How to become a better girlfriend? (8 Step Process!)

Life has its origin where it starts in its original form, but it never gets stopped. So change in life means the growth of life. And this growth further leads to the hidden beauties of life.

The journey starts from a good and then passes through the better ways it heads toward the best.

As you, the beautiful girl, aims to become a better one in your role of girlfriend is the guarantee that you are going to have a jubilant life ahead.

Everybody has the roles in life to perform. Collectively, it is the perfection of roles that makes life beautiful.

If one is not justifying with his role, he can’t be stamped good in that particular role. So it is the role of roles that makes our characters better and best.

Along with other roles, one among them is to be a girlfriend. How you behave and deal with being a girlfriend is proportional to the long-lasting of your relationship.

Being a better girlfriend is an art.

By using the next tips, you would be one of the better girlfriends in the world.

how to become a better girlfriend in a relationship - 8 step process

1) Know his likings and dislikings.

There are aspects and things you should know about your boyfriend that no one else knows. It would mean that you are the first and best person in the world to meet his needs and wishes.

It makes the courtship more attractive than any other relationship in the world.

In this regard, you can make a list of his likings and dislikes. It will end up making your work a lot smoother as writing down the things would assist you in memorization of his likings and disliking.

Know his likings and disliking to become his adorable girlfriend
Know his likings and disliking to become his adorable girlfriend

Knowing his likings would please him to the full extent, while knowing his disliking would save both of you from conflicts. Your behavior, according to his likings, would double his joys and be restrained from doing that would not irritate him. It is the best recipe of mutual happiness in a relationship.

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2) Expect some drawbacks in him.

Drawbacks are natural to humans. Nobody is perfect in this world. Being humans, we also expect the flawless personality of our partners, but it is almost impossible.

One more thing about it, when we are at the start of a relationship, we usually overlook the drawbacks of our partner as at that particular time we are at the top of our feelings. But as our feelings descent gradually, we suddenly start realizing that he is not having this; he is lacking that.

It creates chaos and devastates the relationship.

There is more likely to be a periodic thoughtless pull, dignified boaster, selfish dumbbell, lazy tramp, or insensible dolt. You can be occasionally frustrated with him, and rightfully so. But being sane in your approach, you can overlook this timely behavior. Here should also have in mind that as a whole he is a nice guy.

Anyway, our suggestion is to wait until one of these slight shortcomings comes to the ground and then handle it in one of four ways.

1) Choose to ignore.

You might consider it complicated, but it isn’t. If occasionally he forgets something about you or is not coming up to your expectations, is it certainly that big a deal?

These little flaws of his should not make the air more tense. If it is the longtime habit of his and he is slowly improving, don’t pounce upon him suddenly on these occasional slip-ups.

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2) Choose to speak of with love.

Nobody likes scolding. Frowned attitude can’t be cheered.

You hate agonizing, that’s good, but he also detests more than heeding you nag. So, when you consider it possible, figure out a way to convey him your feelings and wishes or point out his flaws in the sweet way possible.

Consider it a game. Produce a bright twist on your illuminating instruction. He will get the message.

Choose to speak of with love
Choose to speak of with love

The words of warning about striving to change your boyfriend with those particular words that sound optimistic and positive but are not. It would promptly lead to passive-aggressive behavior.

If you are demanding through clenched teeth, then just do not kid yourself. You are not smiling; rather, you are assaulting. And it would never work.

3) Choose to change the negative into the positive.

This reaction enables you to be proactive. If he craves some particular walks and talks, try to adopt them. It would enhance his craze for you.

If he is forgetful about things, try to make him more indulge in those instead of being angry. When he would get over his flaws, you can take the credit. After all, you people are not opponents rather, you are partners.

4) Choose to cherish about.

Easy access to the people makes them invaluable. We consider the only things that are got by sweat and blood. Try to cherish some of his flaws as his flaws make you more valuable in your eyes.

As he considers even knowing and confronting his flaws, you are with him; it’s your greatness, not his.

Did you see that almost each one of those action steps begins with the “choose?” Yes, that’s right. When a dispute originates, often you possess a choice to make.

Choose to cherish about to become a better girlfriend
Choose to cherish about to become a better girlfriend

When you ultimately understand your boyfriend is not perfect, then your best strategy of action is to put up with a few steps behind and recall your vows: “For perfect, the good ones or the worse ones.”

