4Ms Expert Formula to take care of Pregnant Wife!

Welcome, daddy to be!

Love was in the air, even affection is in the air, but now your love with her is ready to get a shape.

You saw you were impressed; you conveyed the love message; you got engaged; married, and started a happy life. True? 

Almost true. 

But the picture does not conclude here. The climax of the second chapter has started. You are going to have your second love with you.

So it’s time to take great care of your first love as she is going to produce you, her or your junior.

It’s the literal time to show her how much you love her as she is going through the overwhelming span of her life so she would remember your contribution towards the new pleasant responsibility.

Daddy-to-be is confused by the question “how to take care of pregnant wife .”

Tackling with the duty of her utmost care, we suggest you the “4M”. Following detail would make your job easy and more comprehensive.

  1. Masculinity (physical support)
  2. Medically
  3. Mentally
  4. Morally
how to take care of pregnant wife - 4Ms We Recommend

Let’s discuss these Ms further.

Masculinity Care

Masculinity care means the ways and norms by which you have to take her physical care. During the overwhelming pregnancy period, to maintain physical health should be the priority.

Physical Well being is attending to and having care of her body to perform natural functioning. Having care of her physical body will help her in getting through the major change that she is having in the form of pregnancy.

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You can assist her in her physical health by determining the following points.

1. Proper Diet

To maintain a proper diet for your pregnant wife, we recommend:

Giving wife a healthy diet in pregranncy quote

Complexities and change in taste

The first thing to give preference is her diet. During pregnancy, the taste for food changes from time to time. It becomes a complex phenomenon for her to tackle with. 

Sometimes she would desperately want to have some dessert and there would be a time when she would crave some sour thing to eat. Regarding this, your duty is not to get irritated.

There would also be a time when she would detest the food by saying that it smells. You would be surprised, but you should not be panic. 

It happens during pregnancy that women start disliking the food. Come forward to make her realize that it’s not the game of tastes; it’s about the health of both the mother-to-be and the baby

A proper diet is essential for taking care of your pregnant wife
A proper diet is essential for taking care of your pregnant wife

So regarding food, even being mature enough to understand the things she would neglect to accept. It will be unconscious. If she is losing weight, have a keen concern. Give her a mixture of foods and fruits according to your doctor’s suggestion.

Your duty would be to console her and politely assure her that a healthy diet would ensure a healthy mother to be and baby.

To give birth to a new life is a complex phenomenon. So, sometimes she may get stressed. Be more conscious about her mental health as stress is vulnerable in this situation.

During such times, have more feelings for her and engage her with different entertaining articles. Indoor supports, happy cuddling, or serving her with her favorite foods is always a good idea.

Availability and get her fed

If you have no issues with the budget, that’s good. 

But if you have limited means of earning, then you should cut off your other needs to assure her the availability of a healthy diet. Fruits and their juices plus dairy products are essential. 

If she is fond of fast food, you can’t make her detained immediately; rather, you should lessen the visits to restaurants gradually.

While dealing with her food, also console her that it is better for you and our child. Do it in a pleasant mood. Even if she gets irritated, you should not. 

Husband giving fruite to his wife

Your triumph would be to deliver the healthy food to her stomach.

Get her fed with a rainbow of fruits and healthy vegetables at every meal.

Start her day with a nutritious breakfast containing grains, calcium, protein, and fruit.

Create a scenario in which she may enjoy meals. Give her time so that she may savor the pleasure of eating.

2. Assist her in light exercise

You don’t need to make her become a member of the gym to take exercise. You must assist her in taking a walk, riding a bicycle, or jogging around the neighborhood. 

During severe weather, don’t head outside. Even staying at home exercise can be taken. Push-up, leg lifting and a few body stretches would be enough. 

Keep in view that the lightness of exercise should go head to head with pregnancy months. During the last two months, floor wiping exercises would help her in normal delivery.

3. Physical cleanliness

Good personal cleanliness is a way to save and protect you and her from getting diseased. 

Especially in the last phase of pregnancy, it feels difficult to wash the body thoroughly. Here, being a partner, it is your duty to assist her in washing her body. 

You can help her in cleaning the dirt on her back and other important parts of her body. If she is taking bed rest, ensure her hand wash before every meal.

4. Take her to the stairs

The next time she intends to go to a higher floor, assist her in climbing the stairs. 

