How To Make Him Worry About Losing You? Be His SOULMATE!

If you want to make a guy afraid of losing you, become his need and make him realize he can’t survive without you. If you become his need, he is not going anywhere.

But, it needs serious action to become his need. So, are you ready to work on your relationship?

Yes? Then, set your goal to become his spiritual partner and when you become so, you both will be soulmates. 💚

Let’s get into the topic and first, understand the needs of a man.

What does a man need in a relationship?

If you try to understand what your guy wants and try to fulfill his needs, then why would he leave you?

Understanding and respecting your partner’s needs is very crucial in every relationship. It is something on which your relationship building stands.

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These needs can vary from person to person, but here are the most important ones. Consider it as a first step to understanding your partner better. 


It may sound strange, but men need appreciation. They need to get admired for what they do. 1 

If you start appreciating his daily routine activities, he will start liking you more and more and will fall in love. But, if you don’t, anyone else can do so and you might lose him!

So, appreciate him and make him feel like you are with him.

Understand him & his nature.

Sometimes, men are more complex than girls to understand. Only a true soulmate understands his partner. So, you need to be.

First, try to understand his life’s motives and goals. You can do so by encouraging him to discuss them with you. 2

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Then, understand his nature. He might be the one who loves to hang over with friends, or the one who loves to spend time alone.

Understand him and let him know that you value him.

Listen to him.

Sometimes, we all need someone who just listens to us. It is super normal. 3

It is quite normal that we might get frustrated or get angry because of society, school, or even friends. Then, we need someone special who listens to us. After that, it makes us comfortable.

It is human psychology.

Your boyfriend also needs someone who just listens to him, not interrupts him. Become that one. 💚

Attractive Physique.

An attractive physique is what men can’t ignore. You can dress up like how he likes to or can start any physical exercise to become more attractive than before.

Believe it or not, it is his need by nature.

Physical Intimacy.

Sex is an important part of every relationship. But, do you know what is more important? Romance.

Men enjoy sex talks, touching, romance, and physical intimacy. So, focus on having a romantic relationship.

It is all about passion.

What Does A Man Need In A Relationship - Infographic by RelationCounseling.Org
All points in one picture.

How to become his soulmate?

By respecting him, caring for him more, adding humor, and adopting some of his habits, you can become his true soulmate.

Once you become his soulmate, you both will be dependent on each other. Hence, he will not leave you ever. Rather, he will become closer and closer to you and love you more than before.

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Let’s see how can you do so. 🙂

Adopt His Habits.

Soulmates act identical. This is how they get recognized.

It is why you need to adopt some of his habits, especially the ones about which he is more concerned. If you do so, you are on the journey to becoming his soulmate.

It can be playing games, doing some humor, traveling, or hanging out. 

If you join him in his habits, he will become your habitual and if anytime you did not join him, he will miss your existence.

Care & Respect.

Men like to get cared. Care him that no one can. Care that gets him to miss you when he is not with you, after all, you are his soulmate.

Same goes for respect.

A relationship can survive in difficult situations, but a relationship cannot survive long without respect. It is the reason, learn to care and respect him.

Put your phone away.

It is important.

If you both are having time together, it is important to pay attention to each other. When you are sitting somewhere and he joined you, put your phone down immediately and pay attention to him.

It will let him understand how much he is important to you. 

Don’t be fake.

Guys can smell fakeness, don’t try to be over-smart. 

After all, it is not a good thing to do so.

Someone may suggest you act the way you are not normally doing so to impress him. I want to let you understand that it will not work in the longer run. 

Behave like you are and let him know he is important to you. Yes, you can adopt his habits to become his soulmate, but be real. 

Do not try to change him.

Men usually do not change themselves. They only change themselves when they truly care about it. 

If you try to change him, he might start disliking you. 

If he has some bad habits, try to become his soulmate first. Now, he is dependent on you and already wants you at every cost. Now, you can try gently and slowly to mold his bad habits. 

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how to make a guy be afraid of losing you - How To Make Him Worry About Losing You

How to make a guy be afraid of losing you?

Guys are afraid to lose someone who is adding some value to their lives and part of their daily activities. A person who has become our habit is more important than any other.

It is why you need to become his soulmate. Think big, think long-term.

If you have become his soulmate, you already have solved the problem.

The below points will help you further to make him afraid of losing you.

Tell him how you feel.

It will let him know about your feelings and surely, he will respect your feelings. 

If you have shared your feelings with him, now, he knows you like him and he will give you importance. This way, he will not think of losing you as you care about him and you are the one with which he feels comfortable.

Make him feel comfortable.

We only feel relaxed and comfortable with only the special ones. It only can happen when you care for him, try to become like him, let him know you like him, and do fun activities together. 

make him comfortable to make him afraid of losing you
make him comfortable to make him afraid of losing you

It is quite common for us to get tired mentally and physically because of our daily activities. Then, we need someone with which we can get relaxed.

Become that one.

Once you become his that one, he will afraid to lose you.

Make time for cuddles and conversation.

Happy and fun time makes memories that we always miss. Fun conversations will let you better understand him, connect with him, and become a frank person with whom he loves to open up.

Remember, men don’t open up to everyone.

Further, cuddles help us to make an emotional connection with ease. When you see he is sad, or emotional, cuddle him. He needs it. 

Cuddles and good conversation will help you to connect with him emotionally. When you become his partner of emotions, he will definitely be afraid to lose you.

Don’t play games.

As I said earlier, be real and be honest.

If you do not reply to him to show that you are busy, he will eventually feel it and start ignoring you; that will hurt you more. Be real and behave real.

Think about it, if you become a person who he first messages or calls when he needs help and you respond immediately to help him out, why would he even think of leaving you?

Instead, he will be afraid to lose you.

Give him some space.

It may sound weird, but at some point, give him some space. 

Let him miss your care, your feelings, your support, and let him miss you. It will let him know your importance in his life.

But, you need to do this with care. It is why I recommend you to learn how to give him space.

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All points in one picture for you.


It is quite common for boys to leave someone and move on. So, it is necessary to learn how to make him worry about losing you.

For this, try to become his soulmate. Soulmates are the ones who live happily and have a happy relationship.

If you become his soulmate, he will be afraid to lose and take care of you more than before, as you are precious to him now. Further, it will remove the fear of breakup in your committed relationship.

If you still have any doubts, comment down, and I will be back to you.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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