Giving Your GF Everything & Getting Nothing In Return? 10 Tips

If you do everything for your girlfriend and get nothing in return, then don’t be emotional; try to check the issue on the scale of truth. Find the reason, it will tackle half of the issue, and preventing and eradicating those reasons will adjust the issue fully.

Whatever you do extra to avert such a situation in the future will give you extra satisfaction and happiness.

Let’s get deeper into the problem.

Reasons your girlfriend giving nothing back:

Let’s find out the possible reasons.

Absence of emotional touch.

In which atmosphere children are raised, matters and matters to a large extent. Especially girls have a special emotional connection to their fathers as they are their first love.

How dads treat their daughters, the behavior and scenario which was utilized during their childhood, become the scale on which they judge their boyfriends and husbands in their later life. A girl who had an emotional and spiritual bond with her father; later that bond will influence her while she will be with her boyfriend or husband. 

The love and care, the cuddling that girls receive from their fathers, they start expecting from their mates whether they are boyfriends or husbands.

Absence of emotional touch is the reason your girlfriend is giving you back anything

If your girlfriend had a dull and dry father, it has impacted her personality traits in her adult life. She is not able to have an emotional and spiritual bond with you because of her disturbed childhood background. And she is not at fault as she had an emotionless childhood. She was not raised in such a way as she should have been.

It can be the case with your girlfriend for whom you are doing everything but getting nothing in return.

Conflict Between Expectations and Realities.

You do everything for your girlfriend but get nothing in return because of the clash between expectations and realities . You are true to your expectations. She can also be fine with her indifference. 

We human beings, especially guys who are in love, start expecting a lot from our beloved. At the height of emotions, we seldom think realistically about whether we are limited and legal in our expectations or not.

Conflict Between Expectations and Realities is another reason she is not giving you anything

This clash between expectations and realities, once started, seldom reduces in its magnitude. In such a situation, whose expectations are not satisfied, they start overthinking negatively, and the relationship gets spoiled.

Above mentioned, both or one of them can be the possible reason for her indifferent behavior towards you. Now we shall move to the “What to do in such a case” section.

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I Do Everything For My Girlfriend and Get Nothing in Return

If you do everything for your girlfriend and get nothing in return, then what to do?

If you do everything for your girlfriend and get nothing in return, then be optimistic and look at the bright aspects of your relationship. Understand the situation and opinion of your girlfriend and be limited in your expectations

Work on your outer and inner looks. Acquire some of her habits and spend quality moments with her as it will make her devoted to your person. 

At last, give her a little space to make her realize your importance in her life.

If you are tired of giving and getting nothing in return, these valuable tips below will let you control the situation.

Be optimistic.

The optimistic approach leads to domains of happiness in relationships. It has great importance as one partner’s mood and approach have a direct connection with the other partner’s mood and approach.

Be optimistic if you want to get something from your girlfriend
Be optimistic if you want to get something from your girlfriend

If one is having an issue, the other can fix it. If both are indulged in pessimism, it becomes impossible to deal with misunderstandings and hard times. 

In this regard, you need to be optimistic. Why you should be optimistic? I shall describe it in the following point.

Look at the bright aspects.

It is the optimistic practice that assists us in looking at the bright aspects of things and persons. Do you really think that you are doing everything for your girlfriend and getting nothing in return?

If you think so, you need to reconsider your thoughts. To clap, you need two hands. If you have been treating her in an ideal way and in return, she did not materialize your expectations for a long time, your relationship had ended a long time ago. 

Look at the bright aspects if you are getting nothing back
Look at the bright aspects if you are getting nothing back

Though she is not fulfilling your expectations, yet she has been doing at least something for you. It’s a point to ponder about. Try to look at and consider these bright aspects and the positivity of her person.

Think Positive.

If one can think positively, he is enjoying one of the best blessings of God, as positive thinking leads to the valleys and values of happiness. For a long time, you have been in the thoughts that she is doing nothing for you. You need to change your opinion. 

