14 Proved Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Once a married man starts having a crush on another woman, his attitude suddenly changes. His walks and talks get the abrupt transformation that he can’t hide even if he tries to hide. 

He tries to improve his looks and his body language gets engaged in a certain soliloquy. 

When he is addressed, “He is here and his mind is there” kind of situation is often observed.

A private investigator of relationship affairs Mr. Fleming is of the view that during his 20 years of career in a private detective agency he has learned that though there are dozens of signs that indicate the cheating of husbands on their wives yet they all can’t be true at the same time.

“Sometimes an inner voice or suspicions of wives become too sound that they are helpless to believe there is no infidelity and everything is alright.” He said emphatically in his discussion.

Whether your husband has a crush on another woman and is cheating on you or not, he concluded his discussion in three authentic signs.

First, having an affair always demands time. 

It is not that time that is spent with that significant affair, but the time to get prepared for it. Having a job or one’s own business and dealing with family takes time. If the family time is being reduced constantly, it is alarming. 

Here, investigation can remove the bumble whether your husband is having a crush on another woman or not.

If your husband is spending more money out, he might be cheating on you - GIF

Second, checking out the expenses of your husband can too alleviate your concern about his affair. 

He pays with a credit card or cash, in both cases, he is spending more money than usual. With a credit card, you can assess the articles and places where it is being used. 

If he has been dealing in cash, even then he is withdrawing more than his normal expenses. 

Where this money is being used, it’s not a hard task to investigate.

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Third, men usually don’t care about their looks. 

If suddenly he has become conscious about his walks and talks and his dressing is being improved with more spray of perfumes, there is someone to whom he is trying to impress. 

Don’t forget, this sudden consciousness of his looks should be on a daily basis for a considerable time. If it happens once or twice, there can be a special meeting or some special occasion at his workplace.

These were three frequent signs that Mr. Fleming concluded by utilizing his experience of twenty years.

Some of the others can be: 1

Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

1. Changed Behavior.

Behaviour is the reflection of inner thoughts. For married men, if they are alive by conscience, it is hard to conceal their special emotions. 

For no reason, you will observe that he is happier than usual. On the very next day, without any apparent reason, he will have tragic looks. 

This sudden change in his behavior at home indicates that there is someone or thing that matters to him and changes his behavior.

2. Cellular Suspicious.

His association with his cell phone will become suspicious. There will be certain changes in the way cheating spouse use their cell phones. 

Putting it on silent mode and a kind of tension that is created in confusion will be visible on his face while scrolling up and down on the cell phone. There are possibilities he will try to reach you out from his cell phone. 

While receiving calls, he will change his position from one room to another. He will have a low voice during conversations on call. If he texts, he will try to show you as if he is playing a game or something else.

3. Paying Extra Attention To Himself.

Suddenly, he will start paying good attention to his looks. And there will be no particular reason for it. 2

Paying Extra Attention To Himself is a sign your husband has a crush on another woman

He will take special time to get him ready in the morning. He will not forget an extra shower of perfume. Matching ties and crinkle-less shirts will be tucked in appropriately. 

He will be in a certain hurry to leave for the office or work. 

4. Picks On You.

You will find a sudden birth of a critic in his person. He will pick on you. Almost everything you do, he will be there to criticize. 

Things that he used to like in your person will not match his aesthetic sense anymore. A certain confusion will be dominant in his behavior as he will tell you about your favorite things that were never your favorite. 

Your sense of dressing, your aesthetic sense, and your walk and talk will face light critical comments from your husband.

5. Bored In Your Presence.

Your jokes will turn dry to his hearings. Things that used to amaze him will suddenly lose their charm. While he is in your company, you will feel him upset and bored. On asking the reason, he will come up with lame excuses. 

Sitting with you, he will turn his sides and ultimately will change the room. If you ask for a reason repeatedly, he will become rude. If not rude, passive aggression will be the dominant feature in his behavior.

6. Meaningful Silence.

If you argue with him, he will have nothing to say but meaningful silence. It is in this case that he is a bit introverted by nature. 

husband has feelings for another woman

Those who have an aggressive nature can’t keep quiet for a long time. They take even polite inquiries on their ego and self-esteem and soon come to hard words. 