By doing so, she would get her blood pumped. For pregnant woman proper blood circulation is essential. Her lungs and muscles would get stronger and it would help in smooth baby movement, which further avoids complexities during delivery.

It is also a positive means to strengthen physical activity in her day. It can also compensate for the missed exercise. 

100 steps a day would be a good start. Gradually, according to body strength, it can be decreased and increased.

5. Vomiting and exhaustion

In most pregnancies, vomiting is natural. 

The study indicates that vomiting and nausea while having pregnancy might be because of the outcomes of a hormone generated by the placenta called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG ).

So as vomiting is natural, so is the case with illness. As it is vomiting, that leads to fatigue and sickness. Here, with medical assistance, your masculine assistance would also mean a lot to her. 

In starting months, try to be with her whenever she eats something that nauseates her.

Like education healthcare also needs to be given important - quote

Medical Care

In pregnancy, medical cure and counseling are essential. Being a loving and caring partner, it is the husband’s duty to assist her in tackling the medical issues.

In the medical case following points would help you in taking her great care.

1. Accompany her to the maternity clinic

Accompanying your wife to doctor visits would soothe her to a large extent. It is also a vital thing to do during the time of pregnancy for mother to be. 

Visiting the doctor can be a stressful thing for her if she goes alone. 

There can be complications, and it’s not the time to leave her on her own to deal with the situation. Whenever she plans to visit the doctor, you must accompany her blissfully.

2. To deal with morning sickness

During pregnancy, morning sickness is a natural thing. You know creation is a painful job to do, and she is in the way of this job. 

To create a human being like oneself is not a normal thing. 

During this time, a woman passes through various challenging and difficult steps. Morning sickness is one of them. 

In the morning, she can’t be as fresh as she adopted to be before pregnancy.

Morning sickness can tire and bore a woman out in no time. Being a husband, your support toward your wife during this time is valuable and can help your wife to deal with the situation with more strength. 

Your encouragement and company would make her feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

If it’s possible, set up a particular resting space for her so that she can take a rest and be relaxed whenever the morning sickness slams.

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Pregnancy if the only time in life when you will fall in love with someone you have not met - Quote

3. Be a helping hand in taking medicines

Who likes to swallow bitter pills, get injections and spoons of tonics? 

In pregnancy, it becomes mandatory for the mother-to-be to take the above-mentioned medicines. Sometimes she feds up so much that even being conscious about the fact that medicines are necessary for her health, she refuses to take them. 

It is the time when a husband should negotiate with her and should motivate her to take her medicines. Here you have to be patented as she will continuously refuse to take them. 

She would be proved bad-tempered but should hold your nerves to motivate her about the importance of medicines. 

Here your success would assure a pleasant company in a short while. So be patient and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

4. Shampooing and massage

There are two situations in which she desperately needs shampooing and massage. 

One is during the first week of exercise. 

If she is not an athlete or not habitual of heavy duties, her muscles will pull up after exercise. She would feel the whole body-ache. 

Here shampooing her not only soothes her from the pain but also enhances her love and gratitude toward you. She would consider you a true partner and it will help her in getting the mood fresh.

The second situation is not particular. 

After the mid of pregnancy, the baby grows speedily. It affects her muscles, and she feels tired. Here light-handed body massage will alleviate her pain. 

Shampooing and massage are like pampering. They cost nothing but result in millions of happiness and comfort.

5. Romance and Sex

There arrives a time in pregnancy when she craves romance and sex. 

Sex during pregnancy is not taboo. But the position you choose can be the issue. 

Select the position that doesn’t press her belly, and she gets a discharge early than usual time. 

Here you need to give priority to her discharge, not yours. So you should be in senses and after enough foreplay, ask her to ride. Here, help her in rubbing over you instead of fast jerking. 

In this way, she would get relaxed without any complexity.

How to take care of mental health of a pregnant wife

Mental care

Mental care is not less serious than physical care.

Treating her with kindness, politeness, giving respect, and avoiding criticism are key to maintain her mental health. Engaging her with her hobbies and favorite tasks would broaden her horizons. Taking care of plants and dance lessons would be a great idea.

Furthermore, the following steps are also helpful in taking her mental care.

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1. Surround her with good company

Surrounding her with good and nice people would help her in having mental solace. 

You know which friends and family persons are liked and admired by her. Seek their company for her. Though it is not possible every day yet, you can arrange it from time to time. 