Then carefully select your strategy of action.

You would go for the best ones.

Your boyfriend is not an issue to solve or a project to complete. If he does something truly irritating. You need to point out a suitable way to let him realize about it.

He really would like you to be happy. The trade-off would be that he will work sincerely to overcome some of his imperfections.

If you would work with aggressive behavior to change him, it would not work.

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3) Be careful while scheduling expectations.

When you get aged, you would comprehend how valuable small things, apparently valueless in themselves, can be cherished and honored above all payment when they express the love of a promising heart. Not all things can be purchased with money.

There are some areas of life that we forget while dreaming about materialism.

These aspects are true feelings and sincere sentiments.

You may believe that he understands your every desire and wish and all your expectations. But he does not.

Even if you left understandable indications and have notified him flat-out.

Be careful while scheduling expectations
Be careful while scheduling expectations

He forgets some aspects and does not pick up on things. So instead of being disheartened as he is not fulfilling your noticeable expectations, be the helping hand to the poor guy.

Provide him with an indication with a timeline. While cuddling him, you can start with as, “I am thinking this is a pizza evening!”

One thing to have in mind, from your boyfriend’s viewpoint, is some of the entertainment that you hope for would not be the best of the choices.

For example, on some occasions, he can’t behave according to your expectations. He can be late because of some sudden happening. He can have financial issues at times. These are things to understand.

Create your heaven with justified expectations instead of creating hell by over-expecting.

You can be a better girlfriend by realizing that guys also love traditions and making recollections. But what they do not love is being advised where, when, and how to create traditions and recollections. The immediate motivation and serendipitous finding are where the joy comes from.

4) To Love On Him

Almost all the traditional knowledge is true. Guys prefer to eat. Guys love sports. Guys prefer gadgets. Guys crave fast cars and giant trucks. Guys love movies with scenes with chases, outbreaks, and tough-tackling leads.

And, to some extent, regretfully, guys like to have a look at the images of beautiful girls with elegant curves and persuading smiles.

Work on your physique to love on him
Work on your physique to love on him

Either good or worse, all these things would get their attention. Your one is no exception, too.

But, one more thing, your boyfriend would deal with any of those at any time for a girlfriend who feels close to him. Turns toward him, and says, “I love you. And more than anything else.”

And also remember one more thing: that a heart is not assessed by how greatly you love, but by how greatly you are loved by others.

Whenever you see yourself in the mirror, please glimpse someone who is loved. This truth would provide you different level of confidence and purpose. And then don’t neglect to let some of that love stream toward your deserving boyfriend.

5) Cry and laugh together with him.

It would be reasonable to determine that most of the main arguments happen when couples are having bad days. Frustrations and setbacks simmer for a long time and ultimately erupt when couples are in each other’s company.

It is time to understand each other. If unfortunately, you burst up, compensation can be in words, “We both were possessing a bad day” It is also an effective excuse for an irritable attitude.

Here being a girlfriend, your maturity would occupy you with his more consideration.

Sometimes it happens that you are having a good while his experience was bad. In situation like this, be extremely thoughtful and be friendly and passionate about romance; you can help him in overcoming the hangover of the bad day.

When you reach a situation where he is celebrating something or has hurt with something, be there with him in that moment. Put aside the plans if you have or desire for now.

Celebrate with him while he is celebrating; mourn with him while he is mourning. It will not endure for hours. When the right time comes, you will have the opportunity to initiate a different kinds of feelings or expectations to your relationship.

6) Recommend and plan some outings.

When the couples explore the world jointly, their tremendous finding to them is each other.

The real tour of innovation comprises not in striving for new landscapes, but it is in possessing new eyes.

Above mentioned pithy remarks are healthy enough to understand the importance of outings in order to be his best and perfect girl.

Recommend and plan some outings with him to become his favorite girlfriend
Recommend and plan some outings with him to become his favorite girlfriend

This point is surely not about romance. It is about pursuing anything new and different together, doing something extraordinary, and refreshing your relationship, which we suppose does end up assisting in romance.

For, to be the best girlfriend, we suggest that you begin, organize, or plan a casual just-for-fun outing.

