10 Quick Ways to Lose Feelings For a Guy? Unlove him now!

By keeping yourself busy, spending time with siblings and parents, giving priority to nature, hitting the gym or indulging in physical activities, listening to fast music, attending dance classes, and being a psychiatrist to yourself, you can lose feelings for a guy.

Feelings are spontaneous, they take time in developing and losing. Even if at first sight you start liking someone, it takes time to move forward. The same is the case with losing the feelings.

But remember, nothing is permanent in this world. Those who are dear and near ones, one day they can be far away from us. What it is, it takes time and heart to move forward.

Today you want to lose your feelings for a guy and are having difficulty doing so, there will be a when you will laugh while recalling how ridiculous that span was.

The difficulty is in spending the very moment, how thousands of moments have passed we even are not conscious about them. Brave and bold are those who accept the circumstances and keep moving forward.

To lose feelings for a guy is not a big deal as a journey of a thousand miles is started with a first step. Don’t be sad. Give importance to the sweet and cute girl who is inside you. She should be happy and only you can make him happy. Then, why this delay? 

Come on, be ready to enjoy every moment of this limited life.

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There can be peeping out several questions in your mind. What they can be, to some extent, I can guess. If you are thinking that.

How to lose feelings for someone you never dated?

You can lose feelings for someone you never dated by avoiding the places where you used to see him and unfollowing the apps on social media that can give you his glance. Besides that, work to allow yourself the company of nature and permanent people in your life.

How to lose feelings for someone while in a relationship?

If you are in a relationship and want to lose feelings for that fellow , start avoiding him. That person will realize your changed attitude, will ask about it two or three times, and then move forward. 

His moving forward will become a solid reason to lose your feelings for him, as it will hit your self-esteem. When people are hit on self-esteem they can’t stand it. Who the person is behind this hitting, they just don’t care and take a side.

How to control feelings for someone you love?

Indulging yourself in various other affairs of life and being unavailable to that fellow, you can lose feelings for him while you are in love with him.

How to lose feelings for someone while in a relationship

What is love? 

Love is the other name for the habit of a particular fellow or the addition of one special person. 

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It looks hard at the beginning to handle your feelings for someone you love. But once you make up your mind with firm determination, and start showing your unavailability soon, it will amaze you to know how easy it was.

How to lose feelings for someone you see every day?

Not visiting the places where you see him and seeking the company of permanent people like your friends, parents, and siblings, you can lose your feelings for someone you see every day.

You like him because you see him. Your feelings are developed as that fellow accomplishes the condition of your imaginative crush. By not seeing him, you will take a step toward losing your feelings for him and by spending time with permanent people, you will stop his entry into your imagination.

How to lose feelings for someone fast?

It is tactical to lose feelings for someone fast . Have a crush on another fellow. Give him a place in your happy, imaginative world. Exercise it for a couple of weeks, it will decrease the flow of your strong feelings for the first person.

As you find the flow is decreasing, start avoiding the second one too. What remains behind is your own person. Be yourself and be happy. 

How to lose feelings for a crush?

While having a crush on someone is totally a happy imaginative world. For human beings, the happiest place is their happy imaginations. No one wants to withdraw itself from this utopia. Feelings for crush are there to fascinate your imaginative world.

How to lose feelings for a crush - guide by relationcounseling.org

By withdrawing yourself from the imaginative world and accepting the reality that he is just a poster and posters can’t be companions to lead a life, you can lose feelings for a crush. Instead of being submerged in his thoughts, living in the realistic present world will help you further to lose feelings for a crush.

How to unlove psychologically?

Psychologically, we all have rough drawings of perfection in our minds. Whenever we see the things or persons that come close to these drawings, we start liking or loving.

These drawings can be multiple. To whom you are loving is the only person, accomplishing the conditions of only drawing. To unlove him, you need someone else who is, according to the other drawing of your mind. This can be a person or thing. In-person, it can be a friend too. This someone else can help in unloving someone.

How to unlove a guy psychologically

Go outside, observe nature, and have beautiful visuals, you will find so many things that will interest you merely by giving little attention. You will find healers in all of them.

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How to lose feelings for a guy?

First, give yourself short space and utmost priority, then enlarging this space and being unavailable to the person, you can stop loving him. It will take time, but it will work.

Love is the addition of a particular person. We become habitual of the personality traits of a person that make him special to us. Long pauses of gatherings with him make you busy with other things. It will lead you further in taking interest in various other things. Once you pass through the first week, the next you will find all healing.

Coming back to our main concern, “How to lose feelings for someone or a guy”, I am suggesting to you the following tips. By working on these, you will soon lose feelings for your “someone”.

How to Lose Feelings For a Guy - Guide by RelationCounseling.org

Take a Break.

You have developed feelings for someone in a particular scenario. 

Actually, it happens that we don’t develop feelings just for the person. Spots to glance at that person, the places we visit with him, and even common friends matter in developing the feelings. We just don’t like or love the person we like and love everything that is associated with him.

