10 PROVED Signs He Pretends To Love You!! FAKE Love??

His too much affection for you in public while negligence in private life, priority to physical intimacy and avoiding romance and communication, showing helplessness while asking for availability, his mistrust of you, and putting you aside from priority are the sure signs he pretends to love you.

Pretended love is common among those who don’t have realistic goals in their relationships. They take the relationship as time passes and never bother about the sincerity. Such guys give priority to physical bonding and neglect spiritual harmony.

Is pretending to love a fake love?

Yes, pretending to love is fake love

It is a kind of flirt. People use it when they are not wholeheartedly interested in someone. Their only aim is physical intimacy to alleviate their physical concerns.

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In such cases, their victims become psychologically disturbed. They are unaware of what to do in such a case as they themselves are sincere in the relationship.

How to deal with people who pretend to love you?

You can deal with people who pretend to love you through direct communication. Tell them that you feel insecure. You know that they are pretending to love. 

How to deal with people who pretend to love you

Ask them if it is not, and prove it by your dealings in a relationship. If they feel guilty and literally want to have a sincere relationship with you, they will change themselves. 

If they don’t, it’s up to you whether you take them aside or carry on with them. But the idea seems to put aside yourself from such people.

Why would someone pretend to love you?

There are two possible reasons when someone pretends to love you.

First, from the very first day, he has made up his mind to use you for his benefits, whether they are monetary, physical, or emotional. His main purpose is to materialize his satisfaction by using you. 

It happens when girls reject their first proposal; some guys take it to their ego and for the sake of revenge they cheat and pretend love when they finally get their girl.

Why would someone pretend to love you

Second, to some guys, pretended love is not their choice. They are forced by some particular girls to have relationships with them in which those guys are not interested. 

As I have said earlier, love is spontaneous. It can’t be produced by force. So, not to hurt those girls, guys pretend to love them. In such cases, guys are not at fault. As they do it only to make those happy who themselves have made a bond with them.

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How to know if someone is pretending to love you or playing with you?

As that particular fellow is not sincere with you, he will be all excuses and a hypocrite in his dealings with you. He usually will come with lame excuses and fake smiles to put things on tomorrow or some other day. 

His main motive will be just time passing. You will not see any seriousness in him regarding the tomorrow of your relationship.

I have brought to light many other questions that could be curious to you and also answered them for your better understanding and adjustment.

signs he pretends to love you - fake love guide by RelationCounseling.org

Authentic and sure signs he pretends to love you.

I, with my wife Tina, visited some of the academic institutions and workplaces to study the fake side of human behaviors. It was a kind of psychological research on pretending or fake love. 

We noticed some sure signs that were dominant among those who seemed to be fully interested and committed but all they were actually hallow guys.

1. He insists on a secret relationship.

Secret relationships have a limited life. That can’t survive long. The guys who take the relationships as time passes tend to make a secret relationships. It is the first sign of pretending and fake love.

Wish for a secret relationship is sign he is pretending to love you only
Wish for a secret relationship is a sign he is pretending to love you only

If you want to judge whether your boyfriend is committed in the relationship or is pretending to love, you can test it by observing the nature of your relationship, whether it is open or secret. If it is open, it is secured. If it is secret and he also insists on making it secret, consider it a red flag.

2. Affection in public while negligence in private life.

Though he wants to have a hidden relationship with you, even then there will be some who will know about your relationship. When he will be with you among those, he will be affectionate towards you. All will admire his love and care for you. Even you will be satisfied by his dealings. 

But as you are there in the private scenario, he will suddenly change. He will become rude and indifferent. It is a sure sign of fake love. The guys who are sincere and committed in their relationship don’t change their colors.

3. Priority to physical intimacy.

After food, physical intimacy is the natural desire of human beings. But physical intimacy without spiritual harmony is an animal trait. If one wants physical intimacy, there is no problem. But if physical intimacy is the priority, there is a problem.

Priority to physical intimacy is another sign of fake love
Priority to physical intimacy is another sign of fake love

Those who pretend to love, give priority to physical intimacy and neglect the aspect of mutual understanding and spiritual harmony. It is disgusting. Romance is something that is fancied by most girls over physical mating. And a romance that soothes the relationships. 

This aspect of romance can never be neglected among sincere love birds. If your boyfriend is giving importance to physical relations and lacks romance and mutual understanding it means he is not sincere with you.

4. Avoiding communication, especially on the “Future of Relationship.”

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. It is also the spontaneous adjustment to many of the relationship issues.

Good sittings of communication are themselves a kind of relationship advisor that helps to overcome many of the couple’s fixes.

Avoiding communication, especially on the “Future of Relationship.”
Avoiding communication, especially on the “Future of Relationship.”

