What does it mean to be a submissive wife? 15 Qualities!

“Submissive wife means the wife who acknowledges the leadership of his husband and serves her husband wholeheartedly without being subordinate. She is always willing to lay down on her husband. Being submissive, she is considered a traditional wife.”

The term “submissive wife” has vastness in its meaning. We shall discuss the topic “submissive wife” from all angles. We shall discuss that what are the qualities of a submissive wife and how you can be a submissive wife.

To be a submissive wife is a choice, not helplessness. Though some people consider it an old-fashioned trait yet, it is considered a commendable quality by many.

Followings are the qualities of a submissive wife. By considering these qualities, you can judge whether you are a submissive wife or not. 

Even if you want to be an obedient wife , these points will help you adopt the submission.

What does it mean to be a submissive wife - guide by RelationCounseling.org

How To Be a Submissive Wife?

Here are 15 qualities of a submissive wife. Adopting these will make you your husband’s adorable wife.

1) Put aside your ego.

The first and foremost quality of a submissive wife is to be ego-free. She knows that none of the civic domestic roles can be performed accurately, being an egoist. 

The submissive wife never says that as her husband is not giving her priority, so she will not give him a favor, too. She is always above the conditions of love. 

She becomes the personification of true love. She understands, ” To kill one’s ego for the sake of a particular individual is the true love.”

So to be a submissive wife first, you have to get rid of your ego.

2) Spend quality time with your husband.

Life is the game of priorities. To whom the priority is given becomes dear and near one. For a submissive wife, the priority is always her husband. 

She never forgets to spend quality time with her husband. Spending quality time between spouses strengthens the relationship. 

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Submissive wife never neglects her marriage and knows that happy married life demands to work on it every day. She knows there would be times when she would not like certain traits of her husband, but even though she should keep loving and caring for him. 

Before his husband comes back, she finishes all her household works so that she may sit with him and make the moments beautiful.

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3) Develop intimacy.

To be a submissive wife does not mean just calmness and seriousness in attitude. To be a submissive wife means to deal with the husband in the best possible polite way. 

In politeness, adding intimacy will adorn the relationship with more colors. Being a submissive wife, you should prioritize intimacy in your marriage. 

Develop intimacy to become a submissive wife
Develop intimacy to become a submissive wife

There is no doubt that intimacy is the jewelry of a submissive wife and fascinates the marriage to a large extent. Furthermore, it helps to grow new zeal and zest in married life. 

So be the first to flirt with your husband and never look back. When he would discover that you desire him, he would be more close to you. Intimacy, a little bit of sweet mischief, and jubilant manners take the marriage to the next level of love and care.

4) Always stay conscious of your roles.

In today’s modern world, marriage with common gender positions and values is being lost. While you are committed to being a submissive wife, just don’t allow peer pressure to stop you from your desire to live a traditional life. 

There is nothing unfair with being submissive to your husband. What you need is to be always conscious about your roles. While he is at work, you must take charge of the home. 

Take pride in your place. Always keep it clean, tidy, and welcoming. It will reveal to your husband how much you are involved in the home. It will show him that you enjoy the work that he does to provide you and your children with the things that you are having at home.

Always stay conscious of your roles
Always stay conscious of your roles

After your husband, you are the head and everything at your home. Keep the home tidy enough. Put the stuff in its original place. If you are also having the role of mom, be fair and clear about it. 

Take good care of your children. If you have a maid at home, assign her duties, but as for your husband’s affairs are concerned, try to deal with yourself. Being a submissive wife, you have some sub-roles too. Try to deal with each one. 

Being conscious of your roles and performing them, you become the helping hand of your husband, which is a commendable attribute.

5) Remember the importance of self-care.

Always give priority to self-care. Remember that your husband is visual. You should try to give the best looks of yourself. Having a wedding ring on your finger does not make you look good. 

Eat a healthy diet and take good exercise to look beautiful and well-figured. Along with physical health, you should look after your mental health. 

You can make it good by avoiding the nonsense stuff. For physical health, if it is possible, hit the gym. If not, operating out at home would not be a bad option. 

Working out will make you mentally strong and physically beautiful. With good mental health, you will deal with the affairs of life with confidence, and it will enhance your degree in the sense of a submissive wife. Furthermore, your physical beauty would be a charm to your husband.

6) Be clear and fair in sex talks.

Sex should be a pleasurable experience not only for you but also for your husband. So never be scared to tell your husband that you want sex. Even tell him what kind of sex you like. If some other ways are fascinating to him, firstly, accept him. 

Being a submissive wife, you should prioritize your husband’s will. But it does not imply that you become a slave of a doormat to him. You, too, have feelings that should be cared for and respected. 

Be clear and fair in sex talks
Be clear and fair in sex talks

So, in short, during sex, mutual happiness is derived. 

While you both are in the mood, tell him about your priorities and ask him his. Then find a suitable way to satisfy each other. “A good sex ride a week takes the relationship to the peak.”

Anyway, never try to use sex as a tool to get the things you want. Never deny your husband sex, hoping that he would change his mind. When he says that presently he can’t afford it, try to understand him. Accept his words with grace and have faith in him. He would soon provide you with the things you want.

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7) Have eyes only for your husband.

