How to be a better boyfriend? Everything You Need to Know!

Throughout human history, guys have perceived girls with enigma and intrigue, and also with good reason. After all, everybody acknowledges that girls are different from guys. Beautiful and special, they are, and they always remain a mystery.

So, there isn’t any shock that guys frequently feel disturbed or overwhelmed in terms of dating a girl they are eager to.

You can be one of these guys. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh to dating or attempting to polish your abilities, this guide is for you.

To make things convenient, we have listed them so that they may assist you in being a solid guy in the eyes of your special, and further, they will help you succeed in your dating.

Once you’ve mastered these characteristics, you will be more self-confident and more confident with your girlfriend and that’s what she likes!

The contents of this guide will not only save you from being the “bad fellow that’s left” but assist you in becoming the “good guy that’s taken.”

We are going to cover the topic, “how to be a better boyfriend” in three chapters.

Chapter 1: Personality traits
Chapter 2: Emotional Triggers
Chapter 3: Doing and Sowing

Here are the details:

How to be a better boyfriend? A Guide by RelationCounseling.Org

Chapter 1: Personality Traits.

1) Self-Confidence but not Arrogance.

It is the number one principle to be confident

A lot of guys mix it with being arrogant. There is a significant difference in the eyes of a girl.

A confident guy puts up with the lead but is flexible and adaptable to his girl. He is gentle yet understands what he wants. He takes charge of a condition but is never domineering and imposing. 

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His behavior is cultivated and subdued, yet he stays strong. He always possesses thick skin for challenges in life but deals with them smoothly. 

He is sensitive to the needs of his girlfriend. Being confident arrives at the heart of who you are.

But you never need to externalize less-attractive manners to sound like a confident guy.

An arrogant guy is teemed of himself than anything else; he speaks more about himself.

a confident guy is a better boyfriend
a confident guy is a better boyfriend

He is not eager or sensitive to the girl he is dating, even he does not care to bring about an effort for her and is just out only for himself and his happiness.

Guys often speculate that girls just want a confident guy. 

So, they believe that being wild and obnoxious to a waiter or cutting in front of a mob will mark them some points. But, unfortunately, a thoughtful girl will behold through this aspect soon.

If you prefer to demonstrate confidence, it is a much more subtle ability. 

It comes down to being confident in courtesy, good nature, and good intentions. 

It is about dealing with people with respect.
It is almost standing your base in crucial circumstances when you understand you are right, but without being rude.
It is being a gentleman without the perception that you are a coward.
It is about standing proud of your achievements without tossing them!

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2) Leadership instead of control.

Likewise, when it moves toward being a leader , girls love guys who can put up with charge. Again, this moves hand-in-hand with being confident. 

It helps girls feel comfortable and recognize that their boy knows his direction in the world and can protect her and potentially their home in the future. It’s a very important, instinctual need for girls, and it moves a long way.

That is not to assert that it always requires to be in the main area, such as being a leader in your business. Even if you possess a formal job or not at all, being a leader can just say putting up with charge. 

For example, when reaching a restaurant, you speak to the hostess and ask her for a table. You also walk forward of your girl when the waitress is directing you to your table. 

Leadership instead of controlling habits will make you a better boyfriend
Leadership instead of controlling habits will make you a better boyfriend

Here you are leading your girlfriend, even in the formal etiquette books. A guy directs the way to a table in a restaurant.

Here we observe a popular scene: A girl accompanies a guy with her to a car dealership so that he may enable her to deal. Yet, when they reach, he only sits quietly next to her while she handles all the talking. 

It is the main turn off and you can speculate that the girl will be disheartened. You should not speak beyond your knowledge core but be assertive. Do your own research so you retain some indication of what you are talking about.

So guys, be conscious of the particular areas where guys are anticipated to lead! It will move a long, long way with your girl.

Remember, it differs from being controlling. When you lead, you just propose a date but put the definitive decision up to her.

3) Be Funny but Witty.

Girls love the guys who make them smile and laugh. If you are funny, you are already a great date and can persuade her. 

Presently, many guys are too serious. It is boring for girls. They like someone who is witty and at the same time shows self-confidence. Girls want a sense of witty humor.

