How To Make Your GIRLFRIEND Feel Special & ROMANTIC!

A BF who makes his GF special enjoys the happy relationship ever. It makes the relationship strong and adds pure positive thoughts.

Stick with me, at the end of this guide, you will be super confident about making your girl more special than ever before. 🙂

What Is Special?

Special is something that is uncommon. It is against the daily functioning of life. In its rarity, it is felt off and on. “Special” consists of the feelings inside us that are activated to get rid of boredom.

If someone is special, it means they are rare in their availability and there is hardly anyone like them around us.

When “special” is said about feelings, these are those feelings that are produced and felt uncommonly and when we have them, we are overjoyed and excited.

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Without Money?

Money has not a lot to do when it comes to special feelings. Though some prefer money still it’s a fact that one can, and make others feel special without money. 

If you are an interesting guy with a good sense of humor and have made your girlfriend realize that you love her, whatever you will do against the daily functioning of life will be enough for her to feel special. 

Bringing some charm to your person with a touch of witty humor and never letting her get bored in your company will be enough to make your girlfriend feel special without money. 🤩

Hand in hand, your walk with her will be a journey to the seventh sky of happiness for her.

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special?

You can make your girlfriend feel special first by feeling special yourself and then by being nice to her, giving her surprises and surprise presents, buying her some articles that she has been wishing for a long time but could not get, arranging a dinner for her favorite restaurant, cooking her favorite dish, and being romantic to her instead of sensual. 💚 1 2

Let’s discuss this in-depth.

Make Yourself Feel Special.

If you are happy, the world is happy. Your sadness is the end of the world. 

The same is the case with feeling special. You can’t make anybody feel special until you yourself don’t feel special.

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If you are an energetic guy, with all smiles on your face, feeling dandy, you, by your body language, can convey the message that there is something to cheer about and rock the world. There is something special to kill the routine and boredom. 

Who can ignore such a charismatic fellow? Certainly no one. Even your girlfriend can’t. 

You need such a mindset of feeling special to make your girlfriend feel special.

Be happy, feel the world is with you. Sing, dance, even if you can’t, do it. And you are ready to make your girlfriend feel special. What she needs to feel special, is only your company.

Be Nice To Her.

Indulged in your dandy feelings, don’t ignore being nice to her. It happens that guys, when they are in their full swing of happy emotions, unconsciously fall from words and become the shame of themselves for uttering disrespectful words toward their girlfriends. 

They do it unconsciously, as their only motive is to make their girls feel happy, but by being too frank, they are out of track.

how to make my girlfriend feel special? Treat her nicely
Treat her nicely.

Remember, when it comes to girls and ladies, they love to be loved but with respect.

So to make her feel special, be nice to her and treat her with respect. Even if she is not a celebrity, she will feel you are the guy who makes her special and makes her feel special.

Give Her Surprises.

Surprises are actions that are not part of the routine. They are rare, as the “special” is rare in its nature. 

Giving her surprises is a good way to make her feel special. 

Dedicating her a love song or even singing a song for her, you can give her a surprise. Giving her compliments in front of her friends and her family members will also amaze her. 3

Introducing her to your friends and family members by telling them that, this is the thief who has stolen your heart will be a delightful surprise for her and amaze her to the next level. 

These surprises of yours will keep the spark of your relationship alive and she will keep feeling special.

Come With Surprising Presents.

Giving presents to your girlfriend is good to make her feel valued, but to come with surprising presents will amaze her with special feelings.

She is your girlfriend and you are well conscious of her aesthetic sense. Give her gifts but not those which she can buy herself easily. Give her those which she has been longing for a long time but could not get. 

how to make your GF feel special? Come up with presents.
Come up with presents.

While having those gifts, her excitement will be to the seventh sky and you will be the reason behind those special feelings of hers.

You know, these kinds of gifts can’t be present regularly, but once they are presented, they have a long-lasting impact on the relationship.

Arrange Dinner In Her Favorite Restaurant.

It is said that the way to the heart leads from the stomach. It may sound strange to you, but having a special lunch or dinner can produce special feelings. Again, being conscious of the favorite restaurant of your girlfriend, you can arrange there lunch or dinner for her.

All you need is to keep it secret until you reach the door of that restaurant. Now tell her that you have arranged a meal for her and you are excited about it.