Imagine yourself with him on a romantic getaway to some papular site for the lovers. Even it feels good.

Having it literally would make him understand that he is having the best girlfriend in the world.

7) learn four love languages.

Below mentioned four love languages would be helpful for you in being a better girlfriend.

1) Affirmative words.

Mark Twain once explained:

I can live for two months on a good compliment.

This pithy saying is enough to understand the importance of verbal appreciation.

It is the verbal appreciation that speaks forcefully to the person whose main love dialect is the words of confirmation.

Reasonable comments such as, “You are looking awesome in this suit.” “You must be the best cuddler in the world! I love your cuddling and love reactions.” It is occasionally everything that a fellow desires to hear to believe loved.

learn four love languages and you will become a better GF
learn four love languages and you will become a better GF

The other way to express through terms of affirmation is to show encouragement. Encouraging words sounds good and reflect back with more positive results.

2) Quality Time

Quality time is about concentrating all your dedication and energy on your mate.

A girlfriend watching a tv serial while gossiping to his boyfriend is surely not spending quality time with him. Even if you have dinner but are not dedicated there, all is futile.

Quality time means to be fully there for your boyfriend. When your priority is your boyfriend, both of you can enjoy quality time.

The quality conversation has its own significance to a strong relationship. It includes enjoying thoughts, experiences, emotions, and ambitions in a consecutive friendly context.

Quality workouts are possessed a considerable part of the quality time. Many boyfriends feel greatly loved when they are in the company of their girlfriends.

3) little acts of service.

Sometimes performing little chores while in each other’s company can be an undeniable presentation of love sentiments. Even little things like helping in carrying something or giving him a hand in his domestic work would enhance his love for you.

little acts of service make men loved
little acts of service make men loved

Doing simple chores would be a powerful manifestation of your love and devotion to your boyfriend.

Sometimes it happens while couples are quite busy in helping each other, they may still have a dispute.

Because they are unconsciously expressing themselves in two varied dialects. Here it is important for you to learn your boyfriend’s dialect and to understand which functions of service will show him your love.

4) Physical Touch

Most of the boyfriends feel greatly loved when they have physical contact with their girlfriends. A spouse who speaks this particular love language loudly, for him, physical touch can either build or split the courtship.

During sexual intercourse, many partners feel comfortable and adored in a relationship.

Keep in mind that it is the one language of physical touch. It is crucial to understand that how your partner speaks the language of physical touch. Here it is our recommendation to grasp some time to reflect the touches your partner fancies.

They can be huge acts, like massages or love-making, or small feats like touch on the cheeks or a hand on the shoulder.

It is significant to lead prehend that how your partner proceeds to touch. It is the way to know how that you should use this love language.

8) Work on yourself.

The most important way to become a better girlfriend is to work on yourself. We can safely divide this self-assessment into two categories.

1) To do things physically.
2) To do things Morally.

1) To do things physically.

✍ Your first to do physically is to hit the gym. Here gym means just to go for a workout. It’s not a matter of whether you are planning to hit the gym or do it at home. It is the guarantee of a beautiful physique. And a girlfriend who possesses a beautiful physique is the best one in the world.

Work on your dressing sense. If you are already a well-dressed girl, that’s good and if you find difficulty in selecting your dress, then just don’t bother.

What you need to do is to copy the well-dressed girls but avoid blind imitation. You can also take help from various dressing brands who are there to serve us.

Your haircut should accord to your face. You can take help in this regard from a certified parlor.

2) To do things morally.

Be courteous to him. It is the honey with which you can catch a fly, not with vinegar. So be honey for your handsome to be with him as the best girlfriend.

how to be a better girlfriend? do things morally
how to be a better girlfriend? do things morally

✍ Think above the average people and don’t fight with him over little things. Understand his position and when you find a situation suitable, open your heart feelings to him.

Be mature with every day. By maturity, you would acknowledge his drawbacks and he would hug you more tightly.

It was all about from our experts for you. We hope that after considering these points, you would definitely be the best girlfriend in the world.

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A healthy relationship works with both partners. But if the girl puts in some extra steps, the relationship can survive much longer. 

It is why you need to know how to be a better girlfriend!

Once you win the best girlfriend’s title, he will love you more, take care of you, will defend you in public, and your relationship will last endlessly. 

So, work on this from now!

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