It does not suggest that you should crack ridiculous jokes all the time, or talk in sarcastic tones. It will make you soon look like a nut.

Rather, too much or less, witty humor is something that you can sprinkle here and there. You can also be amusing sometimes. It is all about a matter of measure.

Anyway, one thing is sure, not plenty of guys are properly humorous and if being funny, you settle yourself out there, she would love it more and would think to herself that she is having the best boyfriend in the town.

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4) Know what she wants.

Usually, we have to ask for the things that we want. It is considered common, as there is nothing exceptional about it. So, after getting our wishes fulfilled, we stay calm.

But there is another aspect of this phenomenon. If we crave something and get it without asking, it is something exceptional.

Remember, joys are of two types.

1) Expected joys.
2) Unexpected joys.

Expected joys are sweet, but unexpected joys are richer in mellowness.

To have those things for which we have planned or negotiated with others brings sweetness to us but to see materializing those wishes which were there in our sole minds and hearts files us above the heavens.

If you can produce such feelings in her, you are the best one among all the boyfriends in the world.

Wait, boy! You, yes, you can do it.

how can I be a better boyfriend? Know what she wants
how can I be a better boyfriend? Know what she wants

What you have to do in this regard is to peep inside her mind. And you can do it by observing her minutely. Your observation should base on the core of her nature and about her likings and disliking.

If you find difficulty to do so, then just try to discover what she likes in food what she has a preference for dressing. One more thing in this regard, also discover which are the things and events that are a source of amazement to her

Remember the special days of her life and accompany her during those days.

If you wish to be there in her heart with only a click, just render all your love and care to her during her special monthly days. Your care during this time would occupy you more than ever space in her heart.

In short, help her without asking. Accompany her before she craves and offer her what she wants even before she utters by the tongue.

5) Fight Your Ego.

Handling the ego is a complicated thing. Lots of guys think that they need to get into their egos, as it instantly likens to their male dignity. Some girls even employ the male ego to advantage, enhancing it until they earn what they want.

However, it’s the truth that ego is your biggest enemy, no matter if you are a girl or a guy. Girls have acquired a better grip on it over the years, but guys are still often enslaved to this devil.

Why is ego a bad trait? 

Because it creates stubbornness and the desires and beliefs are poisoned in it. When you heed or give in to the ego, you are not free (opposite to what many may believe). 

It is paramount to look at your activities or statements and evaluate them.

Ego frequently kicks in when fear is involved—for example, fear of rejection, fear of losing control, and fear of the unknown.

You need to admit that feeling of fear so that you can get ahead

it. When you understand how much enslaved you are to the ego, you would be able to break free.

For instance, you may be scared of losing control, and as an outcome, you determine when and how you discover your date. If she can not make it for some reason, you instantly pick it personally and go out of control. 

You attempt to inflict your beliefs on her, or you try to ‘retaliate’ by not planning anything more for a long time. In such a situation, your ego is directing you in the wrong direction. 

She may be an incredible girl, but you are enslaved by your emotions of fear of losing control.

Do not do it. When you like her, do not let your ego devastate the

relationship. She would see through that and may even react with a

counter-attack of ego-stroking. 

It can become a violent circle of manipulation. Both of you would be losers in such a case. Instead, you could be the winner.

So, just see when you act out of the ego or when it is genuine. Eradicate the ego states and enjoy the road.

6) Be a Good Listener.

Girls are different from guys. When you are in a relationship with a girl, you are required to put yourself in her shoes. While you may prefer to process an issue internally and then appear with a solution. 

Girls usually know about the solution already or are not even pursuing one, to begin with. So it is significant for girls to know that someone else is paying attention to listen actively to what they are explaining.

So, if your girlfriend is grumbling to you about her friends, or her day, or anything else, actually, she may be venting. Do not interrupt her every two or three seconds with an indication of how to settle the things; just let her speak freely! 

Good listening habit can make you a way better boyfriend than before
Good listening habit can make you a way better boyfriend than before

Do not reject what she’s saying as irrelevant or trivial, and do not try to be judgmental! It is repeated, certainly do not dismiss or judge!

