When a woman loses interest in a man! Causes, Signs & Solutions.

When a woman loses interest in a man, initially, she will be insecure and then gradually indifferent to him and eventually, she will take her path apart from him. Certain reasons make a woman fed up with her man and she can’t help feeling about him anymore.

My wife Tina held a survey on the reasons for breaking up. After two months of mental toil, she came to the view that women don’t get fed up because of bad circumstances or poor living conditions; they are fed up because of rude attitudes, and poor dealings.

When a woman loses interest in a man! Causes, Signs & Solu.

Why does a woman lose interest in a man?

The interest of couples starts with special feelings, runs with enthusiasm, and then turns to fade away gradually. And we observe those who had vowed to be with each other forever start getting suffocated in each other’s company. It feels and looks strange, but the fact is; it happens.

Which are the factors that create such a scenario? Let’s have a quick look and then I shall discuss them in detail.

Controlling attitude, bad temper, creating an insecure atmosphere, too much tight holding, over pursuing, and being suspicious are the main reasons for losing a woman’s interest in a man.

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Controlling Attitude.

Men with controlling attitudes suffer from a superiority complex. They believe themselves superior and are inclined to control their women.

But the fact is somewhere inside them they consider themselves inferior. To conceal it from their women, they try to control them by setting boundaries for them. By imposing their will, they set limitations.

It’s the point from where most women start losing interest in their men.

Controlling attitude is the reason women lose interest in men
Controlling attitude is the reason women lose interest in men

Bad Temper.

What real women crave is love and care from their men. These are those who prefer their partner’s affection and stand over wealth and money. These are those who prefer romance over physical intimacy. 

These are those who can be melted away by the sweetness of the tongue of their men. And these are those who can’t stand a bad temper.

Men with an evil temper can never enjoy the coquetry beauty of their women.

Women are delicate creatures. They are to love and care. But when a man starts dealing with his woman with a bad temper, she can’t stand it. Initially, she will bear it considering that it was just a stroke of misunderstanding. 

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But later, when this bad temper will become a routine, she will lose interest in the man.

Nobody is interested in those who are bad-tempered. The same is the case with women. If men have fits of fury in routine, they will become unfit for their women.

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Creation of Insecure Atmosphere.

Being with her special man a woman feels secure. This sense of security is physical, mental, and economic.

When a woman is in a relationship somewhere in her inner self, she demands the guarantee of physical soothness, mental solace, and economic stability. 

If she is determined for a long-term relationship, she can somehow compromise on poor economic conditions as she hopes to make it better by working together. But when she starts feeling insecure physically and mentally, she will incline losing interest in her man.

Creation of an insecure atmosphere leads to a loss of interest in a man
Creation of an insecure atmosphere leads to a loss of interest in a man

She feels mentally insecure when his man disrupts her psychological order by taunting her. Her physical insecurity awakes when she lacks proper space and is disturbed by unwanted or over-physical intimacy.

Too Much Tight Holding.

Every relationship needs some proper space to grow. When it lacks, it becomes dull and starts losing its sweetness.

When men are in a relationship, they hold their women tight and assume it is love and care. They hardly acknowledge that women also have to explore their potential and there are some goals for them to accomplish.

To grow is a natural phenomenon for men as well as for women. When it comes to women, men assume that they are overgrowing them, and thus both mess up with each other.

Too much tight holding can also cause her to lose interest in you
Too much tight holding can also cause her to lose interest in you

Men assume that now their women will not have any need for them anymore. Resultantly, they intend to stop their women from growing and want them to be as, as they are already.

This becomes disgusting to women as barriers over one’s dreams and goals can’t be justified. The result is women in dismay start losing interest in their men.

Over Pursuing.

Over pursuing is also one of the biggest reasons for women losing interest in their men.

When men meet women for the first time, they are always in a hurry to impress them. In no time, they pour themselves fully in front of their favorite women. This act of men becomes undesirable to women as they want to know about every layer of men, but gradually.

Over pursuing is also one of the biggest reasons for women losing interest
Over pursuing is also one of the biggest reasons for women losing interest

Even at the start of the relationship, if a man tries to impress his woman with bundles of text messages, calls, and many dates, surely he will not succeed. 

