“Husband doesn’t care when I cry!” (6 Tips To Overcome!)

“Husband does not care when I cry” is an attentional phrase. As husband and wife are partners of sorrows and joys so they can’t be indifferent to each other.

If one is dejected, depressed, or possesses deep pain, the other can’t stay happy.

While sharing bed and Bedford, it becomes almost impossible to be unconcerned about emotional issues.

If the wife is crying and the husband does not even bother to intrigue about the reason, this act of him can’t be justified. The wife is the second half of husband’s whole, so he should never be indifferent to his wife’s tears.

Before moving forward in our discussion, it would be appropriate to find out why people cry. Or to wives, which is the phenomenon that compels them to shed their tears.

Husband doesn't care when I cry? (6 Tips To Overcome!)

Why do we cry?

We cry to have the catharsis of our emotions. When we cry, we give way to purge our emotions. 1

“Catharsis” is a medical term. First, it was used by Aristotle, a great Greek philosopher.

According to him, 

“When we are dejected and overwhelmed by the circumstances, there comes a time when our emotions are prisoned. At that time, we are helpless to convert our emotions into communication. We are dazed.

As the pain overflows, emotions break the barrage and get the way outside by our eyes.

They run in the shape of tears, and for some time, we are pacified.

Why do we cry?
Why do we cry?

So crying is the purgation of emotions. It is the last and most powerful means to express one’s sad or depressed feelings. 

Coming back to your question, “Why does my husband not care when I cry?”

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There are two possibilities. Either he is emotionally dead, or he has fed up with living with you.

Both the cases are vulnerable to you. But take it easy. It’s not the end of everything. It’s just the one situation of the whole life. 

Be brave, be with us.

We can suggest valuable directions that would help you in tackling the issue.

When one gets hurt, he craves his partner to come forward and wipe out the tears by saying, 

“Take it easy, babe. I am with you. I shall never forsake you. We together can handle the situation.”

Usually, when a female screams in front of her husband, he does not understand her pain.

We all have read and have made known that men don’t cry. It is true too. They are raised so that the word “cry” becomes taboo for them.

Men wonder why she is crying over such a tiny issue.

So, according to our research, men would be confused and careless in such a situation. 

Your phrase, “Husband, does not care when I cry,” makes a sense that you want to realize him that you are crying, and you want his empathy and attention.

make him realize that you crying
make him realize that you crying

Here, consider the point that usually men are not emotional. Mostly, they are straightforward and realistic.

Tears first confuse men. Then they get confused and finally run away, being scared of the situation.

Following pithy suggestions would alleviate your pain and help you gain your husband’s attention.

These suggestions would also help you make your partner realize that your tears matter.

What to do when your husband doesn’t care when you cry?

If your husband does not care when you cry, first, control your emotions. Work on self-adjustment. Prepare yourself to tackle the issue by being diplomatic instead of emotional.

Work on your feminine traits and be a thing of beauty to get his attention back. Consider him your romantic partner instead of just your husband.

Communicate with him by applying nonviolent dialogue. Tell him his partnership is valuable to you. Give him love dose constantly. Keep repeating your polite and decent dealings.

If it needs, give him a short space. He will take little time but at last, he will take care every time, if you cry.

Control your emotions.

It is easy to say hard to apply. People suggest not to be emotional to those who can’t help living without being emotional.

It is, as we say to a person, don’t be unwell while he is already unwell.

You are emotional about things. It’s not your fault. Is it so?

Yes, it is.

He is not emotional about things.

Is it his fault?

Think! Think again!

Being nonemotional is not his fault.

to make him realize when you cry, control your emotions
to make him realize when you cry, control your emotions

We can understand that people are different in nature. They can’t be the same. To be different is not the fault. It’s the looks of life that bring charm.

We understand that emotional people can’t help living without being emotional. By working on your nature gradually, you can be less emotional.

It’s not going to happen abruptly. It will take time.

Every time when you get emotional, give yourself a good reason to cheer about. If you glance, your surroundings will give you thousands of reasons to be happy while there will only be one thing to be sad about.

Consider those blessings. Try to assure yourself when you hold multiple things to be delighted will it be fair to shed tears just for one thing?