Even if it is unfavorable or sad, let her finish first.

Once a girl has vented, she would feel lighter and would be grateful for your patience and toleration. Only advise her or a fix if she seeks it. 

Otherwise, it would be better to say “Yes, that must be difficult” or “You must feel exhausted” or “That must have been hurting.” Notice how you are understanding her sentiments as opposed to advising her on how to tackle the problem. You can ask her questions.

It would be logical to her that you ever wish to understand your girl.

7) Be Compassionate.

It is related to being a great listener . You need to sympathize with your girlfriend’s problems or challenges. Do not reject them but patiently go to imagine oneself in their shoes. 

How would you see or feel if this had happened to you?

Embrace her or cuddle up when she is sad or anxious. Touch is always very special, so do not underrate the value of physical contact.

Do something special for her to support her out in a hard moment. 

If she is sick, call to check up on her, carry her groceries, cook her meal even drive her to a doctor’s appointment.

If she is bombed by the job interview, talk about possible solutions and encourage her for the next one. Give her a warm hug and motivate her that you are confident that ultimately she would be succeeded.

8) Be Generous and a gentleman.

Too many guys are concerned with the impression of “gold diggers.” It is a misunderstood and misused idea, and it is easy to hide behind it.

When you are dating, it is important to be generous. 

Perhaps you already are generous, or probably you tend to be on the tightfisted aspect of the equation. Do not be stingy in this regard. Here you need to be generous, very generous!

Today, guys incline to earn more money and possess easier developments in their careers. This truth alone should make you excited about being able to treat your girl.

So, what does it suggest when we say to be generous?

Be Generous and a gentleman
Be Generous and a gentleman

Well, simply you can spend for dinners that you are having with her. You should not even ask if she can pay. Buy for her something if you are out, you can bring her flowers, even you can buy food when you people are cooking together; if it is affordable for you, you plan a trip. 

It would get you far!

Being gentleman sounds cliched, but usually, girls adore it when guys prefer to open car doors for their girlfriends and carry their suitcases or bags. You can ask your girl if she is comfortable with the temperature in the car.

Again, it is reminded that little things can move a far way with girls. You should not get lazy or dormant because these little acts will differentiate you from the rest of the guys.

9) Do not be a snob and do not keep talking about yourself.

Snobs are those who like and appreciate themselves. To them just they are the whole world, and these are only those who know everything.

It is a bad trait. It can’t be appreciated. To some extent, we all are snobs, but it should remain to some extent. So here we highly recommend avoiding this complex in order to be the best boyfriend of your girl. 

Coming back about the admiration of oneself all the time, it is natural to be uncomfortable on a date. Some guys talk more, while others talk less when they find themselves under stress. 

However, keep it under control. Do not keep talking about yourself all the time. It will give an impression that you are self-centered. Girls do not like to be with a guy who is egocentric, who just cares about himself and his tales.

So at the start point of the relationship, ask questions about her life or just talk about common subjects so that both of you may participate in the discussion. 

It would be a lighthearted conversation. When both of you would share something about yourself and talk about recent events, a stronger relationship is usually the result.

10) Dress Nicely and Be Clean.

Being a single guy, you may possess the habit of being casual and relieved. Maybe you do not take care of your shave or beard or clean your apartment, for instance. 

You would be shocked by how terrible an impression you would earn if your places are not tidy. If you are inviting your girlfriend to your place, organize the things first, neat and clean everything up and make her visit your place in the best possible light.

Make sure to maintain your bathroom clean! Don’t fail to clean your toilet, too. When a guy demonstrates that he is not too sanitary, it can certainly disgust any girl and there are chances that you would lose her just because of uncleanliness. 

She will like it if you dress up nicely
She will like it if you dress up nicely

Usually, girls have the tendency to hold a strong standard of cleanliness, so the more you do it, the more it will be better.

When you are making yourself ready for a date, dress neatly and nicely. Do not wear sandals that reveal your toes unless you are intending to go somewhere outdoors and it’s the summer. 

Usually, guys’ toes are not attractive, and many girls would much rather see a guy who is wearing closed shoes.