Take a break to stop loving a guy friend
Take a break to stop loving a guy friend

Taking a break from all these is vital to lose feelings for him. 

Avoid him, don’t visit the places you used to be. Don’t have a gathering with common friends. Take a break, go somewhere else for some time. Choosing a hilly station or the countryside will be a good idea.

Make yourself busy with some hobby.

During the break, making yourself busy with some hobby will add honey to the jam. If you already have a hobby, that’s good. If you don’t have one, have it immediately. Hobbies make us busy and grab our whole attention.

Select the one which demands time as our main motive is to be indulged in a richly involving hobby so that time can be spent fastly. As the time passes, you will start losing your feelings for ” someone”.

Spend time with siblings and family.

Siblings and parents are the permanent people in our lives. Their love is unconditional and everlasting. But as we turn to adulthood, our attention is diverted to our friends and those with whom we are interested to have a relationship. Unconsciously, we lose this special bond. And whenever we get hurt by our friends or in relationships, these siblings and parents come forward to console us.

Spend time with siblings and family to lose feelings for a guy
Spend time with siblings and family to lose feelings for a guy

So to lose feelings for someone, spending time with siblings and parents will console you to a large extent. If you are already close enough with them, be more, they will not let you down.

Give priority to nature.

Nature, as William Wordsworth said, is the mother that takes you in its lap and alleviates your aches of life.

If you live in a populous city and have never experienced this soothing aspect of nature, this idea of mine may sound strange to you. But it works. To try is the only condition.

As I have mentioned in the first point, visiting a hill station or spending time in the countryside will soothe you. Behind that idea was to make you experience the healing aspect of nature.

Hit the gym or adopt physical activities.

We all have the best versions of ourselves. Few of us take it seriously to bring that best version out of us. These best versions of ourselves are the real happiness to us to which we are mostly unconscious.

Hit the gym or adopt physical activities to forget someone
Hit the gym or adopt physical activities to forget someone

Hitting the gym or adopting some workout type of physical activity will make you more beautiful and charming. If you are already doing it, now do it with more zeal and zest.

Facial beauty has its place, but the beauty of the physique is the real beauty. If you spend time in these activities, it will avert your attention from that “someone” and divert towards you. As you get better and better in your physique, having a glimpse of yourself in the full-size mirror will give you the excitement of the next level. But to start is a condition that feels difficult. 

My suggestion is to start it at once, you will be compelled not to lose feelings for your new passion.

Listen to fast music.

The effect of music can’t be neglected. The classical kind of music or even fast music with tragic lyrics makes us sad. It brings back memories and we certainly don’t want to.

So choose some of the songs with happy lyrics and optimism. If you don’t like music, even then start listening. Soon, you will start liking it. Things take time to be loved and detested. The same can be with music.

Don’t let this option down while you are intending to lose feelings for someone.

Attend dance classes.

Dance is physical poetry. It affects positively, both our minds and bodies. If you already know how to dance, it’s a plus point to take it forward.

Attend dance classes and completely lose feelings of him.
Attend dance classes and completely lose feelings of him.

Attending dance classes will require much of your focus and dedication. It will help you indulge yourself fully and you will have no time to think about someone during these dance classes.

Once you start it, you will crave to carry it in as it has other kinds of charms, too.

Activate your inside healing process.

I have suggested to you many options, but none can work until you don’t activate your inside healing process.

It is happiness or sadness, everything is inside us. It depends on us which system we chose to activate.

As you are sad it will be hard to turn on your happy mood immediately. But gradually it can be. Prepare yourself mentally that you are blessed with a life that can’t be ruined by staying sad.

Make up your mind to be happy and adopt as many suggestions as you can that I have given in the above points.

Avoid social media.

Social media has its own merits and demerits. While using, you will have both of these.

People are connected on social media. Get a platform to be connected and make relations. If they already have relations, make them run by it through conversation.

How to unlove someone you truly love --- Avoid social media.

There are chances you are having contact or visuals on social media of that “someone” for whom you want to lose your feelings.

As it is possible, try not to use social media for some time so that you may have no chance to contact that fellow. If you will have off and on, you will have to restart the process of losing the feelings from the zero point.

Set a goal to achieve.

Setting an objective for your future and then submerging all your time to materialize it will make you forget many things. It demands determination and inspiration. You can inspire yourself.

Tell yourself you need a better life. A life worth living. A life that may serve the downtrodden. Not a selfish life. Not a life that took birth and will expire without quotable work.

So have an aim and start working toward it. It will help you more than everything to lose your feelings and, as a matter of fact, it will make your life.

How to lose feelings for a guy - Infographic by relationcounseling.org
All points in one picture.

Putting it in nutshell.

Having feelings for someone is not a bad thing if you get a proper response and you are believed to have a happy and prosperous life ahead with that fellow.

But being realistic, if you have concerns about your feelings, it’s better to nip those feelings in the bud.

Have great ambitions, have the greatest life. For temporary feelings, you should not allow yourself to ruin your happy life and bright future.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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