12 ACTUAL Signs Your EX Wants You Back! What to do then?

The course of life never runs smoothly. Ups and downs are the natural part of the game we call life. It happens that sometimes what we don’t want to do, we have to do, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes, imbued with the flow of emotions, we make decisions and then repent of our choice.

Relationships, an integral part of life, are doomed with such destiny. While they are going, they will go to the seventh sky, despite all the hurdles and issues. If they don’t, they will decline every step and eventually will meet the fate they don’t deserve.

People are unknown to each other, they meet, they come close, more close, and bound themselves in relationships. They have their great ambitions and aspirations in their relationships.

But somehow things change and one of those partners, or even both, fed up with each other and separates their paths.

They hardly know that emotions, especially anger, are not permanent. In their unpleasant mood, they bid farewell, after some time, they realize that what they have done was wrong, but now, “It is useless to cry over spilt milk.” Bumble and uncertainty prevail all over.

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The one who was more emotional now wants to find new ways to bring their partner back into their life. Things are not crystal clear yet. Some signs indicate that they have a keen desire to bring their partner back. Some of those signs are given below.

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12 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

So, how to know if your ex wants you back?

Here are the top 12 signs that will let you understand whether your ex wants you back or not.

Their “Hush Hush” Life.

The one who is upset can’t produce laughter. 

If your spouse still has feelings for you, they will avoid starting new dating. Even if they date someone, they will not let you know about it. 

They will like to show you their ” hush-hush” life. By this gesture, they will send you a message that your place is still empty and no one can replace you. Being a true love, this gesture of theirs is also not to hurt your feelings.

Their “Hush Hush” Life is a sign they want you back

“Missing Someone” Captions On Social Media.

If you are on social media or not, they will post “missing someone” captions not only for their catharsis but also to make you realize that doors are open and you will be welcomed if you come back again.

They will share their downer attitude with the world by posting status updates like, “I feel so empty” or “I wish someone were here.” Basically, they will do everything to convey their message that they want you back, but instead of saying it straightforwardly, they will give hints. 

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Keep a close eye on their social media accounts to unveil their heart as these days what is unsaid in the real world is said in the reel world.

There are chances they are hoping that you will see their posts and will get their message.

Calls And Texts For No Reason.

If your ex wants you back, they will call you, they will text you more than a close friend. You will notice during calls or texts they have nothing special to say but find it just an excuse to engage you with them.

Making up these lame excuses to talk to you is a sure sign that they want you back in their life.

If your ex is texting you for no reaso, it is a sign your ex wants you back
If your ex is texting you for no reason, it is a sign your ex wants you back

They will talk about the good old days, they will make you realize how blessed they were in your company. Consciously or unconsciously, there will be a touch of classical poetry in their tone.

These are the 3 signs your ex secretly wants you back. 1

They Ask About You From Your Friends.

They ask about your well-being and what’s going on with you, not from you, but your friends. They show their concern about you. They do it unconsciously, but somewhere inside them, they hope that their feelings will be conveyed to you.

If you had some mutual friends before the breakup, they will come to you with a message that your ex is still having feelings for you and it seems they want you back.

Finding Ways To Be Close With You.

If your ex still likes you and wants you back in their life, they will continuously behave with you warmly and in a flirty manner. Their tone will be soft and courteous towards you. 

If you are still friends with them, they will whisper in your ears to be close to you. 

You may also find that they miss no opportunity to touch you. For this, brushing shoulder with you and trying to hug you can be often observed. This is certainly not rocket science, but a clear sign that your ex wants you back.

Reminiscent about old relationship.

They will always like to reminisce about their old relationship. As your ex will find it hard to move forward without you, they will always describe the charm of old days and old times. 

In their description of sentiments, elements of nostalgia will be evident. They will discuss their old relationship with your common friends and when they come across you, they will not hesitate to hypnotize the scenario with their mixed tragic and comic feelings. 