At the start of your relationship, be more conscious about dressing. Wear an elegant shirt as for as colors are concerned, go with grey or blue. Even you can put on pink, but the shade should be decent.

Your dressing sense would appeal to her a lot.

Know about the occasions and dress yourself accordingly.

Chapter 2: Emotional Triggers

Girls are emotional creatures. They are always sensitive and loving. So make a girl feel unique and special by unlocking those particular channels and attaching with them to that level. 

When a girl starts feeling special, it connects her to you. You make people start loving you based on how you make them feel. So if you make her feel deep, special and loving, you are surely on your way to catching her heart.

It is really not hard to do. Guys have an inclination to think over this. Here to be a better boyfriend, you need to be courteous, friendly, romantic, and ready to build special feelings between both of you.

The reverse of it is also true. When guys quit it, then the chemistry and the relationship disappear instantly. It is why it is said that relationship demands work on it. 

This work is not only around a practical point of view; rather, it is in maintaining the connection active and, of course, both of the parties are demanded to work at it. 

But, since this article talks about what a guy should do to be the best boyfriend of her girl, we are concentrating on this point.

Your girlfriend is like a flower for you. You need to water your flower and provide her with regular sunshine. Otherwise, she will hang her head and wilt.

1) Create some magic.

How to create magic for one’s girlfriend and make her crazy by doing something exceptional is a frequently dwelled question in a guy’s mind.

Life is not easy for everyone, especially for those who are just starting their careers or are planning for a better initiative. 

There are responsibilities, anxiety, financial stress, family responsibilities, and much more. You name it creeping up in daily lives and in such conditions, one forgets to create magic.

Anyway, it is valuable to recollect that there is consistently something amazing and stunning about every day you live. Be thankful for what you possess and who you meet. Just try to be optimistic in every situation and with every person.

When it comes to dating and impressing your girlfriend, if you understand how to create magic times, you would improve the chemistry and relationship between both of you. 

We clarify magic by saying or performing things that are out of the list of the ordinary. But remember, they are usually over the main type of gestures. These are emotional times that develop memorable recollections.

This sort of behavior needs a bit of spontaneity and a bit of risk-taking, but its rewards are tremendous. When you create magical times, you invigorate everything not only in your own body and the brain but also in hers. 

It helps in bonding and connecting both of you. You would be amazed to know how convenient it is to do and how much influence it is.

Let us provide you with some examples:

✍ Let’s suppose you had your first date, and you guess you made merry in each other’s company. Instead of the typical thing of going for drinks after the meal, you take your girlfriend to a promenade on the beach. 

There, in splashing waves of sand, you both are fully in amazement. The moon is reflecting in the water, and there is the sound and the smell of seawater. 

It is mystic. It is magic. Even you do not need to talk.

Just hold her hand and do not bother to say anything
Just hold her hand and do not bother to say anything

Just hold her hand and do not bother to say anything. Then halt for a while, kiss her gently and carry on the love walk. You could be a bit crazy splashing and running through the sea waves if the water is cozy enough. 

The choices are endless, and these times will be memorable for you and your girlfriend.

✍ Rather than a standard date, go with her on a trip of something different and interesting.

You can arrange a drive through wonderful scenery or tour an exceptional area. Show her chronological landmark and give her an account of the background on it while you are on the way to your date. 

For a moment, stop your car and hold her hand to look into her eyes. Be romantic with her. Sing a song for her.

The energy that is created between two human beings tries to exchange that. It would be more influential than anything else you say or do. It is something that can’t be seen, but you can certainly feel it. 

Remember, do not try to make it sexual rather, adorn it with a romantic and gentle mood.

✍ You can create a surprise if you know what sort of music she loves. And by the way, being her boyfriend, you should know it. Download her favorite music and play it in the car while you are steering to the date. 

When you discuss it, have a deep look into her eyes. Try to discover that relation. 

It is what we call magic. If it seems adequate, kiss her gently, extremely gently. Again, for your kind notice, do not try to make it sexual, just kiss her and keep going.

We are sure you can imagine by now. When you attempt to create these magics, the sky becomes the limit. You can create lots of charm for yourself and for your girlfriend if you maintain it romantic and non-sexual. 