Once in a fortnight or even once in a month, gathering of these kinds of folks and dear and near ones would be a comfort to her mind. She would feel light and clear out the depression and uncertainty if she is having.

2. Quit alcohol and other drugs

If you or she are an addict to alcohol or alternative drugs, just quit these at once. Drugs not only ruin physical but also lead to mental sickness. Remember, now your life is not just yours. 

Baby is coming to join you. You need to be good parents. 

If you are drunk and come home with alcoholic sickness, it clearly means that you are going to sick her mentally. So for better health, no to drugs then and there.

3. Be polite, courteous and helpful

We hope that you are already enough polite, courteous, and helpful. But now, it’s time to multiply these values. 

She needs these values more than ever. Your respectful behavior would also add sweetness to your job. Never be ashamed of being her helping hand. Real men are those who treat their better halves with the sweetness of tongue and politeness of manners.

4. Be frank little bit comic and optimistic to her

Now, with her, just being formal would not work. Now you have to be more than a husband.

Be frank to her as a friend.

Make her laugh and smile with your gestures and comic sentences. It will not make you a joker; rather, it would make the domestic scenario more pleasant and optimistic. 

Being jolly, you will also feel relaxed and forget that you are doing something against your nature. Pure laughter is like a bullet to mental sickness. 

So laugh and make her laugh too.

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5. Hold, touch and kiss

Hold her when your leave for work. Touch her softly and give her a sweet kiss, not only one kiss but on the forehead too. 

We suggest you start and end it from the forehead. It would enchant her soul. 

While you would be at work, behind at home, she is definitely thinking about you and knitting the sweet dreams. It also has another advantage; without any medical treatment, she would be well and good and would be the same you left in the morning.

6. Insomnia and oversleeping

Insomnia and oversleeping can both be during pregnancy time. In the initial quarter of the pregnancy or even till mid, oversleeping can overwhelm her. 

While she is having a sleep, don’t disturb her. This sound sleep will help her to develop a healthy baby as it is insomnia that leads to hypertension and a bad temper, not sleep.

Insomnia can be there once in a span during pregnancy. 

Usually, when the baby starts its movements in her belly, then there are chances she might lack sleep. 

Here, what you can do is to console her that you don’t have any problem with her sleep. Assure her that she should sleep without any tension. 

If it’s possible, avoid noise-producing agents in the home to provide her with sound and slumber sleep.

How to take care of mother to be - quote

Moral support

It’s a simple point. Having moral values in you is the automatic moral support of your wife. 

While she is pregnant with your baby, don’t consider it a burden on your head. It is a true blessing that you are going to have in the future. 

So be thankful to her and also to the Lord according to your belief.

1. Be as good to her as you want others to be with you

Being human beings, it is our moral duty to be as to others as we prefer them to be with us. It’s a simple rule.

Things that you don’t like for yourself don’t like for others too. Here you should know her liking and dislikingNot only know but also do and arrange according to her wish. 

Though in this world, it’s impossible to fulfill all the wishes, yet try to accomplish as many as you can.

2. Try to understand her situation

She is passing through a complete physical and mental change. Even a little cut on a finger can hurt us, so think of her. She is shaping a human being like us in her belly!

It will bring changes to her. Occasionally, she can have mental or physical disorders. So you need to understand her position. 

If she is not having the same nature as before, it’s not her fault. It is because of pregnancy that will have a happy ending. 

So be diplomatic and sensible while dealing with her temper.

3. Assist her in kitchen and domestic affairs

Your help in the kitchen and household affairs will give her great relief. Even for other human beings, when they are in pain, we do many things. 

She is your soulmate; she deserves more than it. 

Whenever you are at home, go to the kitchen and give her a surprise with the special dish in which you are proficient.

Even standing with her in the kitchen plus handing over the articles would be a great help for her and fresh her mood.

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Your masculinity support would assist her in overcoming her feminine fragility. Be strong physically to stand by her.

Accompany her in visiting the clinic and good assistance in dealing with bitter pills.

Consider her dying mental condition. Now she is not as, as she adopted to be before pregnancy.

Ignore her stubborn behavior and make her pampered as much as you can.

Among humans, those are the best who are best in performing their roles while acting in the drama of life.

Utilizing and considering the points mentioned above would ensure to title you the best husband in the world.

We also have the best wishes for the parents to be.

For more relation and relationship counseling, you can read our guides further.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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