10 Easy Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Special!!

We blissfully welcome your intention, “How to make my husband feel special?”. The answer is a one-liner. “If you want to make your husband feel special, start feeling special yourself.”

Being human beings, we share what we possess. It does not count whether the stuff is about feelings or material things. So, first, you need to possess some special feelings to share them with your husband so that he may also feel special. And somewhere inside you, you also want to feel special for yourself.

And it would not be an exaggeration to state that both of you want to feel special in each other company and you should too.

Even if your husband is having his birthday on cards, you should gift him by making him feel special. The birthday of the husband is a happy occasion. He should have something special on his cake day.

To discuss your concern furthermore, we have divided it into the following points.

how to make your husband feel special - guide by relationcounseling.org

1. Be special, feel special, and make him feel special.

As for as truth is concerned, whether it is special or something dull, it is inside us. We display those feelings that we possess inside us, but remember if we are not hypocrites.

So, by your looks and hidden books, you need to feel special first. Being a beautiful lady, you need to add charm to yourself by adorning yourself. It is the first condition to feel special.

If you are neat with your body and are dressed beautifully, it means you are looking beautiful. And being beautiful when you face the mirror, hormones of happiness get activated and you start feeling special. 

It is a way to be special and feel special.

When a lady feels special, everything she does brings a mellow sweetness to that.

So, when you feel special, everything you do becomes special.

2. Make the home special. 

After gaining the importance of your special feelings, divert your attention toward your home.

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If you have a maid at your home, be with her to make the home tidy enough. If you do it yourself, then do it with more devotion and love. Everything should be in its place. There should be a sweet pattern of every article at home. 

Cleanliness should be of A grade.

After tackling the home, if you have a child or the children, divert your attention toward them.

Ask them and help them in developing their best looks. They should look decent and clean.+

how can I make my husband feel special
how can I make my husband feel special

Decent and well-dressed children are the art of their mother and the stars for the father. Rather, it would add more charm to everything that you have done at home to get the special attention of your husband. It would show you with better and more promising impression. 

Studies reveal the fact that men love their daughters more than their sons.

If you have a daughter, make her look special, and then take a close glimpse of the facial expressions of your husband when he takes a sight of his daughter.

So we have come to learn that to make your husband feel special, first, you have to feel special, then you are supposed to give special looks to your children and home.

By doing so, you have at least made your husband’s mood feel special. You have activated those hormones that help to feel special. Now you must take them to the climax step by step.

Welcome Back Im Happy you are here with me - quote

3. “Welcome Him Back.”

It would be the healthiest welcome back to him if he gets back home and finds everything special and outstanding. His face will show that he has received the welcome, and it will be the real welcome.

He would forget his days’ toil and fatigue when he will have a glance at different things that would be showing perfection to each other.

And above all, his beautiful lady, with all her walks and talks, would be there to fascinate him.

Have you noticed that till now, you did almost everything for yourself, but it is your husband who has started feeling special and different?

4. Some common and different traits of men. 

Men are usually different in their habits, likings, and dislikings. Some love tasty foods, while some are those who like outings. While none detests the tasty foods and sensuality.

Some common and different traits of men
Some common and different traits of men

So you have to determine the interests of your husband. Once you have determined, try to make those things and feelings special.

As men are different in their approaches so we are to mention their different traits to help you in choosing your ones’ special.

It would help you in getting some more ideas to make your husband feel special.

5. Cook his favorite dishes. 

As for as food is concerned, being the wife, you know the taste of your husband—cook his favorite dishes. If you don’t know cooking, arrange those dishes for him.

It is said that the road to the heart leads from the stomach.

So, before you beat the wires of his heart, do something special for his stomach as he is returning from a whole day’s work.

Remember that just tasty foods don’t make it special. You have to fix and present the dinner in some special way.

6. Do you know what is “special”?

Everything that is above the routine is called special. Everything that we find above the normal functioning of routine is special to us.

So you need to set the dinner in such a way as you are hosting your favorite celebrity.

know what is actually special is
know what is actually special is

Such an attitude would assist you in making the things best for your husband. So, to remind you again, food should be delicious, tasty and appetite increasing while the way to serve it should be special. 

Even if you have two or three dishes, don’t be dishearted; just fix them on the table with the beauty of your aesthetic sense.

If you want the scene more romantic, there is also an option of candlelight dinner.

7. What about outside dinner. 

Some people consider the outside dinner more special. Now it depends on the nature of your husband. As for as our observation is concerned, married guys usually prefer to eat at home instead of going out. 