Kiss her softly and then focus on steering. Touch her hands, then her shoulder and back and keep going. These kinds of moments really strengthen the connection. It will turn her mad for you. 

These things literally build chemistry and indicate you truly care and are interested.

2) Be Passionate.

In today’s capitalistic community that concentrates on shallow traditions, people have nearly forgotten how to be passionate. We are certainly not talking about being passionate about your hobbies, your car, your house, your job, or the rest of the materialistic things. 

We are also not discussing passion in the sense of sex.

True passion is required to become a better boyfriend
True passion is required to become a better boyfriend

Passion is above these things. It is a passion for love and a passion for life. Here, passion means living at the loftiest emotional level by which you create a promising connection with your special girl. It is a subtle skill that passes over the French kisses and other sexual boosts. 

True passion is the passion of the soul. It directs the way toward that girl for whom you are passionate.

It is about being in touch with yourself and understanding what you have to give the girl you love. It is about touching her hair and relishing the smell of it. 

It is about touching her cheeks and experiencing the tingling while you do it. It is about being sensitive to your girlfriend and embracing that particular moment.

Try to be a passionate guy in such a way. Be passionate regarding the love you would love to create and about the life you would want to live. 

Feel comfortable and understand that there are many special moments that can be developed between two human beings. 

Do not let yourself routinely go through the emotions. Settle your feelings into it. It is how the special connection is created. If you intend to touch her hand, touch that with feeling. If you are seeing into her eyes, look sincerely and clearly.

These gestures based on feelings transcend wild sexuality and temptation. Though it is subtle, yet exceptionally a powerful tool.

3) Space and accessibility.

Another aspect that makes us want to fall in love and be crazy is when we feel the individual we love is slightly out of our reach. It is about being out of control that creates special feelings.

Have you discovered that when someone is always available and is easy to reach, you lose the chemistry and charm? We believe you have. 

You are the guy who enjoys the chase. Nonetheless, it is not much about the chase as it is about driving the relationship and being in influence as you are the guy. It is not as being controlling. 

No, handsome guy, it is about creating a background where everything grows for you people.

So if your girl is just a little of space, then there are chances that she would have a craze for you and more likely to fall for you. It does not mean not calling back, disappearing from the scene, being uncertain, or being a jerk. 

It is a way to awaken the dormant feelings affecting you and your girlfriend that have faded gradually.

Make it to know how much you are involved with each other.

Remember to be a nice and delightful guy, but not a game player. Be interesting and productive to her. Do not put it all out there. Here and there, maintain a little secret in order to trigger her curiosity. 

It will make you not only a better boyfriend but also the beloved guy of your girl.

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4) Charm and Gallantry.

Always be a charming and chivalrous guy for your girlfriend. These traits should not only be reflected in actions but in your overall behavior too.

Bring your girlfriend home and stay until she is inside her home before you drive off. Open the doors for her. You should take a step on the right hand of the street or road, which means that she is protected from oncoming cars. 

If you are drinking something, pour her drink first. Provide her with the best seat while you are in the theatre. Don’t be dominant by imposing your favorite things on her.

Being elegant and respectful would make you the best boyfriend in the world. Never be sloppy about things. Always act with attention. Do not try to do things robotically. 

Have feelings about everything you do and say. Be an aware guy.

5) Physical Touch.

How to touch your girlfriend is a million-dollar question, and it should be as we can weigh it in gold.

Physical touch is certainly essential. It is like tending to a garden. Girls are always sensitive to physical touch, but you must do it rightly. No absurd movements, fierce kisses, or wild touches. 

Your touch should be gentle and sensual. Even if you intend to have sex, don’t do it in blue films’ style. 

Real-life sex is different from the sex of the blue industry. You should put your passion and respect for your girlfriend before you start any kind of physical activity.

Respect suggests no vulgar and over-sexual gestures. Instead, you should concentrate on being romantic and sensual. When the guy is romantic, it makes the girl dream. These feelings send her to the seventh heaven.

Physical touch includes:

Touch the hands, shoulder, or lower back of your girlfriend, but very briefly and gently. It would be enough to send through that flash of energy through her body.

