How To Make Your Wife Miss You Like Crazy? (8 Easy Tips!)

By reconsidering and polishing your twenty-four-seven dealings with your wife for a couple of weeks, you can make your wife miss you. What you need to do is to make her habitual to your person. For a fortnight, be the best version of the role of the husband and then enjoy the miracle.

Usually, it happens that to whom we have easy access, we take them for granted. Those become most valuable who are hard to access. Man, and its nature, is a complicated thing to deal with. 

Though to some it looks simple thing hence human beings can’t be amazed by a single thing every time. They always crave new things to be happy. They can’t laugh at the same joke again and again. Similarly, they can’t mourn with the same intensity at their particular sorrow.

Everything seems nice that is new except relations. Things, material things, when are new, have more worth, but as for as relations are concerned, they become more valuable with their age.

But there is a condition for it, and it is spending quality time. Having good relations between spouses makes them valuable to each other, and if one is not in sight, the other starts missing the first one.

We human beings become habitual of the relations that we have in our daily life.
We human beings become habitual of the relations that we have in our daily life.

We human beings become habitual of the relations that we have in our daily life.

The more the habit becomes mature, the more we become addicted to that particular person. And when our emotions can’t get alleviation, we realize that we are missing that person to whom we have a flow of feelings.

As we have mentioned at the start that just by working at your twenty-four-seven dealings with your wife, you can make her miss you. 

Let us hit the depth to understand it better.

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Render love before leaving for work.

Love and dove all are important, but man has to work to meet the daily needs of life. Being the man leave with grace and affection. Kissing the forehead of your wife and giving her a warm hug would not wrinkle your shirt rather, it would give her a long sense of love and care. 

Usually, the latest impression remains till the new one. You are leaving for work, and now there will be hours of work. Give her a sense that she matters. And it can be given if you leave with a sweet kiss, a warm hug, and a big smile on your face.

Render love before leaving for work and your wife will miss you
Render love before leaving for work and your wife will miss you

And research says men who leave with a kiss find good hours at work and a happy wife at home when they come back.

If you leave like it, she would miss you for hours and would wait for your come back after work.

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Connect with her while you are at work.

At the workplace, whenever you find time, type a brief love message and send her. But it should be once in a whole day. Even if you find it possible, call her in a romantic tone. Tell her you are missing her. 

It would make her think about you. And when she would think about you, she would not help stop herself from missing you.

It’s up to you how and what you want to make her feel.

Come back with something in hand.

While coming back from work, have something in hand for your wife. Some eatables would be a better option according to the taste of your wife.

You can easily buy these things and even can afford to.

if you want to make your wife miss you, come back with something in hand
if you want to make your wife miss you, come back with something in hand

You might be thinking that she is now a mature woman and to her, it will not be a matter. But it’s not. Little acts of love and care matter a lot for the wives. 

Somewhere there inside these mature women, there is a teenage girl who has jolly and joyful wishes. 

Your wife is no exception. Inside, your wife makes that jolly teenage girl live with full spirits. In return, she would come to love and miss you with full enthusiasm.

So bringing her something to eat while returning from work would make her realize how much you have cared for her. To you, it is something, but to her, it can be a big thing.

Be easy and make her easy.

As you have come back from work, you are tired. And at work, everything can’t be smooth. There are problems, there are tensions to deal with. Don’t bring them with you at home. Come home with your own yourself.

You do the job, or you hold a business; whatever you do, you do it to make yourself and your family happy. And if, after the work, you come back with a dull and dry face, all you have done is futile.

So take some time to get fresh and be there with your wife with happy gossip and everyday talk.

If you make her happy, she would make you feel special to the next level.

Be a helping hand in household affairs.

Usually, men who work for the financial stability of their families consider it unfair to be the helping hand of their wives. By this, they miss lots of charms of married life. To be there with your wife in the kitchen or on the lawn to prone the plants gives another kind of feeling.

Be a helping hand in household affairs
Be a helping hand in household affairs

Men who are strict and hard in their nature miss the many beautiful and charming coquetries of their wives. And in return, they seldom find missing gestures from wives.

To make her miss you, become valuable, convenient to deal with, and a helping hand to your wife.

Be romantic instead of sexual.

The sex world, according to men and women, is different. Men tend to have intercourse in no time, and they are ready for it immediately. While on the other hand, women take time. To them, romance is above sex. You need to get this point. Be special and unique in your touch and coquetry. 

Be romantic instead of sexual and make her miss you
Be romantic instead of sexual and make her miss you

It would cause your wife to feel special not only for herself but for you, too. A good romantic touch is something very special for wives. They remember it for a long, long time and recall it. And when your one will recall your unique and special touch, she would start missing you.

Give her surprise gifts.

Off and on whenever you afford, buy her a gift according to your financial stability. Gifts no doubt double the love and are always valuable for the wives.

They often complain that their husbands are no more like before, and in this complaint, the major part is about not giving them gifts.

So you can be as charming to her as before by giving her good gifts. It would mean a lot to her. It would increase her love for you. And above all, she deserves a gift from her husband.

Be intimated and courteous.

Everything that we have discussed is valuable but not higher than being intimated and courteous.

Your sweet intimacy and tenderness of the tongue can win you all the love of your wife. Calmness in nature and sweetness in manners would make you her ideal man on the planet. 

Be intimated and courteous
Be intimated and courteous

And whenever you would not be there in front of her eyes, in her imagination, she would sing love songs and would be there in love valleys with you. We mean she would miss you.

We can’t compel anybody to miss us. Rather, we have to make ourselves such a convenient and valuable people whom others miss when they can’t find us anywhere near.

Do it just for a fortnight and you would be stunned by the results. And frankly, if you do it for a lifetime, you don’t need to crave the heavens. Believe us, you would be in heaven on earth because when the wife is happy, life is happy.

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