Be optimistic (positive and hopeful) in your approach. 

There might be a good reason to cry. It can be big or small. Husband can also be the reason behind your crying. But it matters only when he cares about it. If he is not caring about, we can’t suggest you repeatedly cry to seek his attention.

In which sense of the world is it good to cry before the husband to strive his attention?

Be optimistic in your approach when your husband doesn't care
Be optimistic in your approach when your husband doesn’t care

Suppose if by this he gives you attention, will you cry every time to have his attention? Will your act get justification?

No, it can’t be justified.

You should be optimistic and positive in your approach. Never give yourself a single reason to cry. Even if it becomes necessary, don’t cry before him.

Crying is a private act. People would laugh with you, but no one would accompany you while crying.

In case, the husband is the reason for your crying.

If your husband is the reason behind your tears, make him realize. If he does not care, then consider your problems and try to solve them. Every tear that you shed has value. You should not use them as a tool to impress your husband.

If he is creating problems and you can’t do anything except crying, you have another thought coming. 

There is nothing in the world that is solutionless. Everything has a solution. What we need is to sit calmly and think about the solution to our problems.

Why tears of sorrow?

Why not of joy?

When we are sorrowful, we shed tears when we are happy; there can be tears in our eyes. So try to have joyful tears.

You can arrange a good dinner, and there with courtesy and politeness, you can discuss your problems with your husband. Good communication can solve many problems.

Good communication can help you realize to your husband that you cry for him
Good communication can help you realize to your husband that you cry for him

It is always a good idea to devote quality moments with your partner to resolve the issues between you. Share your ideas with him and give him proper time to express himself fully.

Don’t regret the past, and make him realize that he doesn’t care when you cry.

Be romantic; consider him your boyfriend.

Usually, husbands start avoiding their wives and don’t consider their issues when they become passive in romanticism. A woman with sensuousness can allure his man easily.

If you invest quality time in romance by your touch, walks, and talks, then there are more chances that he will take care when you are depressed.

Apply nonviolent dialogues. 

Tell him that, 

“I cry for you, not because of you.”

Point to him how it feels when he does not hug you. Tell him you cry because you love him. Inform him you want him with you through every thick and thin. 

Tell him that his partnership matters a lot. 

Tell him that his empathy and love are conditions for your life and happiness. Your love and care double my joys. All these little phrases, if are spoken at the right time after creating room for them, would definitely make him all ears and cares for you when you will cry.

my husband doesn't care when i cry Infographics
all points in one picture.

What is emotional neglect in marriage?

Emotional neglect in marriage means the lack of emotional attachment among partners. 2

In such a case, one of the partners becomes emotionally dumb for their significant other.

Most of the time, unconsciously, while seldom consciously, one partner can’t hear and notice the other. Undesirable dealings of the past and the dominance of negativity are the main reasons behind emotional neglect in the marriage.

Why do men ignore you when you cry?

According to psychology, men are brought up in such a scenario in which they are practiced to be brave and bold. 

They are told crying is a cowardly act. They step on the ladder of adulthood with these teachings. So when someone, especially wives, cries before them, they may consider it a flow of emotions and will give some attention. 

But if the practice enlarges, men will feel it is an awkward and suffocating act to be dealt with. How to avoid such a situation, they find it appropriate to escape from the place.

How do you know if your husband does not care about you?

If your husband does not care about you, you can know it by his continuously ignoring attitude towards you. He will not listen to you. 

If he is asked about something, his response will not be encouraging. He will try to fix his things by himself. He will be in a hurry to go away from you. With others, he will be amiable, but to you, he will be all dull and dry. 

Getting engaged in cellular activities or sitting in front of the tv will be seen frequently. He will also start giving more time to his friends and the rest of the family members. If you complain about it, he will soon come to blows.


Husband-wife relations run through the input of both partners. But if someone is not caring anymore, this relationship gets disturbed.

Husbands usually stop caring about their wives! Even sometimes when the wife cries, the husband doesn’t care about it.

To handle this problem, we shared our top 6 secrets above. So, your husband will start realizing his mistake and will care for you next time. 

Our good wishes for a great relationship are with you.  

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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