Throwing oneself over women to be proved witty is hilarious. It will not make the lady fall in love, rather she will start taking him for granted and in no time she will lose all interest in him.

Suspicious Nature.

When a woman is in a relationship, it does not mean that the world ends with that man. In the early days of the love craze or among teenagers, it is common to revolve the world around one person. But as far as maturity and a realistic approach are concerned, one has to interact with many people to run the vehicle of life.

Men need to understand this point in relationships. When they see their woman among other men or dealing with other men about different circumstances of domestic or official work, they get suspicious. They start showing their concerns. 

First, a woman tries to handle it by clarifying. But when she finds it becoming routine, she feels for herself and gradually loses interest in her man.

Why does a woman lose interest in a man - InfoGraphic by RelationCounseling.org
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Signs when a woman loses interest in a man.

Lack of communication, bitterness in tone, absence of physical intimacy, unavailability on crucial occasions, too much arguing or complete silence, finding other means to spend time, stopping caring about you, and being late in texts and picking up the calls are the sure signs a woman is losing interest in a man.

Lack of communication.

When a woman loses interest in a man the first thing to notice is communication. On the one hand, there will be a lack of communication and if it will be, it will be destined with long pauses.

Because of the poor communication she starting losing interest in you
Because of the poor communication she starting losing interest in you

She will have no interest in gossiping with you. She will not share how her day went. Even she will stop sharing her past experiences with you.

This lack of communication is the red flag that your woman has started losing interest in you.

Bitter Tone.

We love to talk by the sweetness of tongue to whom we like and admire. But those who get off our hearts, find difficulty in discovering our love tones.

When a woman loses interest in a man, first she lacks communication with him, and second, if she even communicates, there will be bitterness in her tone. 

When you lose a bitter tone, a woman can lose interest in you
When you lose a bitter tone, a woman can lose interest in you

When you ask about something, even in a jolly mood, you will be bestowed with a dull and dry tone. She will not show any courtesy. A frown will be observable on her forehead whenever you try to communicate with her. 

In the beginning, this behavior of hers will be light in its nature, but as the time passes without reconciliation, she will become severe in her attitude.

Indifferent behavior.

When she will lose interest in you, she will gradually become indifferent to you. Even when she will be with you, you will notice her getting bored. She will have no interest in finding new ways to hang out with you.

Indifferent behavior
Indifferent behavior

You will lose your importance to her. What you are doing, where you were, she will have none to do with that. And when you will ask for the reason, she will burst up to the level where you feel sorry for yourself and repent; why did you ask about it.

Absence of physical intimacy.

Intimacy among couples fascinates the relationships. Physical intimacy adorns them to the seventh sky. And the absence of physical intimacy is a red flag in relationships.

While losing interest in a man, the absence of physical intimacy is common for a woman. She finds no charm in the facial or physical curves of his man. 

The absence of physical intimacy can also cause loss of interest in you
The absence of physical intimacy can also cause a loss of interest in you

First, there will come gaps in kissing and then related to physical intimacy. If a guy is bad-tempered, her woman may be the hotness will be faded away. To her, that particular man will only be like the rose that was put there in the book in good times and now has lost its color and aroma.

Her unavailability.

Women are always available to their favorite men. Even if they show unavailability, they show it in courteous manners.

To one for whom a woman has lost his interest, shows unavailability. She does not bother whether her availability was begged on common occasions or some special. What she has in reply is, “I am not in the mood, you know it. If you are fond of it, attend it.”

Are this bitterness and rudeness not enough to understand that you have lost your charm in your woman’s eyes and heart?

In the start, she may show her availability fifty-fifty, but with time she will come with a certain and staunch, “NO.”

Too much arguing or complete silence.

When a woman loses interest in a man, she will come with much arguing or complete silence. It depends on a woman’s nature. If she is aggressive, she will not hold her mouth closed. 

She will react to every comment of yours in an aggressive tone. Even if you draw back, she will not. She will be all taunts and blame.