✍ Kiss her gently, passionately, and in the best possible sensual way. Do not try to overdo the manly stuff and do not be overbearing. But, do not be over gentle. It would disturb energy flows. 

Kissing is a real art, and just a few guys know how to kiss a girl. Yet, be sure, it is the most influential, if not the most powerful, means of making a girl yours.

Holding her hands, do it spontaneous manner and not constantly. It would be enough to trigger her attention and curiosity, but don’t forget to be in control whether you are holding her hand or not.

Cuddling is a tremendous way to create more closeness with your girlfriend
Cuddling is a tremendous way to create more closeness with your girlfriend

✍ Cuddling is a tremendous way to create more closeness with your girlfriend. While cuddling, don’t take it to the next level. 

The next level means don’t try to intimate. Don’t slip by your feelings, so stop it just in time. It will indicate that you are confident and know how to control, and we can ensure you; she will crave more. 

But maintain that suspense for a little while. It is about creating anticipation!

✍ Whisper the love into her ear. It is the sexiest thing to do. But you should find the right time for this. It will build more attraction and sensuality. Keep your whisper short, and do not say anything sexual. Instead, admire her beauty. 

Be careful about saying cheesy things. It requires to be light and spontaneous. Also, be charming when you do it.

Chapter 3: Doing and sowing.

Here, we shall discuss how you can add more charm to your role as a boyfriend. 

Small actions of love and care would enhance not only your interest in your girlfriend, but she would also crave you to the heights of the heavens.

1) Bring her Flowers.

Remember to bring her flowers. On your early dates, it is very important. Latter, you can miss some of these off and on. Girls love flowers.

Being a special and creative guy, you can also bring just one flower each time you see her. It would get you noticed and she would love your doing and sowing.

2) Send her Little Gifts. 

It does not mean that you have to give her things constantly. What it suggests is that once in a while, you can express to her you care by sending her a little something special. 

Or, if you go on a trip, you can bring her a souvenir. Or it can be you see something online and order it for her. The list is long in this regard, but those little doings and sowings will score you points, so don’t ignore them.

3) Pick Her Up.

It’s not a matter how far you people live from each other; give priority to picking her up. We are not saying that you need to do it regularly.

This little effort of yours will enhance her love for you. She would think that her boyfriend is all love and care.

If you meet each other online, then it would be reasonable for each of you to drive to meet at a neutral location.

Anyway, if you pick her, it would be a good gesture and would mean to her that you are ready to work for what you desire. And it is considered a highly sought-after attribute.

4) Be Creative and have some novelty.

To be creative never means being weird or bizarre. Girls like normalcy with a little touch of novelty.

Believe it or not, it is difficult to find guys that remain normal. There are more weird guys than normal in dating.

That’s why we suggest you be creative. It indicates coming up with delightful activities, mixing them up, not putting them into a routine way.

What is boring about the date?

✍ Going out to eat at the same 3 or 4 restaurants and to be too lazy to attempt for novelty.

✍ Always planning for a movie at home.

✍ Being such a guy who does not have any attractions beyond his work.

✍ Being a typical guy who always says similar stuff or utilizes indistinguishable sentences while texting or calling.

So, avoid doing so. Mix the things up. You should think above the routine box and develop some fun times. Find some new spots to visit, museums to visit, and rock the outdoor concerts.

5) Show your care about her pets.

If she has pets like dogs or cats, bring gifts for them occasionally. Reveal your affection to them when you come over. Touch them. If possible, play with them. 

It will make your bond with her more strongly. Pets are very beloved to girls. So you need to be kind to them in order to be beloved by your girlfriend. So, never tease her animals. It is a certain fire way to earn the boot.

6) Wish Her Goodnight, Sweet Dreams.

If you send her a timely text wishing her sweet dreams, it would be a bonus point. Out of it, do not make a long conversation. Just concisely reveal to her that you are feeling of her. 

It produces sweet feelings when a girl gets that from her guy. It provides a sense of protection and enhances the mellow sweetness. Girls like this sort of sweetness in their guys.

7) Embrace her hobby.

