How to make him marry you & be your soulmate?

Guys want to get married when they feel incomplete and whom with they want to marry? 1 The one who makes them complete. 💚

To make him marry you, you need to understand him, become his need, make him comfortable, trust him a lot, and have to build an emotional relationship with him.

Boys usually continue their relationships even when they know, they will not get married here. It is why it is important to convince him psychologically to get married to you.

I had over eight years of relationship with my girlfriend when I get married to her. Now, I know the science behind all this.

I am sharing secret hacks to make him marry you. Stick with me, and make your love be with you forever. 💚

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See where your relationship is standing.

Before marriage or before convincing him to start a new life journey with you, first analyze the situation. To assess, ask yourself:

  • Does he love you or is only time passing with you?
  • Is he the one whom with you can spend your entire life?
  • Will he protect and support you in critical events of your life?
  • Does he already want to marry you but never discussed it with you?
  • If you discuss your will, will he say yes?

If you are feeling positive with these assessments, be confident, and start working on the below points to make your guy marry you.

How To Make Him Marry You & Become Soulmate -

How to make him marry you?

To make him marry you, set your goal to become his soulmate. Be there to support him, listen to him, appreciate him, and encourage him in his life goals.

He will marry you only when you add value to his life and become the reason for his smile. 2

Consider these points minutely to become his soulmate and better half. If you become so. Then, how can he live without his better half? 3

1. Become his need.

If you are serious about your relationship with him, then you must be focused on becoming his need. 

How can you do so?

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  • Develop Mutual Understandings: there are only a few people who really understand our nature. Become the one. 
  • Know each other better: a true friend can see the sadness behind a fake smile. Can you?
  • Support him: if he decided to take action about his career or life, support him. Tell him you are with him and believe in him.

If you work on the above points, you will become his better half. 

Whenever he will be away from you, he will be thinking about you, your support, and want to be with you again. You will become his comfort. 💚

2. Make him want you.

A true couple loves each other. 

When you are trying to become his needs, also make him want you and come after you.

 For this:

  • Respect him: respect is mandatory in every relationship. You can do so by talking to him politely, listening to him actively, and putting your phone away when you are both together.
  • Have a sense of humor: humor helps people mix up. When you both develop the same kind of sense of humor, you both will be true fellows.
  • Appreciate him: it is important. Normally, people only criticize us, and our decisions. But, you need to appreciate him for his life decisions.
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These are the small things that cause him to desire you. Because you are the one who takes care of small things for him, but no one else.

This will keep him interested and make him fall in love with you even more.

3. Do not try to mold his nature.

Guys hate it when someone tries to mold their nature. We just hate it!

If you are serious to have a long-term relationship with him, do not want to change him. Live with him, enjoy with him, and appreciate him.

If you see any bad habit in him that you really want to change, first, make him comfortable and win his confidence. Then, politely let him know about his bad habits and encourage him if he considers it changing.

You can say: it will be great if you stop drinking alcohol. Look, it is bad for your health too.

4. Build trust & comfort.

I have seen many marriages break up due to a lack of trust. 

Now you have time, you are just building up your relationship; you need to work on building 100% commitment and trust. A trust that never shakes, even if you see him laughing with another woman.

A trust that keeps you confident and normal, even if he is talking to other girls. Why? Because you know, he is only yours and he is not going to leave you.

how to make him want to marry you fast - build trust and comfort

This level of trust builds confidence and makes a comfortable and peaceful relationship.

To build this trust:

  • First, learn to trust him, a blind trust. Let him know, that you trust him. Then, let him do whatever he wants in his life with the confidence that he will not break your trust.
  • When you build trust in him, then make him trust you that you will not leave him ever, you will be with him forever, you will be his true soulmate, and you will make him happy at all costs.

This will make a peaceful, comfortable, and misunderstandings-free relationship. You will be the one whom with he will feel comfortable. 💚

5. Share everything.

Be open and share everything. If he doesn’t know about you something, who will know?

