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Usman Hussain is the founder of RelationCounseling.org.

Here, I write about common relationship problems & solutions.

My motive is better relations, happy life.

I started my relationship back in July 2012. As you know, the course of relationships never runs smoothly. It has its own ups and downs. I faced them, adjusted them, and at last got a happy ending later, on 13 December 2020, when I got married to the same girl.

Frankly, marriage is not a happy ending, though. While being under the same roof, problems and issues are produced along with babies. We are not irrespective too. I adjust the issues and make life happy to happier. 

How I do it, and how I manage the issues, I am here to share that with you so that you may also enjoy your relationships and married lives.

As I am with the same girl, I am having the same ups and downs. I am still adjusting to things happily. So till now, I have learned how to extract happiness from relationships even when there is little chance. 

Now I am having a happy relationship for more than 10 years! 

What I want is a real happy ending. And it is when we grow old I say goodbye to the world my wife would comment, “Yeah, he was a nice guy, he knew relations and art of happy relations. I had the best time with him.”

Psychology of relationships and the nature of married couples are my favorite subjects to me. I am a student of it; learning more and more through different certifications. But the above certificates are my study, research, and practicals regarding relationships.

So far, I am certified in Psychological First Aid  and Inspiring and Motivating Individuals .

If you are looking for any personal coaching, message me at [email protected]

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