So there can be a meaningful silence or an abrupt assault of harsh words if you come up with an inquiry about his behavior.

7. No Compliments For You.

If your husband is having a crush on another woman, she will be all over his senses. 

He will hardly look at you to compliment your good looks. Even if you adorn yourself for your husband, he will not give you compliments as he used to. 

Not just your looks but also your laundry, your cooking, and your setting of household articles will lose his compliments. Even if he considers these things, unconsciously he will try to match these with his crush. Unconsciously, he will try to find a look of his crush in your person. 

8. His Trance Looks.

He will be a man in a trance. He will start looking around suspiciously if you are not with him. He will be scared of your presence. 

If you are near him and he is not conscious of your presence, a little sound will alert him. Dashing in and out of the house will make his moves childish. 

Sometimes coming back home he will show as if he is giving you a favor.

9. His Visible Emotional Uphills

He will try to look sober but he will not be able to get rid of several emotional uphills. His emotions will be directly connected to his crush. 

Through his visible emotional uphills, you can guess if he is started liking someone.

If he is having a good time with her, you will feel he is happier than usual and apparently there is no reason for it. 

Sometimes you will feel he is rude and disrespectful to you for the things that don’t even matter. It is a sign he is having some problem there with his crush. 

To compensate for his immoral behavior, in his confusion, he will try to please you by presenting you with flowers or different, appealing presents.

10. His Sudden Arrogance.

When your husband has a crush on another woman, a sense of superiority complex will suddenly rise in his person. For no particular reason, he will start considering himself important. His acts and his walks and talks with you will have a touch of arrogance.

Things that you used to do together or share, will not be there on his list of priorities. Related to your person and relationship, he will forget about the important days and dates.

11. Taking You For Granted.

Taking for granted means not to come with due appreciation. Things that you do for your husband will not be considered special but rather a duty or daily functioning of life.

He will not try anymore to involve you in his life. If he will, it will not be a serious one. Taking you for granted, your husband will forget to appreciate you.

If you do something special that used to be appreciated in the past, now you will not get his green card.

12. Late Arrivals, Lame Excuses.

He will tell you about his late appointments and give you excuses at the start. 

For example, he will tell you there is a lot of work and it needed to be finished today. But this trick of his will not work continuously as every day or every other day there can’t be an important appointment. 

If you demand justification, he will come up with lame excuses, and apparently, he will not have any authentic answer. If you become severe in your demand, he will come to harsh words.

13. Mix-ups In His Head.

A kind of mix-ups will be there on your husband’s mind if he has a crush on another woman. 

another woman is attracted to my husband

He, unconsciously, will desire you to look like her, behave like her, eat like her, wear like her, and have an aesthetic sense like her. He desires you to be like her. Though he will not say it openly yet, he will give you suggestions about many things regarding your manners. 

He will start forgetting about your favorite articles in dressing and dishes in a meal. For example, you will be astonished when he will tell you that you like red lipstick while you certainly don’t like it. 

To remember is, is there literally someone in his life who likes red lipstick?

14. Lack Of Emotional And Physical Intimacy.

The craze of a crush is always on the mind. It does not bother whether one is married or not.

If your husband is having a crush on another woman, it will affect the emotional and physical intimacy of your relationship on a large scale. 

First, your husband will be disconnected from you physically and then the emotional bond will suffer to spoil things on the other level. If off and on he intends to be romantic with you, during that mating, he will avoid having eye contact with you. 

Communication, whether it is verbal or of body language, will become poor.

Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman - InfoGraph by relationcounseling.org
all signs in one picture.


Signs are to indicate the issue, these are never confirmations. To confirm the issue, you have to attest to the signs on the conditions of truth. 

To attest to the signs of the conditions of truth, be an active participant in your relationship. Have a close look at his behavior and ins and outs. 

If you find 50% of the above-mentioned signs accurate, even then don’t speculate that he is having a crush on another woman and is cheating on you. 

Detect his routines if you find him suspicious. Having a close look at him for a week will take you out of the bumble whether he has a crush on another woman or not.

If found him a cheater, rebuild trust and emotional connection to convert your unhappy relationship into a happy one. Also remember, rebuilding a committed relationship emotionally, will take time.

I wish you luck. Be happy and stay a happily married couple.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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