humorous

Worldly affairs are so much painful that one hardly finds time to entertain himself, so if you keep him laughing, things will naturally keep going for you. 

5) Be Intelligent and creative. 

Intelligence is desirable if you use it in a way that makes it interesting. Your intelligence will appeal to him. He would start thinking you are not among the common females but rather possess something that is rare in women. 

Using your intelligence and creativity would surprise him with beliefs, imaginations, and surprising things that are having to share with him.

Be Intelligent and creative to make a guy want you
Be Intelligent and creative to make a guy want you

If a guy starts sharing his things with you, you make him yours.

6) Be thoughtful and competent.

Men really don’t bother to be over-appreciated, possess things to present, or even kissed up to. 

But if you can realize that you were thinking and feeling about him in a direction that doesn’t say “I’m alone and I crave for you”, then he would be there flying above in the firmament. 

Definitely, he is going to love it.

7) Sensitive or noticing facts.

Men like it to be keenly noticed. 

If he is really reasonable at something like sports, or he is gifted in some particular field of life, then these valuable and attractive things should be in your considerations

It occurs naturally to men that they are instantly influenced by those women who consider the things minutely about them.

8) Adventuresome and courteous.

When it comes to adventure and courage, men find themselves in a close bonding with the people who possess these two attributes. 

So men are quickly attracted to ladies who propose and become part of courageous, extraordinary, or even dangerous and hazardous things.

Adventuresome and courteous will make him want you
Adventuresome and courteous will make him want you

This prospect of your personality would assure him that your long-time company would be a blessing for him as it is always hard to find fellows of one’s nature. 

9) Be confident and a little bit playful.

Men are automatically captivated by those ladies who gave a bit of playfulness in them. But, never forget, we said, “just a little.” 

Some ladies just start latching on and then find nothing instead of repentance. Being bold along with an effect of superior humor will make you magical in a man’s consideration. And you too want this. 

So keep this point too in your mind. 

10) Skills and Knowledge.

If you’ve got something in you in which you are an expert or master, it can be really impressive and handy.

Show it to your man. He would definitely be stunned to find this trait of your personality.

But never absurdly show your hidden trait. Also, consider the time and space to reveal it. Things look good at their right place and time.

11) Dedication and Attention.

Men like it when they get attention. It’s also interesting that how it works. 

It would be acceptable to indicate that you’re giving them more dedication and attention than to just doing it. 

your dedication and attention will get him to commit to you
your dedication and attention will get him to commit to you

Start with the man like it, “I was considering it in the way in which you mentioned it first, and I can’t help living without telling you that how much I love and cherish the sound of your voice.” 

Doing that is more important than just settling there and attending to him, gazing into his eyes and having hope that he is considering it a good sign that you are liking his talk and gestures. 

12) Show him gratitude.

You should never be indifferent to his words and actions. If he does even a bit for you, never forget to be thankful to him. Your particular gesture would emphasize to him that you care even a word from him. 

Be sure, being thankful, never jump to the height of flattering. It will have a bad impression instead of good. 

Furthermore, it can ruin your previous impression too.

13) Never try to mold his nature and originality.

Even earlier, if you spotted a fault or drawback in his personality, never try to change him. Even you should not try to point it out. 

Never try to mold his nature and originality in order to make him yours
Never try to mold his nature and originality in order to make him yours

Time will come when you will have a suitable chance to make him realized about it. So at a time, let him as he is. 

Because men don’t want to be interrupted by those who are not in the circle of their near and dear ones.

And you are still not in that particular circle.

14) Aggressive and passionate nature (A little bit). 

Men like it to have a woman in surroundings who can chase at least something in their life and are not discouraged by it. We are not advocating to be around a man whole the time. 

We are suggesting a goal for which you desired first.

15) Be bold and assertive.

Men consider themselves leaders. So if they find a woman who is bold, assertive and confident in any social condition, it realizes men that she understands how to make things go on. 

Having a bold and assertive woman can be exciting and fascinating for a man.

16) Unpredictable vs Predictable.

Naturally, men are drawn to women who they can’t handle or predict. They don’t like women who flirt, tease, give them the dedication and then don’t bother to negotiate the next day.  

men are drawn to women
men are drawn to women

Predictability is only desirable when it comes to preferring her as a wife. But a man is as strange as it tones. He likes to have a woman as unpredictable at the start of a relationship. 

Predictability is good when the relationship becomes more serious. These are some points to answer the question that, “How to make a man want you?”

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Considering these points would help you to have a blissful and happy life with your crush. We compiled these points after an investigation that was conducted in different parts of the world. 

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Your opinion is our union! 💕


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