The Ideal WIFE and The Needs of the Husband. 11 Qualities

What does a husband need from his wife: Philips is my close friend. Last month, he invited me and my wife Tina to the “Wife of the year ceremony.” We, with no less curiosity, assured him to attend that party. 

On the fixed day, we reached Philips’ house. He arranged for us in the banquet room. His wife, Julie, came after thirty minutes. She did not know about the purpose of the party as Philip had requested all of us not to speak anything about the nature of the party.

When all were seated, Philips stood up to share his words. He began, “I am thankful to all of our friends in assisting me and my children to pay tribute to Julie for being such an outstanding wife and mom. I am short of words for her perfection, but I express my huge appreciation to my wonderful lady for making our home heaven.”

Philips admitted that on many occasions he was wrong, but this lady showed great character by staying loving even then. He further acknowledged that he was obsessed with his work that did injustice to Julie, but she remained steadfast in her loving nature. He also showed his acknowledgment to her for becoming an ideal mom for their children.

Philips had also invited a love singer to the party who fascinated the scenario with his melodious love songs after dinner. Children gave gifts to their mom while Philips presented her flowers and a beautiful shield while announcing her “The Wife of the Year.

It was just a glorious experience to attend that party. This kind of fascinating idea could never get nourished in my mind. What we learned from the party was how to encourage wives to be persistent and even more warm in their love and care and also which are the traits that make an ordinary woman an ideal wife and mom.

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A Husband’s greatest need.

Maybe you find it hard to believe that a wife is the real friend of her husband and it is the biggest need of a husband. 

Though he may wander about and make merry with many male friends, when it comes to real sorrows and joys, he finds just his wife to share with. Wherever there will be something to deeply share, he would find no one but his wife. 

So a husband’s greatest need is to have a real friend in his wife. The ideal is the wife whose husband considers her his best friend. 

A Husband’s greatest need is a true friend.
A Husband’s greatest need is a true friend.

It is the main trait and quality of an ideal wife that she may present herself and behave in such a way that her husband can find a chum in her person.

The master plan of God.

First, God created the light, he saw it fine.

Then God created stars, land, and sky; these all were too fine for Him.

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He carried on creating the things unless he created the man. He saw him as His masterpiece. 

The last creation of God was heaven. He set the man there and asked him to take care of that place. Everything was fine. Man started his work and heaven was adorned with more stars by his hard work. God took a rest after that, but soon He noticed there was a problem. 

The master plan of God for men.
The master plan of God for men.

He saw that the man was alone. He found it depressing, as the man had no companion. Without a companion, he was good and fine, but he was not happy. So God created Eve and the rest ones that men got are surely the gift of heaven.

An ideal wife is the true companion of her husband.

What a husband needs in his life is a true companion in the person of his wife. People do spend their absolute lives with each other, but they can’t become their companions. 

Living with each other does not make companions. Sharing with each other is real companionship. 

An ideal wife is the true companion of her husband.
An ideal wife is the true companion of her husband.

The ideal is the wife who shares her husband’s joys and sorrows. She knows when to say and what to say. She stands by the shoulder of her husband in every thick and thin. She does not forget to love and care for her husband even during misunderstandings or disputes. 

It’s called real companionship, which is the bright quality of the ideal wife.

Me and Tina.

To understand what a husband needs from his wife, here is the story of mine with my wife, Tina.

In the early twenties of life, I have been away from my home. There were different pieces of training and I had no one to share myself with. I can remember that real ache of being alone. Even in my university days, I was alone.

One day I saw walking a beautiful girl on the pavement. She grabbed my attention at first sight. I went to her and introduced myself. I asked if she would prefer to have dinner with me. She answered with a certain “no”.

What went next is a different story. Anyhow, I managed to have a first date with her. After dinner, we came back to the place where I used to live. She helped me in feeding the fish, which was my responsibility in absence of the master of the place where I lived. 

We had a lot of gossips that night. We talked and laughed. We enjoyed the music. We shared our interests. We saw how much we were the same in our interests. To our amazement there peeped the sun from the window. We had the whole night of gossip.

For the first time, I admitted that she was a girl, whom I was searching for real companionship. She, too, had the same ideas for me.

Later we married, and the rest is the history of our companionship with our two kids.

What I learned in my life is, that the real need of the man is the real companionship of his wife. And the real ideal trait of a wife that makes her ideal wife is to be the real companion of her husband.

Be as the husband feels it is best being with you.

An ideal wife is the one whose husband craves her company. He loves to spend time with her. He has the best feelings while hanging out with his wife. Such is the attraction in that lady that he can’t look beyond her.