It is said that there is a good reason for having two ears, two eyes, and only one tongue. The wife, who knows to guard her tongue, saves her from many troubles. Being a submissive wife has eyes, ears, and a sweet tongue for your husband. 

Being clear in sex talks is one of the meanings of a submissive wife
Being clear in sex talks is one of the meanings of a submissive wife

Your husband should be a special one for you. Never try to compare him with movie stars or your friends’ husbands. Even don’t compare his income with the rest of the people. Your husband is unique in his way. Nobody can compete with him. He is perfect for you. 

If sometimes you don’t like your husband or some of his activities even then don’t forget to love him. Because misunderstandings and misconceptions are temporary, while love is permanent, never forget that material things give happiness only for a short time, while the husband’s love and care will make you happy permanently.

8) Be thrifty while spending.

It is the quality of a submissive wife that she is thrifty while spending dollars. She knows that there is a fraction of the difference while making coffee at home instead of visiting restaurants. 

She is aware that her husband works hard to earn the money that she spends. She intends to have some savings for the rainy days.

Be thrifty while spending
Be thrifty while spending

Above all, the submission of the wife is calculated when the husband is in a bad financial position, while the husband’s love and care are checked when the wife is sick. So everything is important in its place, but to stay contended and stand with the husband in the financial misery is the real submission of the wife.

When one is with bulky pockets, everybody around becomes near and dear, but when the wallet thins, the real test of the relationship begins.

So being thrifty in approach would make you financially stable. It would also save you from the financial crisis of the future.

9) Even being disagreed, stay with him.

Human beings are free in their thoughts. They can’t be made agree by force. Even being in love, there comes a time when one can’t agree with the other. The same can be with you. 

If on a particular matter you can’t agree with your husband, there is no problem about it. It’s quite natural. But it does not indicate that you start beating the drum and hurry to discuss the issue with your family and friends. 

It would not favor you; rather, it would harm your submission as a wife. Your friends and family would favor you because you are dear to them, and they would have listened to you, not your husband. Here, you need to stay with your husband. 

At a suitable time, you can make him realize that he was wrong, and he would accept that too.

10) Accept his leadership wholeheartedly.

Accepting your husband as a leader is more important and meaningful than just making him a leader. 

To accept him as a leader, you have to step back and stop making decisions. Give him authority to make decisions.

Accept his leadership wholeheartedly and become a submissive wife
Accept his leadership wholeheartedly and become a submissive wife

As you are a partner, so you possess the right to make different proposals and suggestions yet acknowledge that he is authorized to take final decisions. 

If you are sure that he is making a wrong decision, even then, don’t say that you are wrong. Ask him to hold for some time. And then, as you find an appropriate time, tell me about your concerns.

In short, as a submissive wife, be sure that your husband would not only listen to you but also give prestige to your opinion.

11) Put aside your phone.

When you are with your husband and discussing something, just put your phone aside. Looking at the phone screen and mumbling in the answer is such a ridiculous manner. 

Discussion of some important or even a common issue while operating the cell phone seems harmless but actually, it is an immoral and petty thing to do.

By this, he will come to understand that it is a cell phone that is important, not him. Though he may not interrupt you for this somewhere inside him, he surely will not be pleased with you.

12) Be His true companion.

Being his true companion stand with him in every thick and thin. You are a true supporter and partner of your husband. In difficult situations, it becomes more important to stand with him. Your supporting gesture and words would alleviate his concerns. 

Make sure that whenever you people intend to return to bed, go together. Going to bed together is very important. If he is going to bed, don’t be there on the couch, having a remote in hand. By this, you will miss the beautiful and romantic moments.

13) Stay connected with him.

For a submissive wife, marriage is everlasting. Being a submissive wife, you should have a dependence on your husband and he should be habitual to you. 

Stay connected with him
Stay connected with him

For this, never make your husband feel alone. Whether you are physically with him or not it does not matter. Pay him good attention. Your husband is important than your social media feeds. Even when he is outside there at work, stay connected with him. You can text him or call him to remind him that you miss him.

Remember, we are recommending love texts and calls, not the grocery lists. To remember, texts and calls should have limitations so that he may not be disturbed.

14) Disagree with him but with respect.

You have all the rights to disagree with your husband but with respectful manners. Never forget to be kind and affectionate with your words. Even if you are angry, avoid harsh words. By using harsh words, you would hurt not only him but also yourself.

If he is not behaving appropriately even, then be polite and pass the jam. He would soon be with you, apologizing for his behavior.

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15) Make him sir be his madam.

If you treat your husband as sir, he would treat you as her madam. It is about “be good and have good.”

When you will be submissive to your husband, your relationship would become “Money for Jam,” which is not a bad deal.

There is nothing absurd in being a submissive wife. It is all about behaving well and, in return, being behaved well. Submission never means slavery. It means to love, respect, and give priority to your husband, and in return, you will get these too.

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For a happy relationship, both husband and wife contribute to their relationship. It is why submitting herself to your husband is not a shameful thing.

If a wife is submissive to her husband, it means she is serious about her marriage relationship. 

Our team studied this in the minority and compiled this guide with 15 qualities every wife should have. Go through it and share your concerns or questions, if any.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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