Too much arguing or complete silence is a sign she is losing interest in you
Too much arguing or complete silence is a sign she is losing interest in you

If the woman is polite in nature, she will choose complete silence. Whatever you tell, whatever you do, she will have no concern with that. She will be in search of a chance to get rid of your company. She will prefer to be isolated.

Her other ways to spend time.

She will try to find other modes to spend time. If she does not get an alternative for the relationship, she will spend most of her on social media or watching tv.

At this point, she will become totally indifferent to her man. Her priority will be to avoid her man as to her he has become an apple of discord.

Even if she has friends, she will prefer to hang out with them. If you will object, she will not listen to you at all. 

Rather, her aggressive behavior will spoil the relationship and bring more complexities instead of reconciliation.

Stop caring about you.

Care is there, where is love.

When love disappears away, care gets out of the window. Love is faded away with the lack of interest between partners. And lack of interest further leads to carelessness. We care about those whom we love. Those who become the causes of our heartaches seldom find the magnanimity of our hearts.

She will stop caring about you
She will stop caring about you

Partners are not like common people to each other. If they are in love, they are in love. If they are not, they are in hostility. It is the dark face of relationships when they get spoiled.

So if a woman loses interest in a man, she will not be fifty-fifty in her dealings. Rather, she will stop caring about you. And the next step will be pure hostility.

Late in texts and picking up calls.

Late text replies and picking up the calls are also common when a woman loses her interest in a man.

At the start of a relationship, if the guy is too indulged in texting and calling, it becomes disgusting for women. Women need and love mysteries. They want to disclose the many layers of interested men gradually. 

So if a woman is late in texting, replying, and picking up the calls in the early part of the relationship, it means she has lost interest in that man.

Next, come those who have spent considerable time in the relationship. If among them it happens that a female partner or wife is ignoring her man’s texts and calls constantly, it means she too had lost interest in her man.

Signs when a woman loses interest in a man - Infographic by relationcounseling.org
All points in one picture by relationcounseling.org

What to do when a girl is losing interest in you?

Once getting into a relationship or becoming married does not mean it will last forever. Relationships and marriages are not based on a single day. The oaths and promises that are made on the vow day have to materialize every day. Sunburns of the outside world and the coldness of the inside world run hand in hand.

If the bitterness of attitude or coldness of misunderstanding has become the reason behind the interest lost of a woman in a man, still the relationship can be managed.

Following are the valuable points to consider if one wants to restore the interest of his woman.

Be courteous more than ever.

If the bitterness of the tongue or coldness of attitude ruins the relationship, courtesy of manners and sweetness of the tongue can restore it, too.

What are the demands to be persistent in polite dealings and seek forgiveness with the purity of heart?

Practice courtesy and be steadfast in this regard. Things will start getting better. But you know, it takes time to happen great things.

If you have been courteous enough in the early stage, now be more than ever. It will bring you the juicy fruit of reconciliation.

Make her feel special.

Women love novelty and special things in life. Special does not mean you have to visit Mars to bring something special for your lady. Special means to make her feel special in such a way that she may start considering that some novelty is happening in her life again.

To make her feel special, start feeling special yourself. Adorn yourself with the best version of yourself and deal with that. She will find it something special.

Give priority to her interests if you want to win her interest back
Give priority to her interests if you want to win her interest back

According to your financial health, you can make merry with her by visiting some favorite places of hers. You can buy her the things as gifts for which she has been longing. Many more options are there in this regard.

Don’t be afraid to decide to make her feel special. All I guarantee when you will do it with the purity of feelings, she will be convinced.

Give priority to her interests.

Men consider themselves wise. They are. There is no doubt about it. But once in a period, there is no problem in being an idiot to make the scene crazy for the special ladies.

If one stays serious and considers himself sensible, he will be compelled to give himself priority. Self-praise, another disgusting attitude, also leads to a superiority complex.

All this merges the priority of the partners.

You need to avoid these attitudes to give priority to your woman. Ask her what she wants. Tell her that it’s going to be according to her will. It will boost her confidence and she will consider herself important enough.

For example, if you are in a restaurant, give her a menu to order. If you are planning a trip, ask her to decide the venue. Even if you are planning to cook a special dish, put the ball in her court to decide.