If you are excited, she will be super excited. During this meal, confess to her that you love her and she is special to you. On her way home, she will tell you how special she is feeling for you.

Cook Her Favorite Dish.

If you know cooking, cook her favorite dish and invite her with all surprise. Make her sit in front of you, cuddle her, run your fingers in her hair and tell her that you love her. While eating, giving her a spoonful or a fork bite with your hand will add charm to the romantic scene.

These are not expensive gestures but rather are little acts of love and care that have worth to make your relationship bond more healthy. 

Through it, you will be able to fascinate your girlfriend and she will become addicted to your person. These all are heavens akin feelings on the earth.

Be Romantic Instead Of Sexual.

In their teenage and early twenties, guys love to have physical intimacy and totally forget about the spiritual aspect of the relationship. While on the other hand, girls, from the very first day, love to be romantic and have a romantic partner. 

So being romantic is always special to girls. Yours is no exception too.

While with your girlfriend, be romantic to her by cuddling, hugging, and kissing her. Though cuddling usually leads to physical intimacy, which is not a bad thing itself, but stopping before it will blow her mind and she will feel more special and she will miss you, too.

how to make my GF feel special? Be romantic.
Be romantic.

Cuddling and being romantic with her will release the oxytocin that is considered valuable when it comes to enhancing love feelings. She will learn that you want her and knows the various ways how to create soothness and fun at the same time. 4

You can also say like, my sweetheart, I love you more than anything; without you, I feel empty; you are my lifeline.

Arrange A Surprise Trip.

Through the daily functioning of life, one gets bored. Change in the environment is always a good idea to get rid of boredom and feel special.

As you people are in a certain environment for a considerable time, it will be special to your girlfriend if you arrange a trip for her, especially to her favorite venue. 

To make it more special, keep it secret and suddenly someday tell her that she should be prepared to visit a special place with you. Her excitement will be worth seeing.

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special In A Long-Distance Relationship?

In long-distance relationships, feelings are more strong than touch. What you have, is shared through texts and calls, whether they are audio or video. 

To make your girlfriend feel special in a long-distance relationship, you can send her a beautiful, surprising present. You can make her visit your place or some beautiful picnic point in your area by video call. 

An interesting discussion against the daily routine will also be a good idea to activate her special feelings. 

Above all is to tell her romantically how special she is to you. If you can sing her a love song, she will love it more than everything.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special In A Long-Distance Relationship

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Over Text?

You can make your girlfriend feel special by choosing and having a discussion about a topic that is not discussed ever. 

Detracking the routine topics of discussion and giving a touch of humor to your texts, you can add more mellowness to her special feelings as girls love and like the guys who have a good and witty sense of humor. 

To engage her more in the discussion, you can also be an interesting host to ask her delightful questions.

On text, you can express your love with romantic quotes, love you quotes, love messages, and other heart touching romantic words. In text messages, you can easily express your feelings that when I am with you, it feels like my world has been completed.

What Words Make A Girl Feel Special?

Only words don’t make a girl feel special. When words of love and affection find mellowness in the gesture of care, they become special for a girl. 

Whatever you say to make your girlfriend feel special, that should be evident in your actions, too. Politeness of tone and sweetness under the tongue assists words to work better. 

Tell her you love her, and prove it by your gestures. Tell her she is special to you and prove your words by giving her priority. It will make her feel special.

How Can I Make Her Very Special?

You can make her very special by respecting, loving, and caring for her. Those who are special, are always given priority. 

Making her your priority and source of happiness will make her person special to you and she herself will also feel that she is special. 

If she asks for your company or lends your hand, never delay. Be always there to give her a helping hand and make her realize that nothing is above her for you.


Providing the people with uncommon things and fascinating them with innovative ideas is helpful to make them feel special. That is there in our dreams and suddenly becomes materialized, fascinates us, and makes us feel special.

Hunt the dreams of your girlfriend and make them materialize to make her feel special.

You can express your love by sayings I love you or my for you is forever. You can also ask a question like, do you know how much I love you or why I love you? And then an answer like my love for you is like water for a fish.

That’s all to be special to her and make her feel special.

So, now, you know how to make your girlfriend feel special and live happily. I wish you all the best.

Your opinion is our union! 💕

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