Reminiscent about Old Relationship is another sign your ex wants you back
Reminiscent about Old Relationship is another sign your ex wants you back

That will talk about what went wrong. They will mention fate and destiny. Even they will say what has been done should not have been.

Display Of Their Changed Version.

Display of their better version is the worth utilizing attribute of those who want their ex back in their life. It is certainly not their cobweb to hunt for but they literally are ashamed and bring positive changes to give their relationship a second chance.

If they change themself, they will certainly display it. During calls and texts or when they come across you, they will talk about their mistakes and acknowledge them, too. They will tell you that these were those who were at fault. By this, they will try to clear the unpleasant air between you and their conscience.

If your ex calls you and tells you how things changed or how they could be different, it is a clear sign that they want you back in their life.

Jealousy And Envy.

It is hard for anyone to see their ex flirting with someone else even after a breakup if they want them back. As it depends on the extent of your ex, it can be disheartening or heartwarming to see them acting in this way. 

Jealousy And Envy are signs your ex wants you back

For example, if your ex gets irritated or shows prejudice when they observe that you are with someone else, flirting, or just in an overly friendly mood, it is a confident sign you are still in their heart and mind. 

They are not over you. They have feelings for you. If you give them more time, they will open their heart for you to peep deep through it.

Finding Them In Old Places.

You will see them on your whereabouts. If once or twice it happens, it can be a coincidence. But if you keep running into them where you go, there is something to note. It is happening because they are keeping tabs on your whereabouts. 

Nobody has time to visit places where they have none to do but those who are crazy about their love. If you find them so crazy even after the breakup, they definitely want you back.

Finding them on your whereabouts, if you ask them what they are doing there, they will probably come up with clues that they miss you. Even if they don’t admit they miss you, their body language will tell you the truth.

Dialing You While Drunk.

Many researchers have confirmed that drunk humans speak the truth if they are not married. (As it happens, men usually don’t admit to their wives that they are drunk.)

If your ex calls you drunk and talks about the old days in a poetic tone, it is a sign they miss you. As they are not afraid to tell about their feelings, they will not tell a lie. 

Rather, whatever they will say, will be true.

Sometimes drunk dialing seems funny if there is a one-time babe affair. But if your ex calls you anytime, especially at midnight, while liqueur passes through their lips, it is a sure sign that you are still on their mind and they want you back in their life.

There is no doubt that booze can assist our inhabitants, but if your ex dials you to confess their undying feelings for you, it is not the booze speaking. In such a condition of theirs, you will find them pouring their heart out. It is the sign you want to be clear about.

Their Pleasant Compliments.

To earn a soft corner in your heart, your ex will give you pleasant compliments. As a matter of fact, those who are in heart and prevail over senses look and feel beautiful.

Pleasant compliments is another sign he/she wants you back
Pleasant compliments is another sign he/she wants you back

As they still have feelings for you and are waiting for you to come back, they will keenly observe you, whenever you put on something special or look prettier than before, they will pass a compliment and they will be all honest and true in their access and assessment.

Finding subtle changes in your wearing or a bit changed hairstyle will be noticed and appreciated by them. Such a noticeable gaze and attention of theirs is the evidence that they are waiting for you.

They Confess, They Miss You.

The ultimate one, which is the clearest sign that your ex is waiting for you and wants you back, is their straightforward confession that they miss you. Though according to certified emotional intelligence practitioners, it is less observed yet it is found among those who desperately want their ex back in their life.

More chances are, they will confess it when they are drunk and are on call with you or when they find you enough to describe their feelings solely and passionately.

Signs Your EX Wants You Back - infograph by relationcounseling.org
all signs in one picture.

What To Do?

Each of the above-mentioned signs can’t be there in the dealings and behavior of your ex. If you find fifty percent of these, be sure they are missing you and want you back.

In relationships, there are two people. There are two minds and intentions. Every time everyone can’t materialize the expectations of the other. Things get heated, there come problems in everyone’s relationship, but the option of adjustment is always there.

If you find your ex a good fellow, there is nothing bad in reconciliation with them.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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