An ideal wife is the one whose husband craves her company
An ideal wife is the one whose husband craves her company

In the hard life of the financial and status race, mostly men are indulged in their work. And at work, they have all the materialistic stuff. Home is the place where they find real comfort and feelings. And home is the lap of the ideal wife that soothes her man to the next level. 

The ideal wife adorns herself with such stuff and lays down herself as she gets a glimpse of her husband.

Appreciation for husband.

David loved her wife and kids above everything. Often he had to go on long trips for the sake of work. 

During those trips, he used to miss his wife and kids and was always in a hurry to join them again at home. But to his misery, almost whenever he came back, he noticed none of his wife and his kids missed him. It was dejected for him. He worked hard to support them, but what he got was indifference.

On numerous occasions, he asked his wife if there was a problem. What she answered was that she loved him very much, but it was nowhere in her dealings.

Appreciation is one of the biggest needs of a husband
Appreciation is one of the biggest needs of a husband

David could not stand it. It was a rejection for him. Even after many attempts, he failed to get his wife’s appreciation and love. And one day he moved out without saying a single word.

Women like romance and love, while men need appreciation . As women can’t live without being loved same is the case with men they can’t move on without appreciation. 

What a husband needs most after true companionship is a real appreciation for his support, love, and care. 

An ideal wife knows how to encourage his man to get the best from him and she even knows how to bring out his man’s best version.

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Marriage is not about one day it’s about accomplishing the oaths every day.

The happy ending isn’t about, you saw, you met, you hung out, you got married, and the end. A happy marriage is about being and making the partner happy every day.

It is said that a man is judged when his wife is out of order, while a wife is judged when her man is with an empty pocket.

Marriage is about accomplishing the oaths every day
Marriage is about accomplishing the oaths every day

Marriage tests every day and the ideal spouses are those who come up with each other’s expectations in all the circumstances. Marriage is about accomplishing the oaths every day. The ideal wife knows it very well and is always ready to render what his husband needs.

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The ideal wife knows marriage is the division of labor.

Financial support varies from family to family. In some families, wives engage themselves in household affairs while it comes to men earning bread. While some are those who equally contribute to earning a livelihood. As per a limited estimate, more than 60 percent of women work outside to assist in finance.

The ideal is the wife who knows how to uphold her husband, whether it is financial, emotional, or domestic.

The ideal wife knows marriage is the division of labor.
The ideal wife knows marriage is the division of labor.

An ideal wife knows that she only can be the queen if her husband is king. She is half of her husband’s whole. What her husband is, she is half of that. She walks foot by foot with her husband in every situation and condition. She divides the labor so that they both can enjoy the bounties of love life.

The ideal wife knows the importance of physical intimacy.

Physical non-sexual touching has great importance among happily married couples. Here, priorities are a bit different. Usually, the husband wants more sex while the wife prefers romance.

This event happened years ago. A newlywed couple was hit by a road accident and the husband went into a coma. All hopes of his recovery vanished. Many of the dear and near ones asked the wife to leave him and start a new life. But she refused. 

She said that she is hopeful about him as she has glimpsed that whenever she touches him, his heartbeat gets faster. There is something.

Physical intimacy is a need of a husband. Husband Need From Wife Quotes
Physical intimacy is a need of a husband.

What she did was visit him daily, talk to him, and kiss him. She spent hours with him for almost three years and did not change her routine. And the miracle took place when he regained his consciousness. Such is the power of touch .

Though usually, husbands want more sex, they can be satisfied with less if the wives know how to play the foreplay.

An ideal wife knows this need of her husband and tries her maximum best to soothe her husband’s sexual cravings.

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Sexual intimacy and the ideal wife.

Sexual intimacy is considered the most valuable gift of God for married couples.

Even if we speak Biblically, sex between husband and wife brings joy and strengthens the bond of marriage.

An ideal wife knows the sexual needs of her husband. She not only gets ready for it, but also takes part actively. If the wife is passionate about sex husband can be satisfied for days. But the condition is that it should be full of romance and sensuality.

Element of Respect, In fact…

All we have discussed is valuable, but one thing that is above all is respecting the husband. Even during intimacy, the aspect of respect should not be ignored. 

The ideal is the wife who respects her husband. Quote
The ideal is the wife who respects her husband.

Love is good, but respect is necessary . Care sounds fine, but taking care of self-respect is a mandate. 

The ideal is the wife who respects her husband not only in public places but even at home. She knows respecting the husband is the smooth way to gain his heart to the core.

We have discussed what a husband wants in his wife and how a wife can be ” The wife of the Year” as Julie was. I have staunch hope that this article will assist you in being an ideal wife and understanding the needs of your husband.

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