When it comes to those guys who are pretending to love, they avoid communication. First, they will prevent communication in a good mood.

When you will insist they will suddenly be bad-tempered and start blaming. Especially whenever you will try to discuss the future of your relationship, they will always give your deaf ears and never agree to talk about it.

5. Showing helplessness while asking for availability.

Those who pretend to love will come to the point of flattering when they are in need. And when you will ask for their helping hand or availability, they will show helplessness by excuses of busy schedules.

Though sometimes they will be available yet most of the time, they will apologize. Their selfishness is evident on such occasions.

6. His mistrust of you.

If your boyfriend pretends to love you, he will always have trust issues regarding your person.

If he mistrust you, he is pretending to love you only
If he mistrusts you, he is pretending to love you only

This aspect is disgusting and hard to approve of. As he himself is insincere with you, he will consider you also insincere. Whenever there will be something trustworthy, he will try to be at length with you. This height of selfishness is the trait of fake people and their fake love.

7. He will not give you priority.

We can’t help giving priority to those who are dear and near ones to us. Even when they are not with us physically, we think about them.

But the one who pretends to love you will never give you priority. His priority will be his own person and interests. He will impose his interests on you and will not consider asking you about yours.

In moral, physical, or even economic aspects of life, he will give priority to his own interests and when you will show your concerns, he will simply say, “I am doing it all just for you.”

8. His fake love and hypocritical behavior.

Those who have a hell of a difference between their practice and recipient are hypocrites. They are the masters of fake and pretending love. They will show you that none can love you more than them, but actually they will not even care for you.

His fake love and hypocritical behavior is a sign of fake love
His fake love and hypocritical behavior is a sign of fake love

You are important to them only when they need you as their needs are accomplished they just turn their eyes.

It is another true sign of fake and pretended love.

9. His unavailability on crucial points.

Those who are fake in their relationships never bother to give helping hands to their partners.

You can recall on how many occasions you asked or called him for help and he had come with a big yes. On how many occasions he was with you, with all his availability. 

His unavailability on crucial points.
His unavailability on crucial points.

These are the points to check his truthness in the relationship. 

If he were with you wholeheartedly, he is good and committed to a relationship. If he showed negligence and indifference, then there is no curtain on the truth that he is fake in his love with you.

10. Less appreciative, more critical.

To whom one loves with all his body and soul has an appreciation for her. He is always courteous and possesses a sweetness of tongue for her. Even if he finds issues, he tries to adjust instead of being critical.

But the guy who pretends to love you will be less appreciative and more critical. He will find faults in your person and walks and talks of daily life and will hardly acknowledge your appreciative traits.

He will try to show you that he is perfect and if you want to be with him, you should change yourself.

Signs He Pretends To Love You - Infographic by RelationCounseling.org
All signs are in one picture.

What to do when someone pretends to love you?

You can’t force anyone to love you. Love is a heavenly gift and is spontaneous in its nature. When someone pretends to love you, it means he is all flirting and is feelingless. It is like a man without a soul. Surviving with such a guy is impossible.

What to do when someone pretends to love you

Understanding that what has been done can’t be undone and separating your ways is the wise option when someone pretends to love you. Mourning over that who was never yours is not a realistic or sensible act.

Signs he is using you.

When he is in need, he will even beg you indeed, and when you will ask for help or communication about your relationship, he will certainly make his availability impossible. This hypothetical behavior of his and his false dealings with you, are the sure signs that he is using you.

In pretended love, the motive is to use the victim for the personal benefits or soothness of one’s ego. Some even don’t have any motive but use others for nothing. It is a kind of snobbery. Snobbish people suffer from a superiority complex and to show their superiority and importance, they play with the feelings of others. 

They are hardly ashamed of themselves.

Signs he never loved you.

During your relationship, his unavailability in most crucial conditions, his indifference on the topic of the future of your relationship, his negligence while asking to visit his parents together, and his focus on physical mating rather than romance are the signs he never loved you. What he had with you, was just a time pass. 


Frankly, Tina was afraid after our research on fake and pretended love. I too was distracted that how some cheap people use others just for their timely benefits and interests.

Anyway, the world is the world. It has all colors of life with all sorts of people. And here the course of life never runs smoothly. One has to sort out the stuff that is comfortable for him. The same is the case with people.

If you find your boyfriend a fake one in love with you, talk to him about your concerns. If you truly love him, give him time to be a real man instead of being fake.

If he is ashamed and promises to be with you wholeheartedly, be with him. If he behaves rudely, put your paths aside from him, as it is better to live alone than fake people and pretended love. 

Your opinion is our union! 💕


Psychology is my passion and keenly observing relationships fascinates me. Sigmund Freud to Albert Bandura and William James to Jean Piaget has been my priorities since I am there at university. read more


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