Try to make yourself understand that though she is not coming up to your expectations, yet she is not zero in her dealings.

Consider her situation and point of view.

Sometimes we just think about ourselves and our priorities. We seldom try to consider the situation and opinion of our dear and near ones. We are captured by our own thoughts and we start assuming the results according to those thoughts. 

Consider her situation and point of view
Consider her situation and point of view

This kind of attitude devastates the relationship. Considering her situation and opinion will alleviate your concerns about your girlfriend.

In the reasons section above, we have discussed that those who are brought up with less emotional attachment find it hard to have an emotional connection with their partners in adult life. Understanding this point and considering it can lessen your ache.

Be limited in your expectations.

The happiest are those who are limited in their expectations. To burn oneself, if there is a hell on earth, it is the home of his own expectations to others.

While dealing with your girlfriend, staying limited in your expectations will bring maturity to your relationship and charm and honor to your personality. Usually, we start expecting from others without considering their situation and don’t even bother to think whether they can come up with our expectations or not.

Be limited in your expectations
Be limited in your expectations

It is the point in most of the devastations of relationships. So being limited in your expectations will be fruitful for both of you. It can also support your relationship and will give new meanings to your bond.

Acquire some of her hobbies.

Acquiring some of her hobbies will give a new touch to your mutual understanding. It will also help you in spending quality time with each other. Though it is hard to adopt the hobbies that you fancy least, yet there can be some that are manageable.

Choose them and acquire them. It will also make your girlfriend understand that you and she are having some more of the same tastes and interests. It will occupy you more of her love.

Work on your inner and outer looks.

When we consider the relationship, good looks and the sweetness of the tongue show perfection to each other. Everyone likes a cleaned body, a pure soul, and courtesy in behavior. These are considered inner and outer looks, and you should work on these. 

Work on your inner and outer looks
Work on your inner and outer looks

Try to display your best looks, as these will make you a charming guy. And charming guys get a lot in return even when they do less for their girlfriends.

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Think above the Materialistic Stuff.

If you think that giving your girlfriend materialistic stuff is enough, you are wrong. You need to have an emotional bond with her, too. Giving her expensive gifts and ignoring the element of respect will not work. Even give prestige to her choices.

For instance, if you are there in a restaurant, and you order the most expensive dish for both of you, considering that she will like it too, is a negative approach. She has her own flavors. We can’t put anyone in a golden cage, making them comprehend that it’s the best one for them.

Think above the Materialistic Stuff man
Think above the Materialistic Stuff man

So, thinking above the materialistic approach and giving her respect will make her understand that you take care of the emotional aspect too.

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Don’t take charge of her life rather, give her little space.

If you intend to make your girlfriend happy in the gilded cage, which means taking charge of her life, you will not succeed. We can’t make others happy. All we can do is to concrete the way for them to be happy. And then let them be happy in their ways.

If you have been taking charge of her life, quit it at once.

After working on the suggestions for the article, give her a little space. It will make her understand your worth and value. But remember, before giving her space, make her habitual to your person so that when she comes back, she comes back with enthusiasm.

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Have communication and be a good listener.

Understanding between love birds is very important. Better sittings of communication, with the intent of listening, render the best results. These sittings also help in understanding each other’s views.

Build up the habit of these sittings. Convey your thoughts and opinions. Tell her how high you love and take care of her.

Have communication and be a good listener.
Have communication and be a good listener.

When she comes to speak, be all ears with good listening skills. Don’t interrupt her rather, listen to understand and take her opinions seriously.

Communication is the best tool to understand situations and deal with the issues of relationships. A sitting of good communication can sweep away many misunderstandings.

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We can’t force anyone to love us. What we can do is adorn our person with lovable traits. And when we talk about love, it is unconditional. Love her and let it up to her how she responds. 

So if someone saying I do everything for my girlfriend and get nothing in return, he should reconsider his expectations and think above the materialistic approach. Adorn with more lovely traits and increase the dose of love. 

She would soon start returning you with happy stuff.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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