Sharing is important. It makes the connection real and meaningful. It makes us feel that there is someone who will truly listen to me and understand me. 

It also gives us a feeling that I know everything about my partner. It really feels bad when we learn something about our partner from anyone else!

But remember, do not talk a lot at the same time that your partner gets irritated with you! Share things according to his mood, talk politely, and when he is not in the mood, do not disturb him. 

You can also ask for his mood first.

Just like you sharing, also make him share his things and thoughts with you. You can ask questions and convince him he will share everything with you without any hesitation.

If he is shy, learn how to get a guy to open up to you.

6. Get ready for him.

Men love what they see. It is important to get it understood completely.

Men only get attracted to girls who have great physiques, and pleasant dressing sense. 

If you want your boy to be attracted by you only, then you need to work on yourself. Develop an impressive figure, and always get ready for him.

If you are fulfilling his desire for beauty, why would he be attracted to other girls?

7. Make an emotional connection.

It is the emotional bond that frees us from materialistic things and purifies our relationship to have only love.

If you become his emotional partner, he will want to marry you at any cost. 

Make an emotional bond before getting married.
Make an emotional bond before getting married.

When his emotions get attached to you, he will be yours for a lifetime. And a woman like you deserves this.

To accomplish this, you need to encourage him in his daily activities, his hobbies, and support him when he feels down and gets emotionally sick. 

We only can feel when a person needs emotional support. Feel it, and don’t forget to support him when he truly needs it.

8. Be a confident girl.

Focus on your goals and life. Now, it may sound weird, but guys love the girls who have a vision in their lives.

It makes him realize you are serious about life goals and you are not the rest of the girls. You are a special one. So, love yourself, be confident and be serious about life’s goals.

9. He needs to admire you.

How could he marry you, if he never admired you?

All the previous points will help you to become his favorite person and eventually, he will start admiring you.

If he admired you, it is a good sign, that he is considering you someone special. Now, you can directly discuss marriage with him. 🙂

10. Ask about marriage.

To confirm his thoughts about marriage, you can gently ask any day what about marriage. Are you interested in getting married someday?

It will give you a guess about his feelings and thoughts. Then, you can take action accordingly.

Also remember, usually, men are afraid of marriage. 

how to make a guy wanna marry you

If he is interested in you, but is afraid to marry. Do not push, occasionally discuss the marriage and benefits and encourage him to think about it. You can make him daydream with you, like imagine we are going out with our kids.

It will make him consider marriage and overcome his fear. 

11. Give him space.

First, work on the above points. 

And when you see he is almost ready for marriage or even when he not taking any action, give him space.

Let him miss you. Let him miss your support, care, love, and connection.

If he is in love with you, it will be impossible for him to live without you. He will do his best to be with you again. Now, he will be more likely to take action.

Also, if he asked you about marriage, let him know you are interested and also ask for some time or space. Let him wait for you.

It will increase your value in his life. He will be waiting for you eagerly.

How to make him marry you - Infographic by RelationCounseling.Org

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What if he doesn’t believe in marriage?

There could be many reasons he is not believing in marriage, discuss with him again and again. Make his points clear, it will take time but convince him.

To make him believe in marriage:

  • Explain why it is important to get married. You can let him know, that when you get married, life will be much peaceful.
  • Make him daydream with you. You can show him dreams that imagine we are having our dream life.
  • You can explain the benefits of marriage.
  • Ask for his concerns and help him to sort them out.

It may take some time to convince him to marry but keep trying.


Making him want to marry you will take time and effort. Be ready to work on your relationship.

Do not forget to be there for him when he needs someone to talk to, help him out when he’s struggling, and be supportive of his dreams and goals. 

Also remember, no one is perfect. Try to be understanding and accepting of his flaws and shortcomings. Ultimately, he’ll realize that marrying you is the best decision he could make.

To help in his decision, you can let him know that you’re not going anywhere and that you’re ready to commit to him. Lastly, don’t pressure him into anything and let him come to the decision on his own.

If you do so, get ready for marriage. 🙂

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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