So if your husband has a craze for outings or loves to attend restaurants, you can also arrange a short trip to a nearby fascinating area.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. By going out, things can be charming, but staying at home can be more romantic. So it is all up to you and can be according to you and your husband’s priorities.

8. The touch of romanticism. 

The touch of romanticism is an additional device to feel special and to make him feel special. Romanticism is closely associated with special feelings.

Frankly, being human beings, though, we are different in our basic instincts, yet we all love two things simultaneously. One is the tasty food, and the second is romanticism in the relationship.

The touch of romanticism to make your husband feel special
The touch of romanticism to make your husband feel special

Romanticism in your walks and talks, romanticism in your sexy looks, romanticism under your tongue, it all is there to assist you in making your husband feel special.

Studies reveal that those husbands feel more special, whose wives possess romantic manners and sexy looks.

9. Have better looks, Be in hot books. 

Humans, all are beautiful. As for as women are concerned, they are the most charming creature in the universe. They are the last true gift of heavens to men.

If one is not looking beautiful, it does not imply that she is not beautiful. It means she has not adorned herself with her suited looks. Here looks means light makeup that suits the face, hairstyle that matches the face, and dress that is according to the physique. 

Every style and every dress is not for everyone. 

You have to choose yours. So select makeup, hairstyle, and dress according to your peculiarity. It all will assist you to look most beautiful. You know, having a nymph-like wife at home makes the feelings of any husband special.

Having you in your best looks, your husband would praise his fortunes. He would consider him the luckiest and the most special guy on the earth. And he should consider him the luckiest gentleman in the world and he should too as he is having a beautiful wife like you. 

These are your romantic and sexy looks that will completely blow his mind. He would start the journey towards the destination of “special feelings.”

Unconditional love, happiness and those mind-blowing orgasms. That's what it's all about.

10. Mind-blowing sex. 

Usually, in married couples, sex becomes a routine and routine is always boring.

Sex should never be an ordinary thing. It is special and it should always be special for husband and wife.

None of the men wants to be bored during sex rather than having a partner who is an expert in mind-blowing sex is the dream of every man.

If we assert, then let us assert, above mentioned all the stuff is special, but that is just the ladder steps of that stage, which is the most special.

Fifty percent of your desire to make your husband feel special would be accomplished by mind-blowing sex.

You can make your husband feel more than special if you can blow his mind with your sexual skills.

you can make him feel amazing with your sexual skills
you can make him feel amazing with your sexual skills

This point needs to be discussed in more detail.

Romanticism is the key to making sex special. Sex is never a duty to perform; rather, it is the most cherished private act.

Ladies who know how to make their men feel special in bed find a smooth and permanent way toward their husbands’ hearts.

In the early part of our discussion, we had brought to light that even being different in their instincts, men just love two things, tasty food, and passionate sex.

So making him feel special, one of the most recommended suggestions is to amaze him with hot and passionate sex. Passionate does not imply that just go and discharge him with sudden jerks.

The start should be romantic and slow. As you continue, keep changing your gears and keep teasing him. All of it is about foreplay, but of a different kind.

You being a woman are beautiful, tempting, and sexy. You possess all the attributes to allure your husband. What you desire to know is how to act and react during sex. Don’t be shy, take the command and ride him. He would love your new shade. Keep teasing him. And in the first thirty minutes, don’t remove your bottoms, but being topless would be better. 

how to make husband feel special
how to make husband feel special

Love whispers in his ears, sucking his nipples and licking him below the belly button would make him reach the seventh sky in terms of sensuality.

Here again, try to feel special first.

During foreplay, you should be clear and fair in your feelings. It would help you to be horny.

And for your information, having a horny wife is above all the gifts of God. The more you get horny, the more he would feel special. 

During intercourse, don’t try to finish it quickly. Rather, try to make it longer and longer. Ride him but slowly and make him last longer. Don’t move up and down. Rather, try to rub your stuff over his load. During rubbing, try to take his whole load inside and keep sucking his nipples.

You wanted to make your husband feel special?

Lady, you have made him feel more than special!

He is in search of a guitar, to sing your songs.

And one more thing, during discharge, don’t forget lip-locking with him. It would double the joys of discharge and climax will be most fascinating if you people make eye contact, too.

After discharge don’t go away, lay with him. Cuddle him. As before, sex foreplay is necessary, same is the case with aftplay. It will soothe both of you.

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These were the suggestions for you from relationcounseling.org to make your husband feel special. If you apply these, we are sure that you would get your desire resulted and your husband will start craving for more special days and nights like this. 

Even he would say, Honey, make my day as you made that day.

We hope you will visit us again to leave a comment that you have succeeded many times in getting your desire accomplished.

Your opinion is our union! 💕


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