These little gestures of yours will emphasize to her that you give priority to her interests.

Let her grow in her way.

No one likes over limitations and obstacles in their way of growing. Women too have the desire to be independent in some areas of life, as it helps them to grow in their own way. The one who becomes a hindrance in their way of growing is detested by them. He gets out of their good books.

Let your lady grow in her way. If possible, be her assistant. She is not going to be overgrown. She will be yours. All your concerns are futile in this regard. If you give her a supporting hand in this regard, she will give you more of her love and besides it, you will also receive her gratification.

Bring fatherly affection to her.

We all know, usually, the first hero of girls is their father. And according to psychology, somewhere inside their boyfriends or husbands, girls want fatherly affection too.

A show of fatherly affection makes the girls feel secure. If they get it from their mates, they become highly confident and energetic.

Bring fatherly affection to her and she will start considering you again
Bring fatherly affection to her and she will start considering you again

To restore her feeling, a touch of fatherly affection will assist you to the next level of reconciliation. You can give this touch by kissing her on the forehead, swinging the swing for her on the lawn, and even touching her without being sensual.

Avoid overpursuing.

She is an adult; she is sensible, and somehow she knows her directions. Over pursuing everything makes the girls annoyed. They take it to their ego and the relationship starts disrupting.

What you need is to bring relevance and balance in your dealings with her. Avoiding overpursuing will make her feel comfortable and being comfortable with you will secure you more of her love and care.

Make her feel secure.

Women feel insecure with men who have a terrible attitude and no plans for the future. On harsh and bitter behavior we have discussed earlier. Here, you need to know the value of self-growth.

You should give primacy to your self-growth to make your lady realize that she is going to have a great life with you. It will make her feel secure and she will also assist you in accomplishing your goals. Being bug is snug isn’t liked by modern women. They want enthusiastic partners who are committed to doing big things.

Communicate to listen to her.

Communication is the best tool for the process of reconciliation. In relationships, its importance increases as it is helpful to understand the basic nature of the problem. Furthermore, by communication, we offer different solutions.

To get her interest back in you, use the tool of communication more effectively.

Communicate to listen to her
Communicate to listen to her

Now during communication try to speak less and listen to her more. Not just listen, but listen to her to understand her point of view. It will be beneficial for you to know her feelings and will also make her realize that you are giving an ear to her thoughts.

By politeness and courtesy, agree with her to communicate. As she agrees, let her speak as much as she wants. Let her all catharsis. It will purify the hearts of both of you.

Develop romance instead of physical intimacy.

As you see that she agrees to reconciliation. Don’t hurry to be sexual with her. Give her time. She was hurt. She desires to be healed.

This specific time should be for romance and fatherly affection to make her recover from the setback.

A soft kiss on the forehead, a delicate but warm hug, can lessen her pain. Do it before it gets too late.

Share her duties.

At home, when you are with her, don’t let her mess with all the work. Assist her in the kitchen. If you don’t know cooking, help her in passing things. 

Share her duties to win her interest in you
Share her duties to win her interest in you

Even if it is hard for you, at least stand with her in the kitchen. You can tell her little jokes. You can have a romantic conversation with her there. 

While she is working, your laying on the couch will make her feel sorry for herself. Be a real man by giving her a helping hand in household affairs. 

Double the dose of love.

Apply all the above-mentioned suggestions. If they don’t work or take time, don’t be dishearted rather double the dose of love for your lady. As it is impossible to ignore continuous love, fall.

Be persistent in your love dealings with her and keep adding courteous manners to them to get the best results.

Give her some space.

When you see that she has restored her feelings for you somehow and you have dealt with her politely and with love for a considerable time, give her a short space.

This little space will help her heal faster, and she will also miss your love dealings.

But remember, this space should not last for more than a week.

What to do when a girl is losing interest in you - infographic by relationcounseling.org
All points in one picture by relationcounseling.org


Women are delicate creatures and demand politeness. Holding them tightly harms them. If by your ill dealings they lose their feelings for you, it’s natural. What you need to do is to reconsider your priorities and double the dose of love to reconcile with them.

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