What does your girlfriend do for fun? What kind of hobbies is she having? Does she prefer hiking or like playing tennis or loves painting or gardening?

Give attention to her likes and interests and when you get a chance, gift her little things related to her hobby. It will work for an extended period. It is not that difficult to do, but it would send her a signal that you are caring and you are interested and that you give her attention and dedication.

So, if your girlfriend likes portraits and you come to know that there is an exhibition at a local museum, make her visit.

If in sports she likes, be there off and on to watch her play.

If she loves gardening, praise her on her garden and buy her a fresh plant. The list can be long, but all it demands is giving a little bit of dedication and attention.

8) Promote romanticism and use romantic Words. 

Girls love romance. It can be expressed in various ways. One of the ways to express it is to utilize romantic language. 

Be careful, though, not utilize it in the starting days of dating, and even do not do it over.

Embrace her hobby to become her second half
Embrace her hobby to become her second half

When you spend sufficiently time understanding each other, you can even call her and share good gossip with each other. Giving her a unique and cute nickname would be a good idea.

Romantic language needs to be short. Not use it in every two seconds. Use the romantic words sparingly so that they may not lose their charm. It will have a powerful impact.

9) Discuss the topics of her interest. 

The main ingredient of a relationship is good communication. You should be a good and fluent speaker, whether it is about intimacy, feelings, or practical issues.

Discuss the topics of her interest to make her comfortable with you
Discuss the topics of her interest to make her comfortable with you

So, try to be an interesting guy:

✍ Do not keep talking about sports or aspects that are related to you.

Prove that you possess an open mind that you watch about what is happening in the world around you.

✍ Prove that you are able to talk about traveling, interesting countries, and different cultures, nature, current affairs, family issues, animals, museums and about movies, etc.

The purpose is to indicate that you are a curious and intelligent guy, not like someone who only takes an interest in beer football.

10) Give her surprises. 

Some girls love surprises while others do not. We would confess that majority do. So, buying her a gift that is a favorite to her would be a surprise to her. Even to buy it from her favorite store and drive her over there sounds like a great surprise. 

Buying her a book about that she has been talking, accompanying her to that exhibit she always craved to attend, reserving a weekend outing for a particular town she has been wanting to tour would amaze her. 

These are examples of surprising and fun. These are the things you can do. These efforts usually go a long way.

Listen to everything that she tells and talks about. If you heed her, you would be able to know about the things she yearns to do.

It will come with a couple of results at the same time:

✍ It will verify that you remain attentive to her and care about her needs; it will prove that you are an effective listener and that you are productive and creative. 

✍ This will bring you more close to her and will help you to be a better boyfriend. So just keep it up!

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Well, it’s time to wrap it up. We hope you have been able to find useful pieces of information from this article. As we mentioned earlier, a strong relationship is the crop of different factors like practice, creativity, novelty, inspiration, dedication, and bravery, of course.

Examine what helps best for you and with which you struggle.

You can not determine to be promising at everything, so we suggest mixing things up.

Trust yourself, and you will be okay.

Every strong relationship demands a high level of trust, goodness, and honesty.

Having the three qualities mentioned above would help you not only to become a better partner of your girl, but these values will also make you more mature and civilized.

In today’s world, we frequently overlook the importance of love. Because the vast list of daily stresses that we experience on a regular basis betray us from our love.

Anyway, as you are more aware of your own efforts and how they may be recognized by your girlfriend, you are in a greater position to be succeeded in becoming a better boyfriend. 

See things from their end. We hope that having you as her boyfriend would make your girlfriend feel proud. You have treasures in your heart that are there for your girlfriend to see. 

Be thankful for all that she does for you and try to build yourself as a better boyfriend, adopting the traits that we have mentioned in this article. 

Be grateful for having the sense to improve your role as a boyfriend. You can feel great about it. As when you feel great, you are able to achieve sublimity that you have never reached before.

So just start today, and you would earn the benefits tomorrow!

Your opinion is our union! 💕


Usman started his relationship back in July 2012. After many ups and downs, on 13 December 2020, he married the same girl. With 10+ years of a happy relationship, he knows how a relationship works, and the keys to happy relations. read more


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